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ESRM Policy Review

​​Review of EDC’s Environmental and Social Risk Management Policies

At EDC, ensuring that we continue to serve our customers and other stakeholders in a responsible way includes implementing regular reviews and updates to the policies that govern our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. 

EDC is inviting stakeholders from across the Canadian trade and business ecosystems to offer input and constructive feedback on the following Environmental and Social Risk Management policies as part of the CSR framework at EDC. These policies include: 

To assist stakeholders, a discussion paper has been prepared to inform understanding of some of the key issues, questions and proposals being considered by EDC during this review.

Providing Feedback

Submissions were accepted through the EDC website from May 14 – September 7, 2018. Any further submissions or questions can be directed to
EDC will consult representatives from the Government of Canada as well as our CSR Advisory Council, a group of prominent experts who advise on and guide EDC’s CSR practices. To foster transparency, submissions received from stakeholders will be posted.

Next Steps Post Review Period

While the deadline for submission closed on September 7, 2018, EDC is continuing to seek consultation opportunities to ensure we have a wide range of feedback that is reflective of Canada’s trade ecosystem.
We are reviewing the submissions we have received, and will take the time to reflect on feedback received and enter a drafting phase. EDC will issue a Public Response Paper when the revised policies are released toward the end of this year. This Paper will summarize the main areas of feedback and provide a high-level description of how the feedback was incorporated in the policy review outcomes (or, if not, why not). This Paper will be available on for the public to understand what changes have been made.
You can view the feedback already compiled here.
If you have a question that is not addressed in the FAQs, please email


Why are you doing this now?

Our commitments and practices have evolved a lot since these policies were last revised in 2008/2010, and we are now taking the formal opportunity to undertake an official review to ensure our policies remain relevant to our current state and continue to evolve.

How do I obtain a copy of the policy(ies) under review?

You can find a link to each policy under review at the top of this page. We welcome you to explore more information about Corporate Social Responsibility at EDC.

What is included in the scope of this review?

The focus of the review is on the environmental and social risk management policies that are part of the CSR framework at EDC.

  1. Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy
  2. Climate Change Policy
  3. Environmental and Social Review Directive (ERD)
  4. Human Rights Statement
  5. Disclosure Policy
The scope does not include other CSR policies at this time.

Will all comment submissions be made publically available?

Submissions will be made public when stakeholders “opt in” to disclosure of their submission.  Stakeholders have the ability to request their submissions remain confidential.

Where can I see feedback that has already been given?

Feedback will be posted to the submission section, provided the stakeholder has “opted in” to disclosure of their submission.

How long will the comment submissions be made publicly available?

Submissions will remain on the website until the conclusion of the review process and disclosure of the revised policies.

When providing feedback, do I have to follow the questions specifically provided in each annex?

No, the questions provided are illustrative of where EDC would particularly value feedback; however your input is not limited to these issues.

What will the outcome(s) of this review be?

After a thorough consideration of all feedback, EDC will rework the policies listed. Once the changes have been finalized, a Public Response Paper will be issued which will summarize the main areas of feedback and provide a high-level description of how the feedback was incorporated in the policy review outcomes (or, if not, why not).

When can I expect to see the outcome(s) of this review?

Our goal is to issue as many revised policies under the scope of this review by the end of 2019, if not all.  Any revised policies not completed by the end of that year will be completed by Q1 2020. 

What if I have feedback that is not related to the policies under review​?

We welcome feedback, and EDC has many channels through which our stakeholders may engage with us.  These include:

CSR enquiries;

EDC’s Compliance Officer ; and

General enquiries through one of our many corporate contacts.  

I wish to speak with EDC directly about this review.  Who can I contact for more information?

Please direct all comments or inquiries to​