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Welcome to the Multimedia Centre. Here you’ll find a variety of videos covering a range of topics including Peter G. Hall’s Weekly Commentary along with webinars and other videos designed to help you learn about the world of exporting.

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Haircuts from Half a World Away
Weekly Commentary - 18/09/2014
Length: 5:31 min
Annual Public Meeting 2014 Annual Public Meeting 2014
Webinar - 01/05/2014
Length: 41:47 min
Trade Talk Trade Talk
Video series
Length: ~ 3:00-5:00 min per video
Cowater Cowater International
Video - 10/03/2014
Length: 2:24 min
Combating Corruption In International Business Combating Corruption In International Business
Webinar - 26/03/2012
Length: 58:23 min
Media Managing Risk and Cash Flow in International Trade
Video series
Length: ~ 3:00 min per video
The C200 Investment Forum The C200 Investment Forum
Video - 11/10/2012
Length: ~ 1:00-3:00 min per video
Media Who we are – What we do - Corporate Video
Video - 14/06/2012
Length: 4:15 min
Media The Diversification Dividend
Video - 19/05/2011
Length: 5:52 min
Media Seeing the Forest for the Trees
Video - 13/11/2010
Length: 22:21 min
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