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Topical Business Issues

In this section you will find a host of resources to help you learn more about common trade challenges. The resources are grouped by topics of interest so you can explore the issues that are impacting your international business strategy.

  • Economic Analysis and Research
    Successful Canadian exporters need to have an in-depth understanding of where the market has been and where it is likely to go in the future which is essential to achieving your business objectives.

  • Managing Foreign Exchange Risk
    The fluctuation in exchange rates is one issue that continues to take a bite out of the profits of many Canadian companies.

  • Managing Risk in International Trade
    Our expert insights and advice can help you develop an export policy that strategically manages risk when doing business abroad.

  • Responsible Business
    This page covers a host of Corporate Social Responsibility topics that may affect your business and provides resources on how to handle them.
The closer we get, the further you’ll go.

The closer we get, the further you’ll go.

Understanding international risks improves exporting success.