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Category A Projects under consideration

Date of posting(dd/mm/yy)
Project Name
General description of project
Project Sponsor
Project Contact
27/04/2016​ Norway​ Johan Sverdrup Offshore Hydrocarbon Project​ The development, construction and operation of an offshore hydrocarbon field and associated fixed platforms and subsea installations.​ Lundin Petroleum BV  Christophe Nerguararian
Email: christophe.nerguararian1@lundin.ch
Telephone: 41 22 5951000

View the Environmental Assessment (in Norwegian only).​
​16/09/2015​ Guatemala​​ TRECSA Transmission Line Project​ The construction, supervision, operation and maintenance of a 830 km high voltage power transmission line in Guatemala.​ Transportadora de Energía de Centroamérica S.A.​ Mario Javier Barragan Martinez
Email: mbarragan@trecsa.com.gt
Telephone: 502 23123041

View the Environmental Assessment (in Spanish only).​
31/10/2014​ ​Canada Kitsault Molybdenum Project​ ​Development and construction of a molybdenum mine and associated processing facilities. Avanti Mining Inc.​ ​Shawn Howarth
Telephone: 426-847-0376

View the Environmental Assessment.

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