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Female bakery owner wears mask in shop

Tracking Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19

Report January 15, 2021 EDC’s Canadian Economic Recovery Tracker highlights key trends in Canada’s short-term economic performance, in order to provide insights on the strength of the overall recovery from COVID-19.

The Commodity Tracker

The Commodity Tracker

Guide January 13, 2021 Commodity prices can impact exporting, world trade and your business, but you can stay abreast of prices and other indicators with this at-a-glance report.

Entrepreneurs analyzing global financial data

Global Financial Markets

Guide January 13, 2021 Keep track of the international markets that matter to your business. Get the latest financial and macroeconomic information for both developed and emerging markets.

British businessman wears face mask

Country Risk Quarterly—Autumn 2020

Guide November 24, 2020 In these uncertain times, EDC is keeping a close eye on how COVID-19 is impacting Canada and the global economy. Stay on top of changing country risks, so you can make more informed decisions.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and CETA’s third birthday

Weekly Commentary September 24, 2020 Does this anniversary bring hope for better outcomes on the other side of the current maelstrom?

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Reading the GDP data

Weekly Commentary August 06, 2020 Dated numbers are still telling scary stories. As such, it’s best to look at the details for signs of true recovery. Things are moving so quickly and radically that the details are more important than ever.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Is global trade back up?

Weekly Commentary July 30, 2020 As we wrestle with COVID-19, is international trade back up, backing up, or is there a backup in capacity that’s stalling things?

Peter Hall, EDC

Tracking the COVID-19 economy

Weekly Commentary July 23, 2020 How is Canada weathering the pandemic? Check out EDC’s new Canadian Economic Recovery Tracker.

Ian Tobman, EDC

Top 10 risks living in a COVID world

Weekly Commentary July 16, 2020 EDC’S Top 10 Global Risks identifies the uncertainties facing Canadian businesses

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Containing the second wave

Weekly Commentary July 09, 2020 Is the fledgling rebound from COVID-19 lockdowns at risk?

Peter Hall, EDC

Trade imminent bounce-back from COVID-19?

Weekly Commentary July 02, 2020 COVID-19’s economic mayhem has given rise to a wide variety of recovery paths

Peter Hall, EDC

Trade confidence among Canadian exporters hits all-time low

Weekly Commentary June 25, 2020 COVID-19 and rising global protectionism concerns push Canadian trade confidence to all-time low

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19’s effects anything but even

Weekly Commentary June 18, 2020 COVID-19 has generated no winners—only survivors.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: A glimmer of hope?

Weekly Commentary June 11, 2020 For Canada, June is looking upbeat.

Peter Hall, EDC

Is COVID-19 the biggest test yet for the retail sector?

Weekly Commentary June 04, 2020 COVID-19 has been a nasty shock for retailers the world over.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global tourism rocked by COVID-19

Weekly Commentary May 28, 2020 Few industries have felt the sting of COVID-19 more than global tourism.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and the auto sector

Weekly Commentary May 21, 2020 Things were looking good for the global automotive sector entering 2020

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and country risk ratings

Weekly Commentary May 14, 2020 COVID-19 is changing a lot of country risk ratings—best to keep an eye on this space.

Skeleton of new car sits in closed plant

COVID-19 puts the brakes on the auto industry

Report May 08, 2020 With assembly operations shut down and supply chains stalled, this sector has been hit hard by the pandemic. Read this EDC Economics overview to find out how it will rebound.

Stephen Tapp, EDC

EDC’s COVID-19 survey

Weekly Commentary May 07, 2020 Until official data are posted, surveys are our best view of reality. What does EDC's survey say?

Peter Hall, EDC

We’re not through the worst bit…yet

Weekly Commentary April 30, 2020 EDC Economics is in perpetual forecast mode until further notice. Here is our latest Global Economic Outlook.

Aerial view of urban Colombia

Market insights: Monitoring the business impact of COVID-19 on Colombia

Blog April 30, 2020 EDC’s Camilo Bresciani gives an inside look at the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Colombia

Panorama of the Miraflore Coast in Peru

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on Peru

Blog April 30, 2020 EDC’s regional manager shares his first-hand account of the challenges in Peru.

London Eye in the United Kingdom

Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on the United Kingdom

Blog April 27, 2020 EDC’s regional vice-president gives a first-hand account of the challenges in the U.K.

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Five tips to help manage global supply chains disrupted by COVID-19

Article April 27, 2020 Technology is key to overcoming COVID-19 disruptions

Empty airport, parked airplane highlights gloom

COVID-19 grounds aerospace industry

Report April 24, 2020 With air traffic at a standstill, this sector is in for a wild ride. Read this EDC Economics overview to discover how it could take years for this industry to recover.

Peter Hall, EDC

The oil industry and COVID-19

Weekly Commentary April 23, 2020 Today’s oil patch woes are inconceivable – and not entirely caused by the virus.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: The impact on industry

Weekly Commentary April 16, 2020 The need for business support is universal, but not uniform; some need more than others.

Monastery built into a mountain in India

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on India

Blog April 15, 2020 Regional managers gives a first-hand account of the challenges in India due to COVID-19

Peter Hall, EDC

The coronavirus policy response

Weekly Commentary April 09, 2020 In global government stimulus programs, there’s an urgent need for speed

Singapore cityscape

Market insights: Managing COVID-19 business risks in Southeast Asia

Blog April 07, 2020 Get an inside look at the challenges Southeast Asia facing due to COVID-19.

