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Single Buyer Insurance

If you’d like to test the waters with a new customer, our Single Buyer Insurance is the ideal credit insurance solution as it is flexible and affordable, and insures unlimited export sales to the same U.S. or foreign customer over 180 days.

  • move into new markets without worrying about risks such as being paid
  • insure sales to your new customer easily and affordably
  • minimal policy paperwork

Grow your business with confidence

Single Buyer Insurance can be used to pursue a new customer, provide favourable payment terms to your customer, promote your business in new markets and keep your operations running smoothly.

​Free up cash flow

When your bank knows that you’ll get paid for a U.S. or foreign contract - even if your buyer defaults - it may have more confidence to provide you with increased funds or forego the usual requirements for collateral.

Protect your sales

With this insurance, you’re covered for up to 90 per cent of your losses resulting from non-payment due to a wide range of risks, such as:

A customer’s bankruptcy or default on payment

Trying to get a reluctant or insolvent customer to pay can be a time-consuming and expensive experience. With Single Buyer Insurance, you can recover up to 90 per cent of your losses, and we can take over debt collection.

Payment delays caused by blocked funds or transfer difficulties

Foreign governments may block or delay the transfer of funds out of their country, which can put your business in a tight financial spot. This insurance policy protects you for these losses and saves you the headaches and expenses that these delays can cause.

Hostilities in a customer’s country

Single Buyer Insurance gives you the peace of mind to pursue opportunities in foreign markets that may be subject to political unrest or conflicts.

Cancellation or non-renewal of export or import permits

In the event that the Government of Canada prevents your company from shipping goods by cancelling or not renewing an export permit, or if a U.S. or foreign government prevents a buyer from accepting goods by cancelling or not renewing an import permit, you will be protected.

Making a claim is fast and easy

Most export transactions go smoothly, but when something does go wrong, you’ll be glad you have Single Buyer Insurance. We try to make the experience of making a claim quick and painless.

As a customer, if you encounter a collection problem, you can use this Debt Management Application Form (PDF) to report a debt, submit a claim, or engage a collection agency.


In order to qualify you must be a Canadian company and your goods must be shipped from Canada. If you are providing a service, you must be based in Canada.


A one-time premium, payable up front, is calculated based on the amount of coverage you need and on buyer risk.

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