Your bank or a financial institution specializing in factoring may be willing to purchase some or all of your foreign trade receivables for cash—giving you working capital and the cash flow you need to run your business when traditional funding may not be available. Factoring is also an easy way to outsource credit and debt collection activities which can be costly and time consuming.

Several financial institutions have their own insurance policies with EDC to facilitate the discounting of receivables. Some institutions offer other services in collaboration with EDC that may be useful to your business. Below is a list of some of these financial institutions. Please contact them directly to find out more details:

Accord Financial

Visit Accord Financial’s website or call them at 1-800-967-0015 (in Ontario) or 1-800-231-2977 (in Québec).


Visit Desjardins’s website or call them at 1-800-508-2874.


Visit HSBC’s website or contact your nearest HSBC branch for details.

National Bank of Canada

Visit National Bank of Canada’s website or contact your local National Bank of Canada branch for details.


Complete an online inquiry form.

Important Information
The above information describes, in general, EDC services and is not a commitment to provide them. Only the documentation supplied by EDC, in connection with any transaction, provides the full detail and terms and conditions.

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