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Youth Education Program

Through the Youth Education Program, EDC helps build the capacity of the next generation of business leaders by awarding scholarships to Canadian students with a demonstrated interest in international business.

International Business Scholarships

EDC created the International Business Scholarships because international trade is critical to Canada’s economic prosperity and we’re dedicated to helping students – the next generation of business leaders – to succeed.

We award up to 30 scholarships annually, 25 of which go to undergraduate university or college students interested in pursuing a career or furthering their studies in international business, with up to five additional scholarships for students in programs which combine business with environmental or sustainability studies. An EDC scholarship is worth a $4,000 cash award.

The application process starts in November and ends in February. Scholarships are awarded in spring, and issued in autumn at the start of each academic year.


Applications for 2018 scholarships will open on November 13, 2017, and will close on February 9, 2018

Check Your Eligibility

To qualify you must be:

  • A Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Enrolled in a full-time accredited bachelor’s degree at a Canadian university or college.
  • Studying business (international business, commerce, finance, economics, accounting, etc.) or business combined with environmental or sustainability courses.
  • Returning to full-time studies for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • In excellent academic standing.

Assets: Study or work experience outside of Canada is considered an asset.

Note: EDC employees and their dependents are not eligible.

Key Selection Criteria

Scholarships are awarded by a selection committee who evaluates applications based on the following:
  • Demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in international business
  • Clear expression of how scholarship will help pursue field of study
  • Academic achievement (as reflected in the transcripts and/or honours)
  • Experience in Canada and abroad (work, internships, volunteering, study exchanges) during the current degree program
  • Leadership potential (as reflected in extracurricular activities)
  • Strength of letters of reference
  • Language skills

What's the Process?

  1. Complete the online application via EDC’s Careers Portal (Select “EDC International Business Scholarships 2018-2019”)  by February 9, 2018. No documents are accepted by mail, email or fax.
  2. Eligible applications will be reviewed during the month of March by an EDC selection committee.
  3. Applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s decision by early April.
  4. The funds will be disbursed in the fall after successful applicants submit proof of enrolment.

Supporting documents

All documents must be submitted electronically using the online application.

The following supporting documents are required:

  1. Letter of intent

    Please describe your main areas of interest and your proposed career path highlighting any current or past activities that demonstrate your motivation and potential in international business or in international business with an environmental or sustainability focus. (Maximum 600 words)

  2. Transcripts

    A clear, scanned copy of your official transcript(s) from all post-secondary institutions (e.g. university, college, cégep) attended, including the most recent academic term.

    Transcripts must include detailed information on the grading system specific to your institution. We reserve the right to request the original, hardcopy transcript.

    We strongly recommend applicants order a recent transcript from their institution well in advance of the application deadline.

  3. Resume

    Your resume should include any experience abroad (work, study, internship), as well as any professional experience, volunteer work and extracurricular activities and memberships which demonstrate your interest for international business or in international business with an environmental or sustainability focus.

  4. Academic or employer reference letter

    You must include a reference letter from either a professor/ instructor at your current educational institution or from your employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a second (or third) year undergraduate university student in Natural Resources Management or Environmental Studies. Am I eligible to apply for one of the scholarships for business studies combined with environment or sustainability studies?

  2. If, in addition to natural resources or environmental studies courses, your program includes courses in business then you are eligible to apply.

  3. I am only taking one international business course. Am I eligible to apply?

  4. If you are in a business or economics program, and applying in the international business category, you must show evidence of interest in international business either through your curriculum (courses taken or that you are planning to take) or your extracurricular activities. However, if you are in a combined environment and business program, you do not need to be taking international business courses.

  5. I am a CEGEP graduate and I was admitted directly to the second year of a bachelor’s degree program. Am I eligible to apply?

  6. CEGEP and International Baccalaureate graduates sometimes enter their bachelor’s degree program in second year, and complete their degree requirements in three years. In this case, you are eligible to apply in your second and third year (which are in fact your first and second year at university). If in doubt, contact us.

