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Male warehouse worker carries goods for shipping

Tracking the strengths, weaknesses in Canada’s goods exports

Report January 07, 2022 EDC Economics analyzed 15 sectors, 96 sub-sectors to find out where Canada has more of an edge.

Des camions et conteneurs dans une installation portuaire

Effenco: Cleaning up in the heavy-duty world

Success Story Cleantech company Effenco poised to take growing chunk of $200-billion vocational vehicle market.

Xebec’s PSA H-Series removes these contaminants in the adsorber bed at feed pressure

Xebec Adsorption helps the world transition to a low-carbon future

Success Story Xebec Adsorption helps the world transition to a low-carbon future

Mysa Smart Thermostats

Mysa Smart Thermostats: innovation for electric heating and cooling

Blog October 22, 2021 Learn about Mysa’s innovative products and how EDC helped the company go to market and export.

Peter Hall, EDC

The robots are coming!

Weekly Commentary August 26, 2021 Mechanization is an answer to a lot of the economy’s structural puzzles

Five executives meet to discuss business.

Advisory boards: Effective tool for growing your business

Blog August 16, 2021 Advisory boards are made up of experts, who offer insights and knowledge to help grow your business.

Two women engaged in meeting – one with raised hand.

Federal partners work to rally Canada's recovery

Blog August 13, 2021 New initiative focuses on furthering the growth of Canadian companies in high-potential export sectors

Peter Hall, EDC

Exports as a global recovery gauge

Weekly Commentary August 05, 2021 In the trade Olympics, who gets gold?

Scientist squeezing a dropper of cannabis oil into a bottle surrounded by marijuana plants

High hopes for medical cannabis market in Canada

Report July 22, 2021 Prospects for future growth are good for Canadian producers willing to expand to global markets.

Peter Hall, EDC

To immunity and beyond!

Weekly Commentary June 30, 2021 New economic forecast paints rosy picture of global growth

Construction worker oversees the pouring of concrete on a large-scale project.

Land of opportunity: U.S. shortages pave way for Canadian exports

Article June 23, 2021 Former U.S ambassador, Bruce Heyman highlights opportunities in his nation for Canadian exporters

Chilled glass of ice wine with vineyard in background.

Canada’s ice wine industry: Grape expectations for global growth

Report June 17, 2021 Thanks to our cold winters, Canada is a top producer and exporter of ice wine

Two female Asian entrepreneurs pack boxes intended for customers

Long road to recovery: Key trends in Canada’s goods export trade

Blog May 04, 2021 Top 10 interesting facts by EDC Economics on Canada’s goods export trade over the past 15 years.

Customer tapping credit card to pay for flowers.

Payments on the go–any time, anywhere

Article April 21, 2021 Canadian tech company offers devices and software to make mobile payments any time, anywhere.

Three engineers working on new software for a car

Understanding your intellectual property

Blog April 16, 2021 Five things Canadian companies need to know about their creative assets

Mature female exporter prepares to ship goods

Canada’s goods exports and COVID-19

Report March 12, 2021 Despite a decline of $74 billion in 2020, commercial goods exports have recovered at record speed

Women holding pen in warehouse while smiling.

International Women’s Day – now as much as ever

Blog March 04, 2021 On International Women’s Day, EDC reaffirms its commitment to helping women overcome barriers.

Woman in greenhouse with tablet

Feeding a world hungry for Canada

Blog February 16, 2021 EDC and FCC are committed to working together to support the agriculture and agri-food sector.

A warehouse supervisor checks his inventory on his tablet.

Rewards & risks of export payment terms

Blog December 18, 2020 EDC’s Emiliano Introcaso and Ryan Oxley outline the rewards and risks of export payment terms.

Tractor in a field

Export to multiple markets and protect against risk: FCC Trade Report

Article December 09, 2020 FCC Releases their Trade Report outlining export diversification opportunities.

Silhouette of farmer in golden wheat field.

The organic food market in Canada and its global influence

Report November 27, 2020 Demand for organic products is growing as people become more health-conscious, incomes rise, and retail distribution expands.

A package is being delivered to a customer.

Getting your e-commerce store ship-shape

Blog November 10, 2020 A step-by-step guide to adding shipping processes to your online sales, easily and affordably.

