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Terramera 2021 EDC Cleantech Export Star

Clean food: natural chemistries replace harmful synthetic pesticides

Blog October 22, 2021 Learn about Terramera’s cleantech innovations and how EDC helps the company manage risk.

female farmer with tablet in wheat field

Sustainable agriculture production key for Canada

Report May 31, 2021 Canada’s exports perform remarkably well as global, domestic food demand increases

Human hand holds soybeans in field.

Plant-based proteins: A growth industry in Canada’s backyard

Blog May 20, 2021 Canadian plant-based protein industry is in a prime position to dominate the global market.

Woman in greenhouse with tablet

Feeding a world hungry for Canada

Blog February 16, 2021 EDC and FCC are committed to working together to support the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Tractor in a field

Export to multiple markets and protect against risk: FCC Trade Report

Article December 09, 2020 FCC Releases their Trade Report outlining export diversification opportunities.

Organic farmers grow seedlings

Canada’s organic sector just keeps growing

Blog December 01, 2020 The more farmers who convert to organic, the more benefit there'll be for our agricultural landscape.

Silhouette of farmer in golden wheat field.

The organic food market in Canada and its global influence

Report November 27, 2020 Demand for organic products is growing as people become more health-conscious, incomes rise, and retail distribution expands.

Field of wheat against a blue sky

Silver linings in a global pandemic: Canada’s agri-food yields strong growth despite trade disruptions

Blog October 14, 2020 Farm Credit Canada’s Craig Klemmer highlights key opportunities for agriculture during COVID-19

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and the demand for food

Weekly Commentary August 20, 2020 Food producers, like all other industries, have been hugely affected.

People rushing through an airport

Demand for Canadian exports drops with virus outbreak

Blog February 10, 2020 Economists are tracking what impact coronavirus will have on global trade.


Special delivery: Canadian SME uses nanotechnology to help boost crop yields

Blog November 04, 2019 CEO for Export Development Canada’s “One to Watch” cleantech company shares lessons on launching a new product to scale your business.


Outstanding in the field: how technology can help feed the world’s growing population

Blog November 04, 2019 Semios, a 2019 winner of the EDC Cleantech Export Star, shares their lessons on how they successfully deliver wireless software as a service

German market

Top sector opportunities in the German market

Blog September 13, 2019 EDC’s Chief Representative of Europe discusses top sector opportunities in the German market.

Peter Hall, EDC

Trade wars and the agriculture outlook

Weekly Commentary August 29, 2019 Is China's ban on U.S. agriculture exports a sign of more to come?

Three farmers discuss planting in a field.

Greener pastures: Canadian agriculture a bright spot for trade

Guide June 04, 2019 Check out this report highlighting Canadian agriculture trade and investment trends

Canadian agri-food industry

The support you need to grow global

Article April 17, 2019 Canadian agriculture and agri-food producers have a bounty of information resources and support organizations available to help them capitalize on export opportunities.

agribusiness in the EU

Food for thought: bringing agribusiness to the EU

Blog October 12, 2018 The EU is Canada’s fourth largest export market, we only account for 2 % of their agri-food imports. That means there’s a huge opportunity for export growth.

organic food sector

Organic foods: Hot zone in a hot sector?

Video May 03, 2018 Organic is “in”!

Sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Top 5 sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Blog April 20, 2018 EDC’s Chief Representative for Greater China, Chia Wan Liew, helps Canadian businesses sell to China.

Toronto cleantech company Vive Crop Protection

Vive Crop Protection

Article This Toronto cleantech company is protecting the fruits of its labour with credit insurance.

Gidney Fisheries on Growing Brands Globally

3 tips for growing your brand globally from Gidney Fisheries

Blog February 22, 2018 Robert MacDonald, President of Gidney Fisheries, shares 3 tips for growing your brand and selling internationally.

Valentine’s day exports

How imports and exports help create St. Valentine’s Day memories

Blog February 14, 2018 While exports like oil and aircraft may routinely grab the headlines, expect romance to take top billing on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Marine plant company Acadian Seaplants Limited

Acadian Seaplants Limited

Success Story This marine plant company is finding opportunities across the sea with a Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee.