  7. I am a college student in a university transfer program. Am I eligible to apply?

  8. If you are a college student in the second year of a four-year degree transfer program (that is, two years at college followed by two years at university to obtain a bachelor’s degree) and have already been accepted into the third year of the university program, you are eligible to apply.

  9. How do I know if my college has degree granting authority?

  10. Degree granting authority is regulated by provincial governments. To the best of our knowledge the following colleges are the ones with degree granting authority for business bachelor programs; if your college is not listed and has recently acquired this authority you would still be eligible. These colleges are:
    • Algonquin College
    • British Columbia Institute of Technology
    • Camosun College
    • College of the Rockies
    • Conestoga College
    • Douglas College
    • George Brown College
    • Georgian College
    • Humber College
    • Keyano College
    • Langara College
    • Medicine Hat College
    • Niagara College
    • North Island College
    • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
    • Okanagan College
    • Olds College
    • Red Deer College
    • Seneca College
    • Sheridan College
    • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
    • St. Lawrence College

    If your college is not listed and has recently acquired this authority you may still be eligible.

  11. I am a college student completing a diploma program, am I eligible to apply?

  12. No. The Scholarships Program is only available for students completing a bachelor’s degree program.

  13. I am currently in my second or third year of my second bachelor’s degree program. Am I eligible to apply?

  14. Applicants with previous degrees are eligible to apply as long as the previous studies were in a different area of study.

  15. I am an international student at a Canadian university or college completing a bachelor’s degree program. Am I eligible?

  16. The Scholarships Program is open only to Canadian students who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

  17. I am a Canadian bachelor’s degree student studying international trade at a university in Ottawa but I am currently on a co-op work term in Toronto. May I apply for the scholarship even though I am not taking courses at the moment?

  18. Yes, you are eligible to apply.

  19. I am a student in an MBA or other related graduate studies program. Am I eligible to apply?

  20. The Scholarships Program is only available for students completing bachelor’s degree programs. EDC does not offer any graduate scholarships. We recommend you consult the Government of Canada’s International Scholarships website.

  21. I already received an EDC International Business Scholarship. Can I apply again?

  22. Yes, you can apply provided you still meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

    Application Form & Supporting Documents

  23. I am currently on an exchange outside of Canada. Can I have an extension on the deadline for supporting documents?

  24. We must receive your online application, including all supporting documents, on or before the deadline. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us regarding an extension for supporting documents.

  25. Can I submit supporting documents by mail?

  26. No. All supporting documents must be submitted online as part of your application form.

  27. Are high school transcripts required?

  28. No, high school transcripts are not required.

  29. Are CEGEP transcripts required?

  30. Yes, CEGEP transcripts are required.

  31. I cannot obtain an official transcript (with the most recent semester) from my university or college before the deadline. What should I do?

  32. Please contact us regarding an extension for official transcripts.

  33. Can I ask a professor to be an employer reference?

  34. If you have completed paid work for the professor (research, teaching assistant, etc.) then a professor can provide an employer reference.

  35. Can I use a reference for volunteer work as my employer reference?

  36. Yes, the employer reference can be for either paid or volunteer work.

  37. I have completed work experience outside of Canada. How does the selection committee recognize this experience?

  38. Work experience outside of Canada (i.e. a paid/unpaid internship abroad or any type of paid employment overseas, within the timeframe of your current degree and for at least a minimum of three months) is valued by the selection committee. In order to demonstrate your experience abroad, you must have your foreign employer complete a reference letter.

  39. What is considered strong academic standing for this program?

  40. Most applicants have a minimum B average.

  41. Are scholarship applicants considered for internships?

  42. Recruitment for internships is independent from the EDC Scholarships Program. To ensure you are considered for internship opportunities, you must apply separately for specific positions posted on EDC's Careers page.

