Welcome to India: A land of unlimited export opportunity

With a population of over 1.3 billion and a rapidly rising middle class, doing business in India offers an untapped well of opportunity for Canadian exporters.

From agriculture to telecommunications and cleantech, small and medium enterprises are finding lucrative new markets for goods and services throughout the country. For exporters, the biggest question when diversifying to India is, “Where do I start?”

Our upcoming webinar, India: Where Your Sales Go to Grow, will help you spread your wings in the Indian subcontinent, and capitalize on business opportunity in India. You’ll get first-hand insight from trade experts, and a chance to ask specific questions during an interactive Q+A session.

Watch on demand and learn:

  • About the fastest growing sectors of the Indian market
  • How to navigate business opportunities in India, and the country’s relationship-driven business culture
  • How to capitalize on the rapid growth of India’s middle class
  • The importance of a sector-specific or region-specific market entry strategy

Watch on demand to learn how to make the most of India’s booming export opportunities.

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