CETA Opportunities for Canadian Food Exporters

CETA opens menu of opportunities for Canadian food exporters

Blog January 08, 2018 CETA offers significant new opportunities for virtually every sector of the Canadian economy.

Agri Food Canada Export Ranking

Agri food Canada: FCC reports no storm clouds on horizon

Article November 08, 2017 According to Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) most recent trade ranking reports on agriculture, there’s good reason to be optimistic about the future of Canada’s agri-food sectors.

Peter Hall EDC China Canada agri-food

Feeding China's growing appetite

Video November 02, 2017 When it comes to future agri-food sales to China, Canada is a top contender. We have the resources and the know-how, but are we up to it?

Peter Hall EDC Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture rocks!

Video October 05, 2017 Can Canada's agri-food sector keep up with the growing demand for first-world food, especially as emerging-world populations grow and get richer?

Floriculture industry exports

Canada’s floriculture industry looks for export growth across the U.S.

Blog October 05, 2017 Every day, thousands of greenhouse-grown plants and cut flowers are shipped to the U.S. as part of Canada’s annual $420-million in floriculture export sales.

Export insights Fuggles & Warlock Craft Works

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks: Bringing unique craft beer to Asian markets

Article October 02, 2017 Learn how Fuggles & Warlock CraftWorks stood out in a B.C.’s crowded craft beer market to bring craft beer to Asian markets.

Exporting agricultural technology

How agricultural technology will help unleash Canada's export potential

Blog September 25, 2017 By 2050, the typical farm will generate an average of 4.1 million data points every day. What does this mean for Canada’s agricultural export potential?

Export insights Canada Hemp Foods

Export insights from Canada Hemp Foods’ Robert Rae

Article August 24, 2017 Canada Hemp Foods’ CEO and President, Robert Rae, shares insights from their exporting journey, and advice for companies looking to grow through exporting.

Canada Hemp Foods EDC feature

How a small B.C. company took advantage of the “gold rush of hemp seed”

Article August 22, 2017 Canada Hemp Foods was in the right place at the right time when there was a spike in demand for hulled hemp seeds from South Korea. Read their exporting story.

Canadian Beef Exports and CETA

Canadian beef exports & CETA: The prime cuts and the red tape

Blog August 18, 2017 When CETA goes into effect on September 21, Europe will remove import tariffs on 50,000 tonnes of beef and veal. Learn what Canadian beef exporters can do to take advantage.

US export opportunities

Where in the U.S. should you export?

Article August 17, 2017 Become a smarter exporter to the U.S. by understanding the market’s 11 distinct regions.

Canada’s Dairy Industry Part of NAFTA Re-negotiation

U.S. beef with Canada’s dairy industry part of NAFTA re-negotiation

Article July 13, 2017 Canada’s dairy supply management system has been under close scrutiny by many countries. We examine how this issue will become part of NAFTA re-negotiation.

Export insights Fruit d’Or

Exporting lessons learned with Fruit d’Or

Article July 06, 2017 Martin Le Moiner, president of Fruit d’Or, talks about the main differences between selling in Canada and selling abroad. Read his insights.

Fruit d’OR EDC feature

From artisanal production to an agrifood business: Exporting bears fruit

Article July 04, 2017 Learn how Quebec company Fruit d’Or brought their berry productions to more than 50 countries.

Export Insights from Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products

Little Miss Chief: Knowing the importing rules is essential to success

Article B.C.'s Little Miss Chief discusses the importance of how knowing importing countries' rules and regulations is critical to your company's success.

Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products EDC Feature

B.C. entrepreneur introduces First Nations traditions globally

Article A recipe passed down from generation to generation, Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products introduced traditional First Nations gourmet salmon to the world.

Export Insights Riz Global Foods

Riz Global Foods: Understanding cultures is a key to export success

Article March 01, 2017 Riz Global Foods explains how knowing the culture, as well as rules and regulations, of international markets, is critical when facilitating new export business.

Riz Global Foods EDC Feature

Riz Global Foods finds success in the Middle East

Article February 28, 2017 Riz Global Foods began exporting beef, but saw an opportunity to expand their products and found export success in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Attending to customers needs: Be where they are

Attending to customers needs: Be where they are

Article August 15, 2016 Investing in operations abroad can have key benefits for growth. Acadian Seaplants exports to 80 markets around the world and has employees in 11 countries.