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Managing Foreign Exchange Risk

The fluctuation in exchange rates is one issue that continues to take a bite out of the profits of many Canadian companies. Studies also show that many companies, especially smaller ones, lack knowledge on how to manage that risk.

CAD-USD Exchange Rate

Source: most recent Bank of Canada closing exchange rate

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The Currency Risk Management Practices of Canadian Businesses (PDF)
Export Development Canada (EDC)
Fluctuating exchange rates are a problem for trade-engaged businesses because they can result in unpredictable profit margins. This paper outlines the results of an EDC survey of Canadian companies.

Managing Foreign Exchange Risk (PDF)
Export Development Canada (EDC)
This document which serves as an introduction to the subject of foreign exchange risk. In it, the reader will learn why it makes sense to reduce the company’s exposure to currency risk, and find out more about the common techniques and instruments that can be used to mitigate this risk.

Foreign Exchange Guarantee
Export Development Canada (EDC)
On contracts of up to three years, we can help by providing a Foreign Exchange Guarantee to your bank which can be used to replace your collateral requirement. You get the currency protection you need while freeing up your operating line for more business.

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Protect yourself from the complexities of international export contracts.

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