Who to Contact

For inquiries and additional information, please contact: scholarships.bourses@edc.ca

Hear from some of our scholarship winners

Sanziana Andreica, 2016

Sanziana AndreicaUndergraduate Program: Bachelor of Commerce, Queen’s University - Kingston, Ontario

Sanziana has completed two study exchanges in Paris and Hong Kong. Her work abroad also comprises of international service projects in both Spain and Saint Lucia. She has spent her past two summers completing internships within wealth management and strategy consulting. At school, she is heavily involved with the Women in Leadership conference, community volunteer initiatives, and her role as a teaching assistant. Upon graduation she plans to further her studies in international business by pursuing graduate school overseas.

“It is an honour to receive this award. I find it particularly admirable that EDC is supporting students in the pursuit of international experiences at such an early age. Personally, this scholarship has contributed to my exchange experience in Asia, as well as the study of a new language. Thank you for encouraging the development of my global mindset.”

Darren Chin, 2016

Darren ChinUndergraduate Program: Bachelor of Commerce, Operations Management, University of Alberta - Edmonton, Alberta

Darren hopes to focus his career on assisting businesses with developing sustainable practices in Canada and abroad. Having been part of the global non-profit AIESEC locally and nationally, Darren recently participated in an English language learning project for elementary students in rural Taiwan. Darren is looking forward to learning more about international business during his academic exchange in Europe next summer.

“The EDC scholarship program is an incredible initiative that I'm fortunate to have been supported by. EDC has encouraged me to take opportunities that focus on attaining a global perspective. With EDC's support I was able to go on exchange in Taiwan, and gain not only valuable skills and experiences, but especially an appreciation for the importance of being mindful of international issues as a Canadian.”

Corinna Ha, 2016

Corinna HaUndergraduate Program: Bachelor of Commerce, McGill University - Montreal, Quebec

Corinna has developed a deep interest in the sustainability of international business through her experience at the APEC CEO Summit in 2015, where she drafted a youth declaration on joint sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. In the midst of such conversations with the APEC Business Advisory Council and Prime Minister Trudeau, she also worked with Invest in Canada to attract inbound foreign direct investment during the conference. Previously, her interest in Canada-Asia relations was sparked by a volunteer research position at the Canada China Business Council, which then translated into gathering key market intelligence and prospective business partners for Canadian organizations on a youth trade mission to China. She now serves as McGill’s International Management Association’s Vice President of External Affairs, a channel through which she shares her passion for international business with her peers. Corinna hopes to pursue a career in consulting with a special focus on helping businesses form mutually beneficial, sustainable, international relationships.

“The EDC International Business Scholarship has both permitted and motivated me to direct my efforts to furthering my education in international business, while also giving me the opportunity to serve my peers by sharing this learning with them.”

Daniel Piechnik, 2016

Daniel PiechnikUndergraduate Program: Bachelor of Commerce, Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management and International Business, University of British Columbia - Vancouver, British Columbia

Daniel completed two exchange terms in Copenhagen and Singapore with a focus on international business and marine shipping. He has worked on various aspects of the supply chain during internships in shipping, consulting and wine importing. After graduating, he hopes to work in importing and exporting before pursuing a Master’s in Supply Chain Management.

“This scholarship is an immense honour which allowed me to pay for tuition, attend conferences, and learn about new cultures while on exchange in Denmark and Singapore. My education, supported by this EDC Scholarship, prepares me to build bridges between cultures in an increasingly connected world. For this reason, I am excited to work with supply chains because they connect people, corporations, and markets.”

James Russell, 2016

James RussellUndergraduate Program: Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, Saint Mary’s University - Halifax, Nova Scotia

James’ international experience has focused extensively on the country of Haiti, where he travelled to work with two organizations severely impacted by the 2010 earthquake. His long-term plans include studying law with a focus in international, humanitarian, and business law.

“This scholarship has helped in funding some of my schooling; I also plan to continue to provide assistance to Haiti with an entrepreneurial concern in mind. Thank you very much for supporting students in their studies. With your support, students are crossing a variety of international borders which would never have been possible otherwise.”

