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Free up working capital

​It takes money to make money. Our working capital solutions—many of which are provided in partnership with your bank—can help you get the loans, guarantees or lines of credit you need to keep your business running smoothly, whether you’re trying to break into a new market, close a deal or expand production.

I won the contract but need more working capital to fill the order

By providing a guarantee that your financing agreements will be paid back, our Working Capital Financing may give your bank the confidence to provide you with additional support—helping you obtain the funds necessary to increase production and support U.S. and foreign investment.

My customer is ready to buy but needs financing

There’s no need to wait for your customer to arrange financing when you can offer flexible repayment terms through our Buyer Financing solution. We take on the risk of non-payment in the form of guarantees, direct loans or co-lending, and because the funds are paid directly to you, you reap the benefits of a cash sale.

I posted a letter of guarantee and now it’s tying up my working capital

Posting bonds and letter of guarantees is a necessary part of exporting—yet doing so can tie up your cash flow. With the protection offered by our bonding and guarantee solutions, your bank may choose to drop its collateral requirements, helping you free up much-needed working capital.

Buying foreign exchange contracts has tied up my cash flow

Collateral is often required to get foreign exchange contracts that lock in your currency exchange rate. With our Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee, your bank may forego the need for collateral, giving you protection against currency fluctuations without tying up your cash flow.

I need more cash to grow my sales but my bank needs security

Credit insurance can help with that. With our Accounts Receivable Insurance providing coverage of your U.S. and foreign receivables against a wide range of commercial and political risks, your financial institution may be willing to extend more working capital to you.

I want to turn my receivables into cash

Banks like the assurance that credit insurance can bring. When your receivables are protected by our Accounts Receivable Insurance, your bank or a financial institution specializing in factoring may be willing to buy all or some of your receivables for cash, thus freeing up your working capital. The financial institution can then take advantage of your EDC insurance for those receivables or it may already have separate EDC insurance in place for receivables that it factors. Several financial institutions have their own insurance policies with EDC to facilitate receivables discounting.

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