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Grow your business outside of Canada

You want the opportunity to enter new markets, pursue new customers and expand your operations without being hampered by lack of funds or fear of risk. No matter the size of your business, our wide range of solutions can help you access more credit, manage risks more effectively and even provide financing for your customers.

I need help finding new markets and customers

We have the insight and experience to help you do business in more than 170 markets worldwide. Find new customers by leveraging our relationships with international companies across a variety of sectors. Access detailed Country Info, visit our Knowledge Centre for in-depth economic analysis and reports, or browse our events calendar for upcoming seminars, webinars and trade missions.

My customer is ready to buy but needs financing

Successful companies can’t always compete on quality alone. Sometimes it takes that little extra, like being able to provide financing to win an export sale. Through our Buyer Financing solutions, we can offer competitive term financing to your international customers.

I can’t take on new business because my letter of guarantees are tying up my working capital

Having money tied up in letter of guarantees can make it difficult to seize new opportunities. Our bonding and guarantee solutions give your letter of guarantee-issuing financial institution the assurance it needs, while increasing your cash flow to secure more sales.

I need to issue bonds but do not have the proper surety support

If you’re having difficulties finding a surety company to issue a bond on your behalf or your existing surety company has reached their limit, our Surety Bond Insurance may help you access the bonding capacity you need to sell outside of Canada. Surety Bond Insurance protects your surety company from losses if your customer demands payment against your bond.

My cash is tied up in foreign exchange contracts

Collateral is often required to get foreign exchange contracts that lock in your currency exchange rate. With our Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee, your bank may forego the need for collateral, giving you protection against currency fluctuations without tying up your cash flow.

I want to insure the receivables of my foreign affiliate or subsidiary

In some markets, our Accounts Receivable Insurance, which can cover your full book of business for up to 90 per cent of losses against such risks as a customer’s bankruptcy or non-payment, may also be extended to your foreign affiliates in most markets—giving you credit insurance coverage anywhere you do business.

I am a mid-sized company with a strong business position in Canada, looking for support for a potential investment in an international market

If you are a mid-sized company with a solid financial profile looking to invest internationally, we can consider, with the support of your financial institution, a direct loan to finance foreign assets under our Direct Lending solution.

In our experience, the transactional costs of doing small international loans (less than $1 million) typically outweigh the benefits. For these smaller transactions, solutions other than direct loans can be explored, such as our export guarantee, bonding, or insurance programs.

Our support will depend on the need and we will aim to fund a solution that is best for all parties including you and your bank.

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