Skyview of Brazil with Corcovado statue

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on South America

Blog April 06, 2020 EDC regional managers give a first-hand account of the challenges in Brazil and Chile

Shanghai skyline

Market insights: Managing COVID-19 business risks in China

Blog April 03, 2020 Get an inside look at the challenges China is facing due to COVID-19.

Bridge in Melbourne, Australia

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on Australia

Blog April 03, 2020 EDC’s Teresa Nizzola gives an inside look at the impacts of COVID-19 on Australia

Peter Hall, EDC

Coronavirus and the consumer

Weekly Commentary April 02, 2020 If consumers aren’t overwhelmed with the huge but temporary decline, they’ll be the motor of a solid recovery.

Peter Hall, EDC

The coronavirus crunch

Weekly Commentary March 26, 2020 Coronavirus is rocking the world. How much, and for how long?

Sick man with a hood sitting alone on bench public transport, wearing protective facial mask

UPDATED FAQs: What Canadian exporters need to know about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Article March 25, 2020 Frequently asked questions on COVID-19

Peter Hall, EDC

The coronavirus and business investment

Weekly Commentary March 19, 2020 How will business investment be affected by the coronavirus?

Peter Hall, EDC

Key issues in Canada’s long-term trade outlook

Weekly Commentary March 05, 2020 There’s a lot of bad risk around; is there any “good” risk in our future?

Historic Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast

3 markets to watch in Latin America: Chile, Colombia and Ecuador

Blog February 28, 2020 Discover the potential opportunities and risks for Canadian exporters in Latin America in the latest Country Risk Quarterly.

Peter Hall, EDC

Risky today, riskier tomorrow

Weekly Commentary February 27, 2020 Future risks are rising; is that bad news or good news?


Trade outlooks give insight into Canadian export growth

Blog February 21, 2020 EDC Trade Confidence Index survey of Canadian exporters helps predict future of Canadian exports.

Peter Hall, EDC

Mexico’s uncertain future

Weekly Commentary February 20, 2020 Is Mexico on investors’ “Hot List”?

Andrea Gardella, EDC

Helping to make sense of uncertainty

Weekly Commentary February 13, 2020 Ups and downs throughout the world in 2019 has made for a choppy entry into 2020.

People rushing through an airport

Demand for Canadian exports drops with virus outbreak

Blog February 10, 2020 Economists are tracking what impact coronavirus will have on global trade.

Stephen Tapp, EDC

Canadian trade confidence continues to slide

Weekly Commentary February 04, 2020

Peter Hall, EDC

China’s 2020 outlook

Weekly Commentary January 30, 2020 2020 is going to be a delicate year for China’s economy

Peter Hall, EDC

Do weak demographics mean slower overall growth?

Weekly Commentary January 23, 2020 Are machines taking over?

A woman in a sari dances in front of an ornate entrance with a view of the Taj Mahal.

Taking your business to India

Webinar India’s fast-growing economy makes it a promising market for Canadian exports. Explore the opportunities and challenges for businesses entering India in our webinar.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global business investment is at a standstill

Weekly Commentary January 16, 2020 The story stretches back over a decade.

Sunset view of Jakarta’s National Monument’s gold-layered torch.

Indonesia: A nation of contrasts

Blog January 13, 2020 An emerging economy with a diverse culture and array of traditions, the Indonesian market is worth exploring for Canadian businesses

Peter Hall, EDC

Will 2020 bring an end to the policy pause?

Weekly Commentary January 09, 2020 Is trade policy mayhem here to stay?

Man walks down middle of road, facing the future

EDC Economics looks back at an eventful year and the road ahead for 2020

Blog January 06, 2020 A look at what opportunities and challenges are on the horizon in 2020

Peter Hall, EDC

Surprise of the decade

Weekly Commentary December 19, 2019 A decade is a long time; did this one have a pivotal eco-political moment?

Peter Hall, EDC

Cold, cold Christmas for consumers?

Weekly Commentary December 12, 2019 Are consumers singing a dirge or a dance this holiday season?

Peter Hall, EDC

Prices: Why so tame?

Weekly Commentary December 06, 2019 Prices may be tame - but will it last?

Peter Hall, EDC

Navigating the oil market: Are G-suits still required?

Weekly Commentary November 28, 2019 Is the planet running out of crude oil? Not by any means.

People walking on a busy boardwalk with an urban skyline in the background

Is a recession imminent? Why everyone’s worried yet again

Blog November 25, 2019 A “global recession-obsession” is gaining momentum.

A historical photo taken from the EDC archives.

EDC at 75: A leap of faith

Article November 21, 2019 Here’s to the next 75.

John Bitzan, EDC

EDC breaks down the Top 10 risks facing Canadian exporters

Weekly Commentary November 21, 2019 Export Development Canada is releasing its list of the Top 10 Global Risks facing Canada to help exporters prepare for an international environment fraught with uncertainty.

Peter Hall, EDC

Exports grow as economy rebounds

Weekly Commentary November 14, 2019 Exporters hold on through 2020, but the best news may come later

Hoi An Vietnam ancient city

Three emerging markets to watch: Vietnam, Thailand and the UAE

Article November 13, 2019 Vietnam, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates are three emerging markets to look into.

Peter Hall, EDC

Are the big trade spats one-sided?

Weekly Commentary November 07, 2019 If this goes wrong, there’s lots to lose all around

London city district

Brexit saga continues: Preparing your business for the various outcomes

Blog November 06, 2019 How will your export business navigate the post-Brexit economic waters?

