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Peter Hall, EDC

The COVID-19 car craze

Weekly Commentary November 25, 2021 The big auto appetite is starved for supply

An airplane is taking off from the airport runway.

The Brexit impact: Navigating the journey ahead

Webinar Discover how to navigate your business through the challenges and opportunities of the post-Brexit era.

Peter Hall, EDC

Vehicle demand is hot

Weekly Commentary March 11, 2021 Supply chain disruptions major headache for auto producers


Powered by passion, Quebec firm designs electrical system to reduce emissions

Blog November 04, 2019 Effenco, a 2019 winner of the EDC Cleantech Export Star, achieves global success in the energy sector with revolutionary technology

German market

Top sector opportunities in the German market

Blog September 13, 2019 EDC’s Chief Representative of Europe discusses top sector opportunities in the German market.

London automotive

London Automotive & Manufacturing Ltd: Tooling Up to be a Strategic Sourcing Partner

Success Story Loan guarantees from EDC helped this auto parts maker purchase the tooling it needed to fill a massive order from General Motors

Tillsonburg manufacturer Marwood Metal Fabrication

Marwood Metal Fabrication

Article This Tillsonburg manufacturer went from a domestic to a global company in five years with EDC’s help.

Peter Hall EDC: Auto Sector and Vehicle Sales

Vehicle sales: On auto pilot?

Video April 26, 2018 Will sales be up, down or sideways?

Read about a day in the life of one of EDC’s Sector Advisors.

How an EDC Sector Advisor helps automotive businesses grow

Blog December 04, 2017 Read about a day in the life of one of EDC’s Sector Advisors.

Exporting in Canada’s automotive industry

Canada's automotive industry: A history in exporting

Blog June 28, 2017 Today, Canada’s automotive industry represents 16.5 per cent of our total exports. Take a look at it’s history in exporting.

Canada - u.s. trade for automotive sector

Canada-U.S. trade still a driver for automotive sector

Article March 09, 2017 See how the heavily integrated supply chain between the Canada-U.S. automotive industries benefit both sides of the border.

Future of Canadian Auto Sector

Technology and innovation, the future of the Canadian auto sector

Article March 01, 2017 From cars that use alternative fuels to cars that drive themselves, find out how Canadian companies are on the forefront of global automotive technology.

Phantom Intelligence EDC Feature

Phantom Intelligence's technology leads to auto innovation globally

Article June 22, 2016 Phantom Intelligence developed an innovative collision-warning sensor through laser technology and have a vision that one day, all vehicles will have it.