EDC presents the second annual Cleantech Export Week November 5 to 9. Along with our partners in the cleantech ecosystem we want to engage in a national conversation about the world of opportunities open to Canadian cleantech companies willing to tap into demand outside our borders.

During the week, we’ll share the experiences of companies who have already found success in the international cleantech market and showcase financial and strategic supports and resources offered to export-ready companies by EDC, our partners and across the Government of Canada.

Canada Cleantech Advantage

Cleantech: A sector of unlimited promise

Blog December 05, 2018 In Canada, there are roughly 850 cleantech companies, 13 of which made the 2018 Global Cleantech 100 List.

P&P Optica 2018 Cleantech One to watch

P&P Optica: Cleantech’s “One to Watch”

Article November 06, 2018 EDC began working with P&P Optica in early 2018 and invested $1 million in the company to help it develop and launch its Smart Imaging System in Canada and the United States.

Pyrowave 2018 Cleantech one to watch

Pyrowave: Cleantech’s “One to Watch”

Article November 06, 2018 Plastics recycling technology that has the potential to upend the economics and environmental impact of the multi-billion dollar global market for post-consumer recycled plastics.

Hortau 2018 cleantech export star

Hortau: Cleantech’s 2018 export star

Article November 06, 2018 EDC has been working with Hortau to help export smart irrigation systems since the company started looking at selling to the United States.

Celebrating Cleantech

It’s time to celebrate Canada’s active cleantech industry

Article November 06, 2018 At EDC, we’re excited to celebrate the success of Canada’s cleantech leaders.

Westport fuel systems 2018 cleantech export star

Westport Fuel Systems: Cleantech’s 2018 export star

Article November 06, 2018 Westport Fuel Systems’ roots trace back to early public concern about urban smog and air quality issues in the 1970s.

Farmer’s Edge 2018 Cleantech Export Star

Farmer’s Edge: Cleantech’s 2018 export star

Article November 06, 2018 Farmers Edge is one of a small clutch of companies at the leading edge of what some people are calling the second agricultural revolution

Cleantech windmills

Clean up with cleantech exports

Webinar The global cleantech industry is expected to grow to $2.5 trillion by 2022. The time for Canadian companies to seize these opportunities is now. Here’s how.

Seizing cleantech opportunities

Seizing the opportunities cleantech offers

Blog May 11, 2018 Canada’s cleantech sector is brimming with potential and it’s on the right path.

Sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Top 5 sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Blog April 20, 2018 EDC’s Chief Representative for Greater China, Chia Wan Liew, helps Canadian businesses sell to China.


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