Peter Hall, EDC

Slowdown: High-stakes game

Weekly Commentary October 31, 2019 The table stakes are high: recession or no recession

Poker chips stacked high on poker table represent precarious state of global economic, political situation

Global Economic Outlook–Fall 2019

Guide October 31, 2019 In a world of shifting economic and political climates, exporters constantly face new risks and opportunities. EDC’s Global Economic Outlook offers insight on these changes to help you make better business decisions.

measuring country risk ratings

Country Risk Quarterly: Rating the risks of going global

Blog October 28, 2019 An EDC economist helps you understand the different country risks at play.

Andrea Gardella, EDC

A Tale of Divergence

Weekly Commentary October 25, 2019 Rising uncertainty allows for the brave and informed to find opportunities.

Peter Hall, EDC

Will robots rule the roost?

Weekly Commentary October 17, 2019 Robots don’t vote—but could they take over anyway?

Peter Hall, EDC

America’s relentless job machine

Weekly Commentary October 10, 2019 Although employment is a trailing indicator, this caboose is powering a pretty substantial train.

Peter Hall, EDC

Confidence checkup

Weekly Commentary October 03, 2019 With concern about slowing growth and political uncertainty, what are the gauges of confidence telling us?

Peter Hall, EDC

Business economics: A renaissance?

Weekly Commentary September 26, 2019 Are business economists about to get a bit wealthier?

Peter Hall, EDC

Is India at risk?

Weekly Commentary September 19, 2019 India has the capacity to right its recent wobbles.

Peter Hall, EDC

Two-speed global economy

Weekly Commentary September 12, 2019 Will the slow gear stop the car in its tracks?

Peter Hall, EDC

Uh-oh: Yield curve inversion!

Weekly Commentary September 05, 2019 Trade turmoil is spilling into financial markets, adding to current worries

Peter Hall, EDC

Trade wars and the agriculture outlook

Weekly Commentary August 29, 2019 Is China's ban on U.S. agriculture exports a sign of more to come?

Peter Hall, EDC

Today’s data agency: You!

Weekly Commentary August 22, 2019 You may not know it, but you are a data agency

Peter Hall, EDC

Needed: Big breakthrough (or two!)

Weekly Commentary August 15, 2019 In today’s trade wars, are we in for boundless bouts of brinksmanship, or an abrupt breakthrough?

A lush alpine landscape surrounds Germany’s iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.

Entering the German Market with CETA

Webinar Are you looking to expand your business into the German market? Discover top sector opportunities and how to benefit from the Canada-EU trade agreement.

Peter Hall, EDC

Uncertainty: At an all-time high?

Weekly Commentary August 08, 2019 Are we really more worried than ever about economic policy?

Peter Hall, EDC

Debtrimental development?

Weekly Commentary July 26, 2019 Planet Earth’s love of debt is in full bloom. Should we worry?


Country risk: What’s on our radar?

Weekly Commentary July 11, 2019 Which markets are on our country risk radar as we head into the second half of 2019? Read on to find out more.

A sunset view of the ancient Borobudur temple complex in Central Java

Navigating the opportunities and challenges in Southeast Asia

Blog July 10, 2019 EDC’s country risk analyst John Bitzan travels to Singapore, Indonesia and Japan on market research mission

Exporter studies tablet on balcony looking over city skyline

Trade turbulence weighs on exporters’ confidence

Blog July 08, 2019 Canadian exporters are feeling more pessimistic about near-term outlook, according to EDC’s Trade Confidence Index survey

Peter Hall, EDC

Interest rate reversal?

Weekly Commentary July 04, 2019 Flip-flops aren’t the favoured footwear of central bankers

Garden in Singapore

Singapore: Your access to Asia

Blog July 02, 2019 Singapore is such a vibrant and dynamic country in which to live and work. This wealthy island nation is exceptionally progressive. They have an open and diversified economy that rolls out the welcome mat to business.

Peter Hall, EDC

What’s up with global shipping?

Weekly Commentary June 27, 2019 This leading indicator is bucking the current trend. What’s up?

EDC Peter Hall

As the world diversifies, will we?

Weekly Commentary June 20, 2019 Canada’s trade with the world ain’t the space it used to be. Can we adapt?

EDC Peter Hall

Trade confidence tumbles

Weekly Commentary June 13, 2019 Is global softening getting to Canada?

EDC Peter Hall: May the votes be with you

May the votes be with you

Weekly Commentary June 06, 2019 Maybe this will turn the Brexit tide, Maybe not.

Three farmers discuss planting in a field.

Greener pastures: Canadian agriculture a bright spot for trade

Guide June 04, 2019 Check out this report highlighting Canadian agriculture trade and investment trends

EDC Peter Hall: Chicago Bound!

Chicago Bound!

Weekly Commentary May 30, 2019 To the Midwest, EDC says, “Mais oui!”

EDC Peter Hall: What’s logic got to do with it?

What’s logic got to do with it?

Weekly Commentary May 23, 2019 Is there method to the madness of today’s trade policy moves?

EDC Peter Hall: Who’s My Neighbour?

Who’s my neighbour?

Weekly Commentary May 16, 2019 Your new neighbours are increasingly defining the economic future. Get to know them!

The stunning architecture of downtown Singapore casts a dazzling reflection in the city’s harbor.

Singapore: Your gateway to Asia-Pacific markets

Webinar Singapore’s robust market provides an excellent springboard for Canadian companies looking for growth in Asia. Join us and prepare to make the leap.

EDC Peter Hall: US Labour: Return of the Lost

U.S. Labour: return of the lost

Weekly Commentary May 09, 2019 The U.S. economy is experiencing a huge influx of disaffected workers

EDC Peter Hall: Go for the growth!

Go for the growth!

