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Credit Insurance – make sure you get paid!

Trade credit insurance (also known as export credit insurance) is a type of commercial insurance that protects your accounts receivable against losses when a customer cannot pay. Sound credit risk management practices, which include credit insurance, can help you avoid serious cash flow issues. Our white paper, Dealing with Credit Risk, can show you how to manage credit risk in your business and explains “What is Credit Insurance?”

Trade Credit Insurance Options

Whether you’re concerned about only a few of your customers, or want the security of knowing all of your sales are protected against non-payment, we have the risk management solution that’s right for you:

  • Online, low-touch credit insurance for a few of your U.S. or international customers – Trade Protect
  • Full-service credit insurance for ALL of your U.S. and international customers, domestic sales and affiliates – Accounts Receivable Insurance
  • Are You a Heavy Equipment Manufacturer or Service Provider? Single contract trade credit insurance may be the ideal solution for exporters of capital goods and servicesContract Frustration Insurance

Trade Credit insurance can help you:

  • Boost your sales - take on new customers fearlessly and expand into new markets knowing you’re protected if your customer can’t pay.
  • Improve your competitiveness - offer payment terms to customers instead of asking them to pay upfront.
  • Accelerate cash flow - when your receivables are insured, they are more attractive to lenders and you can borrow against them. If you’ve ever considered factoring, or selling your foreign receivables for cash, credit insurance may reduce your factoring costs by making the factored invoices more appealing to the financial institution.
  • Access our international credit management expertise - work with us and we’ll do the credit checks for you.

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To insure or not to insure?

Wondering if credit insurance is worth the cost?

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