For Canadian businesses in the mining industry, finding out exactly what international buyers are looking for can be a challenge—and a lack of knowledge can result in missed opportunities and lost sales. 

A thorough grasp of what buyers are prioritizing and what it takes to succeed in new markets is an essential step on the path to success for Canadian sellers. The first episode in our special three-part webinar series, Mining for Success: Connecting with Codelco, will feature interviews with top executives at Chilean mining company, Codelco. Their expert insights will shed light on exactly what your company will need to engage in business with Codelco and others in the Chilean mining sector.

Watch to learn:

  • How developing business in Chile differs from other markets
  • What kind of materials, goods and services Codelco buys from Canada
  • How to attract and develop Codelco’s interest in your company and brands
  • How doing business with Codelco differs from doing business with other major mining companies
  • Business strategies that you can use to be successful with Codelco

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