Smart cleantech irrigation systems aid cannabis cultivators

Canada’s cleantech future looks bright

Guide October 30, 2020 With a global market projected to exceed $3.3 trillion in 2022, Canada’s innovative cleantech companies must look abroad for opportunities to reach their potential

Variety of foods in takeout boxes

With rising takeout sales, demand for Gallimore food containers spikes

Article October 20, 2020 Maker of compostable takeout containers turns to EDC to help meet demand during COVID-19.

Field of wheat against a blue sky

Silver linings in a global pandemic: Canada’s agri-food yields strong growth despite trade disruptions

Blog October 14, 2020 Farm Credit Canada’s Craig Klemmer highlights key opportunities for agriculture during COVID-19

An example of a product created by Good Natured.

Packaging company grows, despite COVID-19, with bank and EDC help

Article September 30, 2020 Read how the EDC BCAP Guarantee helped Good Natured Products get financing.

Man bungee jumping from the top of a cliff over a river

Digital trade: Harnessing technology, data and AI in our post-pandemic economy

Report September 14, 2020 This EDC Global Trade report outlines the digital impacts on the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Three entrepreneurs gather excitedly around a laptop to see their new online store.

Selling online has never been easier...or more necessary

Blog September 08, 2020 COVID-19 has closed the doors of many retail stores, but it opened a huge window to online opportunities

Farmer in soybean field.

COVID-19: Canada’s agri-food sector yields strong results despite pandemic

Report August 20, 2020 Canada’s agriculture exports have been remarkably resilient during the COVID-19 crisis. Read this EDC Economics overview for a snapshot of this vital Canadian sector.

Multicoloured 3D map

Digitizing the world: Ecopia maps its way to success

Article August 18, 2020 Ecopia is a Toronto-based tech company that uses artificial intelligence to make maps of the world.

Woman paddling looking out on the water

Nova Craft Canoe: The path of the paddle

Success Story From a backyard start-up to a Canadian export success story, Nova Craft Canoe shares Canadian values and culture with the world.

Worker moves stack of boxes on a hand dolly

Incoterms 2020: Understanding the Group D and FOB rules

Blog August 13, 2020 EDC trade advisor Emiliano Introcaso explains four rules pertaining to the delivery of exported goods.

Big changes ahead

How COVID-19 changed everything – including change

Blog July 27, 2020 COVID-19 evolved how entrepreneurs and executives think of change

Woman jumping in the air with an umbrella over her head

Empowering women in trade

Article July 10, 2020 We need to change mindsets and put the proper framework in place to help more women entrepreneurs take on the world.

SnapCab’s modular, enclosed pods being used in an open workspace environment for privacy and noise reduction.

SnapCab works to create a safe place during the COVID-19 pandemic

Article June 15, 2020 Stepping up to support frontline workers

Beautiful potted orchids and other plants on a console table

Up-front payment worries eased for Canadian pottery supplier

Article June 05, 2020 To avoid losing pre-payments for new machinery, this pottery company decided to insure them.

Eight service exporters of all ages, demographics work in office

Selling your services to the world

Guide March 11, 2020 The untapped potential to grow Canada’s commercial service export sector

Beautiful aerial view of Rotterdam, Netherlands skyline

Entering Europe through the Netherlands: An e-commerce haven

Blog February 26, 2020 The Netherlands is a growing e-commerce hub for Canadian exporters.

Sample video of REAL by FAKE’s work

REAL by FAKE: Planting a flag in Hollywood

Success Story This Montreal-based visual effects and post-production outfit got EDC support to acquire a company closer to their customers

A hand holding a lens up to the horizon

Debunking 6 exporting myths

Article February 07, 2020 Six myths that might be preventing you from exporting beyond Canada

a woman snowboarding on a mountain

Exporting the best of Canada’s cold winters

Blog January 28, 2020 Canadians have made a name for themselves on the world stage when it comes to winter.

athletes in a race

4 tools to help size up your global competition

Blog December 06, 2019 The innovation imperative

Canadian brewers sell outside of Canada

Tap into new markets: 6 tips for Canadian brewers looking to sell outside of Canada

Blog November 15, 2019 6 tips for Canadian brewers looking to sell outside of Canada from a beer blogger and EDC Trade Advisor.

blurry photo of green nature

It isn’t easy being green: Tips to build your cleantech company

Blog November 08, 2019 Read these tips to start or continue building your own cleantech company.

