From niceties to negotiations, navigating cultural intelligence on the global stage can be a challenge. Should you shake hands? Bow? Exchange gifts? Understanding the subtleties of business culture can make or break deals in new and unknown markets.

If you need to know which business practices are customary in the markets you’re targeting, or even if they’re legal under Canadian law, don’t miss our upcoming webinar, Cultural Diversity: Understanding International Business Etiquette.

Cultural Diversity: Understanding International Business Etiquette explores business culture through the lens of Canadian business practices and law.

Join our expert panel and learn:

  • How to negotiate and communicate with business people abroad 
  • The intricacies of business gift-giving policies
  • When to enlist a cultural advisor or translator 
  • Where to start your cultural research before embarking on global deals

Make sure you have the cultural intelligence to build strong relationships with customers abroad. Register now.

Our panel