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Risk Mitigation

Your customer wants to borrow against their receivables, but you are concerned about the risk. EDC Credit Insurance allows you to include those receivables in their borrowing base or operating line because 90% of their losses are covered against a variety of commercial and political risks.

COVID-19 update

We understand that getting liquidity to Canadian businesses is critical right now. Effective immediately, we are enhancing our suite of solutions for new and existing clients and supporting our financial institution partners in implementing these changes. By working together, we can minimize the impacts that this crisis is having on Canadians.

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EDC Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) Guarantee

Your customers need access to credit to overcome the financial challenges of COVID-19. You want to provide solutions, but what about the risks of non-payment? EDC can help share the risk with our new EDC BCAP Guarantee. This is a flexible, risk-sharing guarantee designed to give you the comfort you need to provide your customers with access to credit to cover their payroll and operational costs during the pandemic.

Account Performance Security Guarantee

Your customer has bonding requirements in the form of standby letters of credit or letters of guarantee, but doesn’t want its cash reserve or credit line to be impacted by the collateral required to cover your risks. Our Account Performance Security Guarantee provides a 100% irrevocable and unconditional guarantee if the bonds are called, helping you meet your customers’ needs without squeezing their operating lines.

Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

Your customer wants to hedge foreign exchange risk, but doesn’t have the collateral you require to set up a foreign exchange facility. Our Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee provides a 100% irrevocable and unconditional guarantee of the collateral security amount required for the settlement risk, helping you meet your customer’s needs without squeezing their operating line.

Export Guarantee Program

Your customer needs more financing, and you need to know your risks are covered. Our Export Guarantee Program is a flexible, senior-secured, risk-sharing guarantee that can give you the comfort you need to provide the additional financing they require.

EDC Advance Payment Insurance (CapEx)

Your customers are often asked to pay international and Canadian suppliers up front for capital and quasi-capital goods. You may be asked to provide a loan to cover those advance payments. If your customer insures those payments with EDC Advance Payment Insurance (CapEx), you have the extra comfort of knowing that 90% of those early payments are insured against a variety of commercial and political risks. You can also request that your customer asks EDC to implement a direction to pay that would allow your financial institution to receive claim payments directly from EDC.

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