CSR strategy

7 tips to build your own CSR strategy

Article November 01, 2019 Corporate social responsibility isn’t just about risk management.


How corporate social responsibility strengthens your brand

Blog October 11, 2019 Doing good can be very good for your bottom line.


Trade show strategy: Before, during and after

Article October 03, 2019 Trade shows can be an important part of your business strategy.

Peter Hall, EDC

Today’s data agency: You!

Weekly Commentary August 22, 2019 You may not know it, but you are a data agency

Slow-motion photo of three cyclists competing in a race

Edging out the competition in global markets

Blog August 13, 2019 International markets can be fiercely competitive. Find out how to edge out the competition.

Performer with Cirque du Soleil

Exporting culture: Why it’s important to Canada

Blog July 29, 2019 Culture breaks down barriers and is a highly exportable service.

Titan Environmental

Titan Environmental Containment: Minimizing environmental impact while growing globally

Success Story After accessing EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance, the environmental company saw sales grow by 60% and now exports to every continent

How energy geeks tackled the US market

Geeking out: How one cleantech company tackled the U.S. market

Blog April 23, 2019 When a Fortune 250 company in the United States acquired our home-grown Canadian company in 2014, we knew we’d made it in the solar energy industry.

Handling Specialty

Handling Specialty: From humble beginnings to international contracts

Success Story This material handling company started out in a garage, but used EDC’s credit insurance and Business Connection Program to support its international growth and is now worth $35 million.

Digital marketing tips

Working the web: How to master your online presence

Blog April 04, 2019 For those of you who recognize that your online efforts might not be as stellar as they should be, you’re not alone. By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know exactly what steps to take.

There is a world map on a coffee table. Someone is pointing to North America on the map.

Top 3 ranked emerging markets by region

Article March 20, 2019 A positive outlook for the next 6 months

Trade show marketing strategy

Got SaaS? Tips for using trade shows to market your business and get customers

Blog February 25, 2019 One of the best things about going to trade shows is seeing what your competitors are up to.

Immigrant employees

Multicultural workforce creates exporting edge

Article January 23, 2019 If you hire employees who are originally from other countries, you’re more likely to export to those markets. Here are some other benefits for hiring new or well-travelled Canadians.

Averna Solutions


Success Story This technology company attributes 85 per cent of its sales to exports, and EDC has been there to support and maintain its international growth.

How digital tech is driving change

All aboard! How digital tech is driving change

Blog December 19, 2018 Businesses need to embrace digital technologies or risk falling behind.

Pyrowave 2018 Cleantech one to watch

Pyrowave: Cleantech’s “One to Watch”

Article November 06, 2018 Plastics recycling technology that has the potential to upend the economics and environmental impact of the multi-billion dollar global market for post-consumer recycled plastics.

CUSMA de minimis

Do your duty: Higher de minimis requires more creative sales plans

Blog October 17, 2018 The proposed CUSMA will give exporters access to over 400 million customers in the U.S. and Mexico.

Innovation helps you compete globally

How developing innovative capabilities helps you compete globally

Article October 15, 2018 Continual innovation keeps you a step ahead of the global competition by responding quickly to customer needs.

defending your brand at premium price

Getting to China: defending your brand at a premium price

Blog September 25, 2018 Position your product to defend a top value brand and price in China, a price-competitive market.

evaluating your product offer

Getting to China: evaluating your product offer

Blog September 11, 2018 With growth of Chinese companies, the rules of the game have changed.

Building networks to boost business

Boost your international business by building a strategic network

Video August 28, 2018 A great network is essential to grow globally. Get expert advice on who you need in your network, and how to do it.

scale and go global

Tackling complicated scaling challenges with simple solutions

Blog August 24, 2018 The tech industry is expected to create 182,000 new jobs…now all we need is the talent to fill those positions.

global manufacturing

5 tips to succeed in global manufacturing

Blog August 22, 2018 Tips from Charlottetown Metal Products for Canadian manufacturers looking to compete globally.

