Doing business in China A Guide for Canadian Exporters and Investors - Export Development Canada (EDC)
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Doing Business in China

A Guide for Canadian Exporters and Investors

Doing Business in China concentrates on basic, practical information, but also refers you to dozens of other resources that will help you plan and carry out a Chinese export strategy, starting with your initial readiness assessment and basic market research, and ending with product delivery and payment methods.

A word of caution: if your company has never exported before, you probably shouldn’t pick China as your first foreign market. Considerable investment in time and money is needed in order to establish the relationships and conduct the due diligence that is essential in determining how your company and its products align with what China and its consumers are seeking. But if you already have a solid foundation in exporting and are ready to commit to the China market, a Chinese venture may work out very well for you.

This guide covers:

  • China’s business environment
  • Entry strategies
  • Opportunities
  • Finances and taxation
  • Legalities
  • Delivering to the market
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