Weekly Commentary May 02, 2019 Catch-up economies are an increasingly important growth dynamo

EDC Peter Hall: George on my mind

Georgia On My Mind

Weekly Commentary April 25, 2019 Why is EDC opening up a representation in Atlanta? Good question.

EDC Peter Hall: All systems go

All Systems Go?

Weekly Commentary April 18, 2019 Economy poised for liftoff, with a few bumps along the way

Downtown Sydney’s harbour abuzz with activity and commerce.

Australia: taking your business Down Under

Webinar Big country. Big opportunity. Whether you’re in the goods or services sector, get the lowdown Down Under on finding success in key Australian markets.

EDC Susanna Campagna: The Disease of Dis-ease?

The Disease of dis-ease?

Weekly Commentary April 11, 2019 Today’s global risk environment is not going away anytime soon.

EDC Peter Hall: Alberta exports: A way out?

Alberta exports: A way out?

Weekly Commentary April 04, 2019 The dominance of oil and gas in Alberta exports is gripping.

Sun rises on new opportunities in Japan

Webinar With the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), Japan is offering more opportunities than ever for Canadian companies. Learn more in our upcoming webinar.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s ASEAN Opportunities

Canada’s ASEAN Opportunities

Weekly Commentary March 28, 2019 The growth record of ASEAN economies is reason enough to deepen ties.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s Asian Bonanza

Canada’s Asian Bonanza

Weekly Commentary March 21, 2019 One of our key impediments in Canada is that we seem to have a natural aversion to the risks, perceived or real, of dealing in Asian markets.

Brexit supporters, brexiteers, in London hold banners campaigning to leave the European union

Brexit: What’s next?

Blog March 20, 2019 What Canadian exporters need to know

EDC Peter Hall: What’s the new model?

What’s the new model?

Weekly Commentary March 14, 2019 Is a new model of the economy in the works, and if so, what does it look like?

Will the U.S.-China trade tiff end well

Will the U.S.-China trade tiff end well?

Weekly Commentary March 07, 2019 The stakes are high, elevating this to one of the top Canadian – and global – international trade concerns. No one knows this better than both the U.S. and China. So, will it end well?

Farmer operating heavy machinery tending to the crops

Seeds to Success: Taking Your Agri-Food Business Global

Webinar With the global population expected to reach nine billion by 2050, agri-food is poised for rapid growth. Join our webinar and explore the opportunities.

EDC Peter Hall: Critical need for investment

Critical need for investment

Weekly Commentary February 28, 2019 What if our key growth issue isn’t demand, but capacity?

Young farmer examines corn seeds while walking in corn fields.

Cream of the crop: Canada’s agri-food sector poised for growth

Article February 22, 2019 As one of the world’s largest food producers, Canada is a major player on the global agri-food stage.

EDC Ian Tobman: Charting the course through

Charting the course through chaos

Weekly Commentary February 21, 2019 EDC reveals Top 10 Global Risks facing Canada’s exporters

EDC Peter Hall: The heart of the matter?

The heart of the matter?

Weekly Commentary February 14, 2019 Is this key cause of US populism insurmountable?

EDC Peter Hall: Interest rates on hold

Interest rates on hold

Weekly Commentary February 07, 2019 Are interest rate hikes too much for the economy to handle?

EDC Peter Hall: Mexico’s next move

Mexico’s next move

Weekly Commentary January 31, 2019 Mexico’s future hangs in the balance

EDC Peter Hall: And you thought 2018 was fun!

And you thought 2018 was fun!

Weekly Commentary January 17, 2019 The world economy will have a number of hurdles to overcome in 2019

Exporter’s hand presses on digital tablet of world map at shipyard with cargo freight containers in background.

CUSMA relief shifts to worries about global protectionism and tariffs

Blog January 14, 2019 EDC’s bi-annual Trade Confidence Index survey reveals mood of 1,000 Canadian exporters

EDC Andrea Gardella: What happened in 2018 and what can we learn for 2019

What happened in 2018 and what can we learn for 2019

Weekly Commentary January 10, 2019 Understand the past to navigate the future of country risk.

EDC Peter Hall: Surge in trade confidence short-lived

Surge in trade confidence short-lived

Weekly Commentary December 18, 2018 Canadian exporters confidence: from surge to dirge?

EDC Peter Hall: Surprise of the year: Stronger pact

Surprise of the year: Stronger pact

Weekly Commentary December 13, 2018 Globalization is under attack…or is it?

EDC Peter Hall: The CUSMA clock is ticking

The CUSMA clock is ticking

Weekly Commentary December 06, 2018 CUSMA: Bumpy road to ratification?

EDC Peter Hall: The U.S. consumer boom

The U.S. consumer boom

Weekly Commentary November 29, 2018 Another U.S. consumer bubble? Guess again.

Mexico Canada trade

Mexico’s on the move, but stability remains for Canadian business

Article November 28, 2018 With a new president, what’s next for Mexico and Canadian exporters looking to succeed there?

EDC Peter Hall: China at the crossroads

China at the crossroads

Weekly Commentary November 22, 2018 With the challenges China faces, what’s the prognosis?

EDC Peter Hall: Is trade diversification worth it?

Is trade diversification worth it?

Weekly Commentary November 15, 2018 Is the US market really Canada’s only long-term trade bet?

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s provincial industrial export outlook

Canada’s provincial-industrial export outlook

Weekly Commentary November 08, 2018 Some surprising export stories at provincial and industrial levels

EDC Peter Hall: The Canada-Australia Connection

The Canada-Australia Connection

Weekly Commentary November 01, 2018 Oz: An Asian hot-spot for Canada?

