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Doing Business in Mexico

A Guide for Canadian Exporters and Investors

Doing Business in Mexico can help Canadian companies learn about the Mexican marketplace and how they can do business there. If you’ve never operated outside Canada but believe your company could do well in Mexico, this guide will help you decide how – or even whether – you should proceed. If you’re already doing business abroad, but haven’t yet ventured into Mexico, it will help you find your way into this promising marketplace.

The Mexican market is enormously varied and extremely competitive, and its unfamiliarity can make it intimidating. Nevertheless, plenty of Canadian businesses, of all sizes and in many sectors, have discovered that it is a place where they can prosper.

Doing Business in Mexico covers:

  • Understanding the market
  • Opportunities
  • Establishing your presence there
  • Finances and taxation
  • Legalities
  • Delivering to the market
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