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Protect against risk

Knowing how to manage risk is critical to building your business beyond Canada’s borders. While it’s difficult to predict if a U.S. or international customer will refuse delivery or file for bankruptcy, our credit insurance solutions can protect you against a variety of political and commercial risks—giving you the confidence to take on new contracts and expand into new markets.

I want to protect all of my U.S. and international sales

Credit insurance is an easy way to safeguard your company’s profit margin. Our Accounts Receivable Insurance protects you against the risk of non-payment by your U.S. and international customers in the event your customer does not pay. We cover up to 90 per cent of losses resulting from non-payment—and depending on your coverage can also insure your domestic sales and those of your foreign affiliates.

I only want to insure a few customers

Our flexible and affordable Trade Protect is our online credit insurance solution that covers unlimited export sales, for up to five U.S. or international customers, for a period of 90 days—making it easier for you to pursue a new customer and establish your business in a new market.

I have one new contract to insure

If you’ve signed a single contract with a U.S. or foreign customer our Contract Frustration Insurance can help protect you from risks such as contract and permit cancellation, payment delays and political instability by insuring up to 90 per cent of your eligible losses.

I’m concerned about investing or holding assets or cash in a foreign market where the political situation is sometimes uncertain

Our Political Risk Insurance covers your assets held overseas (such as cash held in local bank accounts, equipment and manufacturing facilities) and foreign investment for up 90 per cent of losses resulting from unpredictable events such as war and political upheaval, seizure and expropriation or inconvertibility and transfer restrictions.

I’m worried my customer will call my letter of guarantee

Even when you deliver your goods or services as promised, a customer might wrongfully call your letter of guarantee. Depending on the type of letter of guarantee issued, our Performance Security Insurance covers the amount of the loss you sustain if the letter of guarantee is called without a valid reason.

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