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s next fish crisis

Canada’s next fish crisis

Weekly Commentary October 25, 2018 Can opportunity be a crisis for Canada’s fishing industry?

DC Peter Hall: Managing the Mayhem

Managing the Mayhem

Weekly Commentary October 18, 2018 The outlook is bright, but big parts of the global economic puzzle need to come together.

EDC Stephen Tapp: Are global exports faltering?

Are global exports faltering?

Weekly Commentary October 11, 2018 Are trade fears crippling global export activity?

EDC Peter Hall: A New Deal for North America

A New Deal for North America

Weekly Commentary October 04, 2018 With the new North American free trade deal, Canada has a green light for export growth.

EDC Peter Hall: Populism: On the way out?

Populism: On the way out?

Weekly Commentary September 27, 2018 Populism is challenging international trade axioms – but is it in decline?

EDC Susanna Campagna: Currencies tumble as markets reprice risk

Currencies tumble as markets reprice risk

Weekly Commentary September 20, 2018 How do we make sense of the current emerging market sell off? Read on to find out more…

EDC Peter Hall: Running Hot

Running Hot

Weekly Commentary September 13, 2018 Politics isn’t the only thing that’s hot south of the border

Growing sales in emerging markets

Looking to grow sales? Take a look at emerging markets

Blog September 13, 2018 Emerging markets offer significant potential to Canadian companies.

rising interest rates

Rising interest rates trigger defaults in emerging markets

Blog September 11, 2018 EDC's Richard Schuster shares the origin of the financial crisis and how exporters can prepare for this potential risk.

EDC Peter Hall: The End of Easy Money

The End of Easy Money

Video September 06, 2018 Note to exporters: riskier deals are getting more expensive.

EDC Peter Hall: Is Tourism a Trade-War victim?

Is Tourism a Trade-War victim?

Video August 30, 2018 Is the trade tussle causing Canadian tourists to bypass the US?

EDC Peter Hall: Beware of the Luddite Revival

Beware of the Luddite Revival

Video August 23, 2018 Are machines taking over our lives?

diversification trends

The drive to diversify

Blog August 23, 2018 In this blog, we analyze historical Canadian trade data and EDC surveys to uncover longer-term and emerging diversification trends.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada diversification in Asia

Canada’s diversification in Asia

Video August 16, 2018 Asia is the world’s hot-growth zone. And it’s likely to heat up more in the near term, as global growth ramps up.

EDC Peter Hall: Feelin’ Groovy

Feelin’ Groovy

Video August 09, 2018 It's summer, and everyone's feeling good; will it last into the autumn?

EDC Peter Hall: Shipping is bustling again

Shipping is bustling again

Video August 02, 2018 Seaborne shipping costs are soaring; is it crunch-time again?

EDC Peter Hall: Canadian Inflation Experience

Inflation: Is Canada’s experience different?

Video July 26, 2018 In today’s tightly-knit global economy, it’s hard to go rogue.

EDC Peter Hall: Fears of inflation

Are inflation fears a risk to growth?

Video July 19, 2018 When a little inflation is not a bad thing.

economics of logic

The economics of logic

Blog July 18, 2018 EDC’s Peter Hall shares economic insights with business owners during Canada-wide Let’s Talk Exports tour.

EDC Peter Hall: AMLO Mexico Election Review

Mexico’s populist pivot

Video July 05, 2018 How will AMLO steer the Mexican economy?

Weekly Commentary: Elections in Latin America

Latin America: Election jitters grow

Video June 28, 2018 Pivotal elections are unfolding in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Read on to find out what you need to know.

The paradox of shift

The paradox of shift

Video June 21, 2018 What if the popular elixir is actually…poison?

EDC Peter Hall: Emerging Market Growth

Who’s winning the emerging market growth race?

Video June 14, 2018 Is the developed-market revival leaving the emerging world behind?

Why Atlantic Canada is at the forefront of ocean technology exports

Why Atlantic Canada is at the forefront of ocean technology exports

Blog June 08, 2018 Canada’s East Coast is set to accelerate innovation and economic growth in the ocean technology sector

EDC Peter Hall: Next Wave of Jobs

The next wave of jobs

Video June 07, 2018 There is indeed an industrial revolution going on.

EDC Peter Hall: Upsurge of Investment

Upsurge of investment

Video May 31, 2018 The economy’s small but mighty “David” rises again!

EDC Peter Hall: Canadian Export Outlook

Export outlook: The provincial perspective

Video May 24, 2018 Check out the provincial export growth standings!

EDC Peter Hall: Export terms

The ‘D’ word is back in the export lingo

Video May 17, 2018 Time to join the Canadian exporters having the ride of their lives.

Seizing cleantech opportunities

Seizing the opportunities cleantech offers

Blog May 11, 2018 Canada’s cleantech sector is brimming with potential and it’s on the right path.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada Exports

What’s up with Canada’s exports?

Video May 10, 2018 Canada’s exports heat up again

organic food sector

Organic foods: Hot zone in a hot sector?

Video May 03, 2018 Organic is “in”!

Peter Hall EDC: Auto Sector and Vehicle Sales

Vehicle sales: On auto pilot?

Video April 26, 2018 Will sales be up, down or sideways?

Sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Top 5 sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Blog April 20, 2018 EDC’s Chief Representative for Greater China, Chia Wan Liew, helps Canadian businesses sell to China.

EDC Peter Hall: data interpretation for business growth

Last year matters to this year’s growth: A data interpretation exercise

Video April 19, 2018 When it comes to forecasting, ‘Don’t look back’ is a bad adage.