Importance of market research

Homing in on Markets With Research

Article August 21, 2018 Research is crucial to international success and two SMEs share their experiences on how this helped them break into new markets.

Building an international network

Building a network: Key considerations

Article August 20, 2018 Developing an international network is essential for global success. But where do you start?

Identify target market

8 methods to identify your target market

Article August 16, 2018 Developing a strategic research approach is a good starting point to help you pick the right target market.

Gain a global avantage concurrentiel

How innovation can help you gain a competitive edge

Article August 16, 2018 Whether making sustaining improvements or creating something entirely new to disrupt, innovation can help you emerge as a market leader.

International network essential for business

Connections: Why an international network is essential

Article August 15, 2018 The most successful companies in global trade have strong networks and know how to leverage them.

Integrating innovation into a business growth strategy

Integrating innovation into growth strategy offers competitive edge

Video August 10, 2018 Ottawa bio-tech company Spartan Bioscience put innovation at the forefront of its business growth strategy to be a globally-competitive firm.

What employees want: finding skilled talent

What employees want: How to compete for talent

Article August 09, 2018 Canadian firms must be competitive employers if they want to recruit and retain employees to go international.

New export market research

Research key to going international

Article August 06, 2018 Research is key to understanding potential new export market dynamics and ensure that you are creating value for your customers.

Talent management strategies

5 talent management strategies to help you compete globally

Video August 01, 2018 Find out why accessing people with the right skills to implement your growth strategy is essential to building a global business.

Developing innovative capabilities

Why developing innovative capabilities can make you more competitive

Article July 31, 2018 Innovative companies put customers at the centre of business strategy, working to create improved products and services to stay ahead of the competition.

making your company innovative

How changing the business environment can make your company more innovative

Article July 27, 2018 Innovation is a competitive advantage all businesses need these days, but it’s especially important when you’re selling outside of Canada

Stand out in an e-Commerce beauty market

Grace & Stella: 3 ways to stand out in a crowded beauty market

Blog July 25, 2018 The company topped $1.6 million in year one. Founder Adi Gullia reflects on what’s worked best.

skilled executives give global competitive advantage

4 reasons skilled executives boost global competitive advantage

Article July 24, 2018 Executives with the right skills, talents and abilities are key to being globally competitive.

Employees collaborating at a board room table to be more competitive globally

Securing the human talent to boost your global competitive advantage

eBook July 24, 2018 This guide highlights how you can recruit top talent to help you compete internationally.

Chess pieces demonstrate there are many players when you're a business person selling internationally.

Developing a global competitive advantage through international networks

eBook July 24, 2018 Finding new customers, intermediaries, partners and international opportunities hinges on successful global networking.

 An ornamental building in Asia: Knowledge about international markets prepares you for the competition.

Know your Iinternational market: Building your competitive advantage abroad

eBook July 24, 2018 Find out how research into new markets will give you an edge over the competition.

expanding or acquiring a company internationally

Expanding or acquiring a company internationally? 3 conditions for success

Blog June 19, 2018 Is your business ready to expand internationally? Read our 3 conditions for success.

Canada champions progressive trade agenda

Canada champions progressive trade agenda at WTO conference

Blog June 18, 2018 Canada’s ambassador to the WTO says gender, small business and e-commerce were high on the agenda of the WTO conference in Buenos Aires.

Top performing businesses

Top performing businesses: who they are and how they play

Blog June 15, 2018 4% of all SMEs are considered high performers. What sets these highly competitive businesses apart?

Exporting tips from Rebels Refinery

Rebels Refinery: Exporting tips from a globally successful skincare company

Blog May 23, 2018 From Dragon’s Den to a $10 million company, four tips that helped Rebels Refinery become an international success.

Women entrepreneurs connect globally with GroYourBiz

GroYourBiz: Women entrepreneurs connect, share and grow globally

Blog May 14, 2018 Peer-to-peer business collaboration is a proven concept. This B.C.-based firm is helping make that happen globally for business women.

website tips to break into new market

3 website tips to help you break into a new market

Blog May 07, 2018 Read three tips to help you make the most of your website while breaking into a new market.

