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Whether you’ve just landed your first export contract or need to protect all of your international sales, we have the perfect solution to provide you with peace of mind.

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Accounts Receivable Insurance

Credit insurance is an easy way to safeguard your company’s profit margin. Protect all of your international sales against a wide range of risks, from a customer refusing to pay to political upheaval in a particular market. Knowing that you’re covered with our Accounts Receivable Insurance also means your financial institution may be more willing to increase cash flow.

Single Buyer Insurance

If you’re concerned about one of your customers, Single Buyer Insurance is an affordable way to insure unlimited sales to that one customer for 180 days.

Contract Frustration Insurance

For specific export contracts for services, capital goods or projects, Contract Frustration Insurance is a cost-effective way to protect your sales from a variety of risks.

Performance Security Insurance

If you’re worried your customer is going to call the guarantee that you put up as assurance that you will deliver the goods or services as promised, protect yourself with our Performance Security Insurance.

Political Risk Insurance

Many exciting opportunities exist in markets where there is also a higher chance of political upheaval. With our Political Risk Insurance, you can do business in these select markets with confidence.

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