EDC Peter Hall: Export Outlook by Industry

Export outlook by industry

Video April 12, 2018 Industries under attack are turning out the best performances

All Eyes on NAFTA Negotiations

All eyes on NAFTA negotiations

Blog April 09, 2018 If a new NAFTA deal is going to be reached in 2018, it must happen soon.

EDC Peter Hall: Tighter Times in the Global Economic Outlook

Tighter times

Video April 05, 2018 Tightening sounds frightening; this time, it’s actually good news.

How to harness the opportunities of the CPTPP

How to harness the opportunities of the CPTPP

Blog April 04, 2018 Peter Hall, Vice-president and Chief Economist at EDC took part in a webinar on Canada’s newest trade deal. Here’s his take.

Top 10 country risks

Top 10 country risks to watch in 2018

Video March 22, 2018 Want to know the 10 global risks to keep in mind? Read on.

The Canada-Peru Connection

The Canada-Peru Connection

Video March 15, 2018 Canada and Peru have a lot of great reasons to connect

Peter Hall EDC: cptpp trade

CPTPP: Trade is Still in Vogue!

Video March 08, 2018 Is the world giving up on globalization? Well, the CPTPP partners aren’t.

Peter Hall EDC: The Data Deluge

Data deluge: Diving in or drowning?

Video March 01, 2018 Does the data revolution spell disaster for smaller companies?

Peter Hall EDC: Is Inflation Spike Back

Uh-oh – Is inflation back?

Video February 22, 2018 Inflation seems to be heating up – should we worry?

Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement: Putting winning trade opportunities on the podium

Blog February 21, 2018 South Korea is a highly competitive market and a gateway into the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

Peter Hall EDC: Trade Between China and Canada

Has China stopped buying Canadian?

Video February 15, 2018 Four years of weak sales to China: A problem?

Valentine’s day exports

How imports and exports help create St. Valentine’s Day memories

Blog February 14, 2018 While exports like oil and aircraft may routinely grab the headlines, expect romance to take top billing on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Korea

Market Entry Advisors – Korea

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Nigeria

Market Entry Advisors – Nigeria

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Philippines

Market Entry Advisors – Philippines

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Ghana

Market Entry Advisors – Ghana

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Kazakhstan

Market Entry Advisors – Kazakhstan

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Australia

Market Entry Advisors – Australia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors South Africa

Market Entry Advisors – South Africa

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Indonesia

Market Entry Advisors – Indonesia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Thailand

Market Entry Advisors – Thailand

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Brazil

Market Entry Advisors – Brazil

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the Brazil market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Singapore

Market Entry Advisors – Singapore

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Vietnam

Market Entry Advisors – Vietnam

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors United Arab Emirates

Market Entry Advisors – United Arab Emirates

Guide February 14, 2018 Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the United Arab Emirates market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Peru

Market Entry Advisors – Peru

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Germany

Market Entry Advisors – Germany

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Hungary

Market Entry Advisors – Hungary

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Colombia

Market Entry Advisors – Colombia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Japan

Market Entry Advisors – Japan

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Unites States

Market Entry Advisors – United States

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

Peter Hall EDC: Americas Auto Sector

America’s red-hot auto sector

Video February 08, 2018 Red hot US auto sales are not without their problems.

State of the Union Canada trade

U.S. State of the Union address short on trade

Article February 02, 2018 Despite Canada’s fear and trepidation, U.S. President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address hardly mentioned trade at all, let alone trade with Canada.

Peter Hall EDC: A Mexican Moment

A Mexico moment

Video February 01, 2018 NAFTA is key to Mexico’s economic future.

Helping canadian exporters

Helping Canadian customers and supporting the trade agenda

Blog January 29, 2018 Considers for the environment and women- and indigenous-owned businesses are all key focuses at EDC.

Doing business in vietnam

Doing business in Vietnam: What Canadians need to know

Blog January 25, 2018 With the middle class set to double in size by 2020, the country is bursting with potential for Canadian exporters.

Peter Hall EDC: Global Shipping Stays Upright

Can global shipping stay upright?

Video January 25, 2018 Can shipping support world growth? No problem.

Peter Hall EDC: Commodity, Consumer and other key Prices

Why are prices so tame?

Video January 18, 2018 Can the economy sustain more growth? Prices say so.

Peter Hall EDC Trade Confidence

Trade confidence holding its ground

Weekly Commentary December 15, 2017 2017 has not been international trade’s best year. Oh, growth is having a good run alright; the problem is political. Just how is trade confidence doing?

Global Export Forecast: How to Grow Business Internationally

Global export forecast: 3 reasons to grow business internationally

Blog December 12, 2017 Exports grew 8% in 2017, faster than the economy. The 2018 forecast is good for Canadian businesses with sales opportunities in the U.S., Europe and globally.

EDC’s Canadian Cleantech Export Week

EDC’s Canadian cleantech export week: ‘A golden opportunity’

Blog November 30, 2017 EDC’s Cleantech Export Week kicks off with a message of opportunity.

Peter Hall EDC Australia

The wizardry of Oz

Video November 30, 2017 Known as the "Wonder Down Under", Australia has surprised the world with its economic and trade success in some of the toughest locations.

Peter Hall EDC Cleantech

The Market for Clean Technology

Video November 23, 2017 In the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis, the global cleantech industry flourished. What is Canada's share of this rapidly growing global market?

Peter Hall EDC Canada NAFTA


Weekly Commentary November 16, 2017 NAFTA renegotiations has Canadians transfixed, as a majority of exports go to the US. What does this mean for Canada's provinces? How exposed are we?

