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Trade Protect

​What is Trade Protect Credit Insurance

Trade Protect is an online solution that’s ideal if you’re looking to insure your receivables for up to $500,000 per customer against non-payment.

You can get insurance for one or several customers and all transactions, regardless of how small, will be considered.



Trade Protect Can Set You Up For Success

Protect against the risk of not getting paid
You’ll be covered for up to 90% of your losses if your customer doesn’t pay after receiving your product or service.
​Grow your business with confidence
You’ll be able to win more business by offering more flexible payment terms to new and existing customers, while having peace of mind that you’ll get paid.
Easy, fast, online access:
Apply, get your quote, and pay for Trade Protect through our exclusive online service that is available around the clock.
Credit Insurance is affordable
For as little as $30, you can protect against the risk of non-payment from the moment you apply online.
Easy claims process
You can submit a claim quickly and easily online.

​Get a quick estimate of coverage costs based on your needs

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What risks does Trade Protect cover?

What's Covered

Your policy protects you against the risk of non-payment by your customers.

Where goods have been shipped within the coverage period and accepted by your customer, you will be protected for up to 90% of the losses sustained (capped at the approved Credit Limit).

Examples of why a customer might fail to pay you after accepting the goods:

  • your customer declares bankruptcy
  • your customer has cash flow issues and defaults
  • hostilities in a particular market that prevent your customer from paying
  • issues with currency conversion or transfer
What's Not Covered

Under certain circumstances we will not pay your claim for a loss. For example, we will not pay if:

  • the loss relates to goods shipped outside the coverage period, including goods shipped prior to your applying for coverage
  • the loss relates to goods shipped when your customer was already in default of its payment obligations to you by more than 60 days
  • your customer is disputing the amount they owe you (we can only pay once the dispute is settled and the amount owing by the customer is clearly established)

A complete list of exclusions is set out in the policy.

You are eligible* if:

  • You have NOT yet shipped the goods or provided the services you want to insure.
  • You are looking to insure $500,000 or less per customer.
  • The payment terms you are extending to your customer are 180 days or less.

* Please note certain exclusions to coverage may apply.

Ready to get Started?

​To receive a free quote or to purchase a policy, you will need to sign up to access our online

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