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Weekly Commentary Archives

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    Global Risk Environment Remains Strained
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-09-21
    Recent developments point towards heightened global risk environment.
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:04:57


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    Metals: Pointing to True North?
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-09-14
    Is this economic compass pointing north again?
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:57


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    Look Who's Emerging Again
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-09-07
    At long last, early signs of knock-on growth in emerging markets
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:31


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    More Eggs in This Basket
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-08-31
    Is a new global investment cycle underway?
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:55


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    Can Everyone Handle Higher Rates?
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-08-24
    It may be time for certain emerging markets to pay the piper.
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:51


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    The Ships are Sailing!
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-08-17
    Is the long stormy season for global shipping coming to an end?
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:45


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    Exports: At Your Service
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-08-10
    Are haircuts really becoming exportable?
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:59


  8. Web Page
    Loonie: Parity-Bound?
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-08-03
    Is the loonie taking off again, or is the recent jump a false start?
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:50


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    Shifting Stateside? Think About It…
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-07-27
    Relocating your business to the U‎S? Think about it!
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:53


  10. Web Page
    A Comeback for Global Trade?
    Weekly Commentary - 2017-07-20
    The evidence is mounting for an upsurge of global trade activity.
    Speaker: Peter G. Hall
    Length: 00:05:42