Peter Hall Europe economic growth

Engine No 2 warming up

Video November 09, 2017 Even though some predict sluggish growth, key indicators show that European economic growth is coming. With CETA, this is great news for Canadian exporters.

Agri Food Canada Export Ranking

Agri food Canada: FCC reports no storm clouds on horizon

Article November 08, 2017 According to Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) most recent trade ranking reports on agriculture, there’s good reason to be optimistic about the future of Canada’s agri-food sectors.

Peter Hall EDC China Canada agri-food

Feeding China's growing appetite

Video November 02, 2017 When it comes to future agri-food sales to China, Canada is a top contender. We have the resources and the know-how, but are we up to it?

Using economic indicators for business planning

Using economic indicators as a business planning tool

Article October 26, 2017 Economic predictions are a starting point for companies.

Peter Hall EDC Canada Trade

Canada's foray into other markets

Video October 26, 2017 Amid unsettling trade talks between Canada and the US, there is a glimmer of hope. Canada is turning more attention to smaller but faster-growing markets.

Peter Hall EDC Canada Export Outlook

Export outlook by industry

Video October 19, 2017 Despite some risks and weaknesses, global growth is back. But where are the opportunities for Canadian companies, and what do they need to consider?

7 Takeaways from the Global Economic Outlook

7 takeaways from the global economic outlook

Article October 18, 2017 What Canadian companies need to know about EDC’s latest strategic business planning tool, the Global Economic Outlook.

Trends in international trade

8 international trade experts share non-NAFTA export trends

Article October 16, 2017 Trade experts look at 8 trends in International trade, other than NAFTA, that you should be watching for.

Peter Hall global recovery investment

Decision time!

Video October 12, 2017 Signs point to a long-awaited global economic recovery. Now is the time to make key decisions and investments for export success.

Economic forecast view of global economy

Economic forecast view of where global economy is headed

Blog October 12, 2017 To give Canadian companies a roadmap to navigate the global economy, EDC develops economic forecasts.

Peter Hall EDC Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture rocks!

Video October 05, 2017 Can Canada's agri-food sector keep up with the growing demand for first-world food, especially as emerging-world populations grow and get richer?

Peter Whelan EDC global investment

The sleeping giant stirs...

Video September 28, 2017 Before committing significant investments for any business projects, there are important global trends that companies should consider.

Peter Whelan EDC Country Risk

Global risk environment remains strained

Video September 21, 2017 There is no shortage of country risks around the world. Canadian exporters and investors should be aware of key developments beyond North America.

Peter Hall EDC Metals

Metals: Pointing to true north?

Video September 14, 2017 In line with recent global economic growth, metals might again be on the rise in international markets, and not like the false alarm in 2010.

Peter Hall EDC Export Performance

Look Who's Emerging Again

Video September 07, 2017 The state of global trade may be concerning, but there are fundamental indicators - like export performance - that signal a wave of growth in emerging markets.

Peter Hall EDC Finances

More eggs in this basket

Video August 31, 2017 Physical business investments have been low for a long period. What does this mean in terms of their capacity during a period of economic growth?

EDC Market Entry Advisors India

Market Entry Advisors – India

Guide August 25, 2017 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors China

Market Entry Advisors – China

Guide Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Mexico

Market Entry Advisors – Mexico

Guide August 25, 2017 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors UK

Market Entry Advisors – United Kingdom

Guide August 25, 2017 Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the United Kingdom market.

Top business risks

Preparing for today's top business risks

Article August 24, 2017 The top 10 risks you may be facing in your international business, from Fortress America to a possible Chinese financial crisis.

Peter Hall EDC interest rates

Can everyone handle higher rates?

Video August 24, 2017 Interest rates are rising and so is the cost of borrowing. While these may be stress points to manage, they are also a signal that growth is normalizing.

Peter Hall EDC Global Shipping

The ships are sailing!

Video August 17, 2017 Swamped by the 2008 trade collapse, global shipping activity is finally on the rise with enough demand to sustain growth over the long term.

CETA Potential

CETA: Unlocking the potential

Webinar Register for our free webinar to learn about the major opportunities that CETA will bring, and how to ensure your company is ready.

Peter Hall EDC Export Insights

Exports: At your service

Video August 10, 2017 What's next? With the help of technology, services is growing to take over as the dominant economic sector from primary and manufactured goods.

Top 10 company risks

The top 10 risks for Canadian companies abroad

Article August 08, 2017 The top 10 risks you may be facing in your international business, from Fortress America to a possible Chinese financial crisis.

Canada-Ukraine trade deal

Canada-Ukraine trade deal: What exporters should know, from EDC experts

Blog August 08, 2017 The Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA) came into force August 1. EDC experts share why it’s important and what it means for Canadian exporters.

Peter Hall EDC Canadian Dollar

Loonie: Parity-bound?

Video August 03, 2017 Exporters are worried that the Canadian dollar is making its way back to the parity-plus zone. But what are the currency drivers telling us?

Peter Hall EDC U.S. Export Insights

Shifting stateside? Think about it…

Weekly Commentary July 27, 2017 Political rheotric and NAFTA re-negotiations have Canadian exporters worried about the U.S. These concerns are real, so it's important to do your homework.

Mitigate Economic, Political and Social Risks

Risky business? Mitigate economic, political and social risks

Blog July 24, 2017 Managing country risk can be daunting for new exporters. Protect your company by diversifying your markets and developing a strong risk mitigation strategy

Peter Hall EDC Global Trade

A comeback for global trade?

Video July 20, 2017 Since 2008, global trade flows plunged, revived, and then went into a holding pattern. It may be taking a long time, but is a comeback possible?