Global competitive advantage success pillars

Defining your global competitive advantage: Four pillars of success

Blog May 04, 2018 Being competitive is the top challenge Canadian companies face when going global today.

Using consultants in talent pool

5 ways to successfully integrate consultants into your talent pool

Blog May 01, 2018 Freelancers and consultants can help you boost your competitive advantage, but you must integrate and manage them efficiently.

How accelerator organizations boost SaaS growth

How accelerator organizations boost Software-as-a-Service growth

Blog April 30, 2018 Jamie Keeley of L-SPARK, explains how accelerator organizations help ignite growth for SaaS businesses.

Gig workers boost competitive advantage

5 ways gig workers can boost your competitive advantage

Blog April 27, 2018 Adding freelancers and consultants (gig workers) to your talent pool can keep your international business growth strategy on track and keep you ahead of the competition.

Build your international network

5 steps to build your international network

Blog April 24, 2018 You need a strategy when it comes to networking internationally. Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

successful change management tips for a growing organization

3 tips for successful change management in a growing organization

Blog April 11, 2018 EDC’s Mairead Lavery shares 3 tips for change management success.

Web and social trends of your international audience

Where are they? Web and social trends of your international audience

Blog April 10, 2018 An international SEO specialist shares 4 web and social media trends for your international audience.

canadian maple syrup exports

The future looks sweet for Canadian maple syrup exports

Blog April 05, 2018 Canadian maple syrup: barrel for barrel, it’s more valuable than crude oil, has proven health benefits and, most important of all, it tastes delicious.

Digital trends in Canada 2018

5 digital trends Canadian businesses should prepare for in 2018

Blog March 20, 2018 Watch out for these 5 trends shaping the digital landscape in 2018.

Cleantech Companies in disruptive technology

Growing cleantech companies in the age of disruptive technology

Blog March 12, 2018 EDC’s cleantech lead, challenges Canada’s cleantech exporters to harness the disruption so prevalent in the sector.

Gidney Fisheries on Growing Brands Globally

3 tips for growing your brand globally from Gidney Fisheries

Blog February 22, 2018 Robert MacDonald, President of Gidney Fisheries, shares 3 tips for growing your brand and selling internationally.

Pyeongchang hosts Canadian trade and Olympic athletes

Pyeongchang hosts Canadian trade as well as the 2018 Winter Games

Blog February 12, 2018 Canada, we are a country built on winter. This year, Pyeongchang, South Korea hosts the 2018 Winter Games and our Olympic athletes

How to Sell Internationally on eBay

Entrepreneurs use eBay to boost international sales

Blog January 23, 2018 Learn how two of eBay’s Entrepreneur of the Year award winners sell on eBay.

Take on Your International Competition

How to take on your international competition: Webinar recap

Article December 13, 2017 Learn how pricing, networks and credit terms can help you compete in international markets.

Canadian Clean Technology

A call to action on Canadian clean technology

Blog November 27, 2017 Celebrate Canada’s ingenuity and entrepreneurship in clean technology.

The e-Commerce Opportunity for Exporters

A site for more eyes: The e-commerce opportunity for exporters

Video November 19, 2017 Shopify’s Brennan Loh explores the pros and cons of setting up an e-commerce site to attract new international customers

Offer flexible payment terms

Offering flexible payment terms? Credit insurance can help

Article November 13, 2017 Knowing the pros and cons of these four common payment terms can help you decide when to offer each one.

Different payment terms

The pros and cons of different payment terms

Article November 13, 2017 Knowing the pros and cons of these four common payment terms can help you decide when to offer each one.

B.C.-based e-commerce furniture manufacturing company Prepac

A jump to e-commerce for manufacturers

Article November 10, 2017 E-commerce helped this just-in-time furniture company keep its manufacturing in Canada.

Online retail websites that can help you find new customers internationally

Interested in e-commerce?

eBook November 09, 2017 Discover how to use online platforms to expand your international business.

Fresche Solutions EDC Feature

Fresche Solutions: Integrating new markets requires patience

Article November 07, 2017 Fresche Solutions knows exporting is critical: 98 per cent of its sales coming from exports, with the U.S. representing nearly 40 per cent of its market.

Flexible Payment Terms

Need a competitive edge? Consider flexible payment terms

Article November 06, 2017 Offering credit can make you more competitive to your customers, but you need to make sure you’re not taking on too much risk.

