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Have your say! Join the EDC Research Panel

Our aim is to provide Canadian companies with the insight, tools and advice they need to compete and succeed in the ever-changing, highly integrated global marketplace.

To do that, we need to know more about the challenges you face, the opportunities you’re pursuing and the forces driving your business.

Getting involved in the EDC Research Panel gives you a voice and helps us understand where we should focus our efforts. It also gives you access to internal research and survey results, white papers, and publications.

Did you know, in 2014 the top business challenges for exporters were:

  • Attracting / retaining the right employees
  • Securing financing
  • Internal operations / organizational issues
  • Increasing / maintaining sales & revenue
  • Cash flow
  • Government regulations
  • Competition
  • Business expenses
  • Exchange rate volatility

Find out what else companies just like yours are saying, and join the conversation!

Just five minutes of your time every couple of months

As a member of our Research Panel, you’ll be asked to fill out a short survey approximately once a month. It’s a minimal time investment that could pay off in a major way for your business.

Your insights will help:

  • Assess trends such as the effects of currency fluctuations and border-crossing times
  • Track business developments in Canada and abroad
  • Develop resources that meet your international business needs

Joining is simple

Fill out our brief application.

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