Peter Hall EDC Inflation

Is inflation back?

Video July 13, 2017 Do rising prices mean inflation is back? While there may be cause for concern, this is happening for good reasons: pent-up demand and long-term growth.

Peter Hall EDC Trade Policy

What's on your mind?

Video July 06, 2017 There is lots to discuss with Canadian exporters across the country, including U.S. politics, hot domestic topics, and the outlook for various industries.

10 of Canada’s Most Common Exports

10 of Canada’s most common exports, eh!

Blog June 30, 2017 On July 1st, Canada turns 150 years old. Let’s celebrate by looking at 10 of Canada’s most Canadian exports!

Peter Whelan EDC forecasting tool

The Outlook for Your Industry

Video June 29, 2017 Get an industry-by-industry outlook with EDC's new forecasting tool, which provides performance and forecast data for 28 different industry categories.

Peter Hall EDC Trade Confidence Index

Surprise rise in trade confidence

Weekly Commentary June 22, 2017 The anti-trade rhetoric and the political turmoil of 2017 are a prescription for lower trade confidence. However, surveys of Canadian exporters say differently.

Peter Whelan EDC Business in Europe

Europe: Improved risk trajectory but threats remain

Video June 15, 2017 The risks of doing business in Europe have been top of mind. However, with strong economic growth and CETA on the horizon, there is reason for optimism.

Global progressive trade from EU

EU Trade Commissioner: Open to progressive trade with the world

Blog April 03, 2017 International trade is more than just a race to the bottom line. Learn more about progressive trade policy and exporting values from the EU Trade Commissioner.

Export insights from Budget 2017

Budget 2017: What exporters need to know

Blog March 27, 2017 Learn more about what Budget 2017 has to offer for entrepreneurs, including $8.2 billion towards innovation and skills development over five years.

Immigration export potential

Immigrants strengthen Canada's trade and export potential

Blog February 17, 2017 A study by the Conference Board of Canada found that SMEs owned by recent immigrants are more likely to export and are the fastest-growing SMEs in the market.

Chile Energy Sector EDC Feature

What Canadian companies need to know about Chile's energy sector

Blog February 03, 2017 Learn more about opportunities for Canadian companies in Chile's energy sector, and how the country has been hailed as an "electricity pioneer".

Top 10 global risks

Top 10 global risks facing Canadian companies

Article October 24, 2016 Learn the top 10 risks, in order of importance, that you need to think about when doing business abroad.

Global Risk and International Business

Global risk and international business: From Brexit to debt bombs

Article October 24, 2016 Two EDC experts explore the top economic, regulatory and financial risks facing Canadian exporters, from Brexit to the Japan debt crisis and more.

Global export strategy

Is pursuing a global export strategy worth the risk?

Blog October 24, 2016 Exporters typically have twice the revenues of non-exporters. Learn the benefits of exporting, some common fears, and resources to get started.

Doing Business in Southeast Asia

Doing Business in Southeast Asia

Guide September 12, 2016 This comprehensive guide helps you explore exporting and direct investment opportunities in the ten fast-growing markets of Southeast Asia.

Doing Business in Panama

Doing business in Panama

Guide Learns more about Panama’s export opportunities, risks, trade agreement with Canada and how to break into the market in this detailed market guide.

Frontier market risk and opportunity

Peru, Colombia and Thailand: discover risks and opportunities in three frontier markets

Article August 29, 2016 Discover the risks and opportunities of three high-potential, frontier markets.

Assessing Frontier BRICS Markets

Thinking beyond BRICS: Assessing the top 10 ‘frontier’ markets

Blog August 29, 2016 EDC identified 10 frontier markets that carry more risk, but are growing fast. Find out where these markets are and what they have to offer.

 Foreign Exchange Risk

Managing your foreign exchange risk

Article August 29, 2016 Most exporters agree that fluctuating exchange rates can undermine profits and cash, but FX expert Normand Faubert explains how to manage the risk.

Exporting to the United States

Exporting to the United States

Guide Hone your exporting strategy with this insightful guide, which shows how the U.S. is divided into 11 markets, each with its own opportunities.

Discover New Markets

Discover new markets

Guide Find the best markets for your business with this detailed guide, as well as market entry strategies, investing, steps to export success, and more.

Doing Business in India

Doing Business in India

Guide Learn about India, one of the largest emerging markets, and how your company can navigate the opportunities and risks, including to intellectual property.

Doing Business in China

Doing Business in China

Guide This guide provides practical information and dozens of resources to help you plan and carry out your export strategy to the Chinese market.

Doing Business in Brazil

Doing business in Brazil

Guide This comprehensive guide covers all the exporting and investment basics of doing business in Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America.

Export Insights ICT Sector

How Canada's ICT sector can reach its full potential

Blog July 15, 2016 The CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) explains why "this time in Canadian business is unprecedented" for Canada's ICT sector.

Dealing with Country Risk

Dealing with country risk

Guide The OECD ranks some countries as riskier than others, but this practical guide shows you what makes up country risk, how to assess it, and how to manage it.

Oil and gas sector report

Canada's oil and gas sector: Show value, gain global opportunities

Blog June 06, 2016 EDC's Robert Hodges discusses where Canada's oil and gas sector stands. Learn how demonstrating value can lead to export succcess in a lower-price environment.

Canadian cleantech opportunities

Exploring the evolving nature of Canada's cleantech opportunity

Blog May 23, 2016 Canada has more than 775 cleantech companies, but continues to fall behind the $1 trillion global sector. EDC's Lynn Côté has advice for the cleantech industry.