Yangping Xing, 2016, Business & Sustainability Recipient

Yangping XingUndergraduate Program: Bachelor of Commerce, e-Supply Chain Management, Algonquin College - Ottawa, Ontario

Yangping holds a PhD degree in Environmental Sciences, and she has worked on several internationally collaborated environmental research projects in Canada, Germany, and China. Having worked in climate change-related projects for years, Yangping realized the critical role of business in finding strategic solution to climate change. With an ambition of building environment-related business collaborations between Canada and China, Yangping returned to school as a full-time student to gain business management knowledge and related best practices in that industry. Yangping thrives in maintaining her excellence in both science and business fields, where she achieved an accumulative GPA of 3.97/4.0 in her current study.

“Receiving an EDC scholarship is a great honour for me! It again confirms that my decision of returning to school is correct, and it also encourages my pursuit of a new, challenging career path. Without a doubt, this scholarship will play a key role in achieving my educational plan, both in financial and spiritual aspects. I am looking forward to giving back to the society once I complete my study and begin my new career.”

EDC International Business Scholarship Winners ​


  • Sanziana Andreica, Queen’s University
  • Darren Chin, University of Alberta
  • Stephanie Grace Chow, Simon Fraser University *
  • Bruce Andrew Chudley, University of Manitoba
  • Nicola Wendy Craig, Queen’s University
  • Corinna Ha, McGill University
  • Anna Malgorzata Halawa, University of Ottawa
  • Luke James Harrison, University of Waterloo *
  • Danica Rae Jorgenson, University of Calgary
  • Eric Lam, University of Waterloo *
  • Guillaume Lange, HEC Montréal
  • Nataliya Leshko, University of Toronto
  • Dina Lu, University of British Columbia
  • Edyta Maciejowski, University of Calgary
  • Danielle Marquis, University of Ottawa
  • Jennifer Rhetta Mattinson, Acadia University
  • Isabela Murillo, Carleton University
  • Jordan Murray, University of Ottawa
  • Andrea Ort, Carleton University
  • Daniel Adam Piechnik, University of British Columbia
  • Caroline Suzanne Pogue, Carleton University
  • Emily Potvin, University of Ottawa
  • Mark Ren, Western University
  • James Russell, Saint Mary’s University
  • Chris Seo, University of British Columbia
  • Kaitlin Thompson, University of Waterloo *
  • Iris Wu, Western University
  • Yangping Xing, Algonquin College *
  • Courtney Young, Western University
  • Laura Zubick, University of Alberta

* Recipients of the scholarship in international business combined with environmental or sustainability studies.


  • Seyedeh Hedieh Ahmari, Capilano University *
  • Tiffany Bennett, Simon Fraser University
  • Isabelle Bouchard, HEC Montréal
  • Samantha Chan, Simon Fraser University
  • Cassie Doucette, Mount Royal University
  • Peter Casper III Sy Dyloco, Queen's University
  • Malak El Allaki, York University
  • Nicholas Fraser, Brock University
  • Kyle Gough, University of Alberta
  • Xavier Hegetschweiler, Université Laval
  • Qinran Huang, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Shelby Jamieson, Dalhousie University *
  • Daniel Shinun Kang, McGill University
  • Brittany Lightheart, Niagara College
  • Jessica Lomazzo, Western University
  • William McFetridge, University of Manitoba *
  • Madeline Millsip, Simon Fraser University *
  • Valérie Moreau, HEC Montréal
  • Yuen-ki Ngan, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Caroline Pogue, Carleton University
  • Carissa Rysko, University of Alberta
  • Jabir Sandhu, Carleton University
  • Mark Scorgie, Grant MacEwan University
  • Emily Sheard, University of Manitoba
  • Samuel Tersigni, Carleton University
  • Joseph Watson-MacKay, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Tyler Wedekamm, Queen's University
  • Alysha-Rae Weekes, University of New Brunswick
  • Andrew West, University of Alberta
  • Megan Wylie, University of Waterloo *

* Recipients of the scholarship in international business combined with environmental or sustainability studies.

Working at EDC

Working at EDC

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