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Let's Talk Exports Cross Canada Tour

Each spring, Peter Hall, EDC’s Vice-President and Chief Economist travels across Canada to share his view on the global economy, what changes you can expect and how they can translate into opportunity for your business.

Although the 2014 tour has ended, you can access a wealth of information online:

  • View the archived Let’s Talk Exports Webinar and hear for yourself about the unique opportunities and risks for 2014-2015.
  • Access the complete Global Export Forecast, an in-depth analysis of the global economy by country and sector.
  • Subscribe to Peter Hall’s Weekly Commentary, a concise analysis of global issues for Canadian exporters delivered to your in-box each Thursday.
  • Scan our Knowledge Centre to find in-depth analysis from our economists and trade experts, free publications and subscriptions with breaking news and best practices, and a comprehensive library filled with trade-related resources.