Overcoming Challenges Facing ICT

Overcoming information and communication technology challenges

Article October 25, 2017 Discover how two gaming companies overcame traditional challenges facing ICT companies.

Adtrackmedia EDC Feature

Adtrackmedia transforms metro subway tunnels in international markets

Article October 17, 2017 Adtrackmedia saw an opportunity in a niche market: taking blank tunnel walls of subway systems and display advertising. Read about their export success here.

Cleantech Canada Global Market Share

How can Cleantech Canada compete for growing global market share?

Blog October 17, 2017 One of the biggest challenges faced by Canada’s cleantech companies is getting the financing to scale up to global markets. Learn how EDC helps them overcome that challenge.

Canadian Tech Companies

Canadian tech companies growing to the next level with talent

Article September 29, 2017 Small Canadian tech companies are facing challenges scaling their company.

Export insights Fusebill

Fusebill finds its niche as a fintech exporter

Article September 07, 2017 Tyler Eyamie, CEO of Fusebill, a leading fintech company, shares their exporting story and insights for small and medium-sized businesses looking to export.

Storytelling in Marketing: How to Increase Customer Engagement

Storytelling in marketing: How to increase customer engagement

Blog September 05, 2017 Storytelling can be one of the most important and powerful tools you can use to sell online.

Create unique sales proposition

How to create and use a powerful unique sales proposition

Article September 04, 2017 To be competitive, you need to determine what makes you unique, train your people to sell it and then prove it.

Digital skills in the ICT sector

Solving the digital skills puzzle in the ICT sector

Article September 01, 2017 Canada has a decision to make on whether it wants lead or follow in the race for global ICT talent.

Research will set you apart from the competition

Research will set you apart from the competition

Video August 29, 2017 Get answers to important questions about key competitors to build your unique selling proposition.

Unique Selling Proposition

Competitive advantage: Defining your unique selling proposition for new markets

Video August 25, 2017 A Unique Sales Proposition is a summary of what makes your company different and sets you apart from the competition.

Trade show preparation

Trade show preparation: 5 ways you can stand out

Blog August 23, 2017 Learn 5 ways you can stand out from your trade show competition before you go.

Bridgit EDC feature

Kitchener’s Bridgit constructs global success with innovative app

Article August 17, 2017 Construction software company Bridgit set their sights on the U.S., and today they’re app is used in four key American markets. Read their exporting story.

Ecommerce for business

E-commerce for business: A platform primer

Article August 14, 2017 A look at the pros and cons of three different e-commerce platforms.

Why Exporters Do Better

7 reasons why exporters do better

Blog August 10, 2017 Sticking to home turn may not be as wise a growth strategy as you think. Here are 7 reasons why exporters are more successful

Export insights D-Wave systems

B.C.'s D-Wave Systems: Exporting the quantum leap of computers

Article August 04, 2017 Quantum computing has the ability to revolutionize what computer systems can do. Learn how D-Wave systems took advantage of a critical export moment.

Celine Dion exporting music

How four women changed the export world for Canadian musicians

Blog July 26, 2017 The four best-selling Canadian musicians of all time, both at home and in export markets, are women. Read how they’ve changed the export world.

The e-Commerce Opportunity for Exporters

A site for more eyes: The e-commerce opportunity for exporters

Blog July 19, 2017 Shopify’s Brennan Loh explores the pros and cons of setting up an e-commerce site to attract new international customers.

Exporting Canadian music

How digital technology and exporting have changed Canadian music

Blog July 18, 2017 The rise of music streaming has globalized the marketplace and Canada is exporting more music today than ever before. Here’s why.

Export insights Mycodev Group

Export insights from a 2017 Governor General’s Innovation Award Winner

Article July 12, 2017 David Brown, founder of Mycodev Group, share his best lesson learned from a bad exporting experience.

Export insights Fruit d’Or

Exporting lessons learned with Fruit d’Or

Article July 06, 2017 Martin Le Moiner, president of Fruit d’Or, talks about the main differences between selling in Canada and selling abroad. Read his insights.

Fruit d’OR EDC feature

From artisanal production to an agrifood business: Exporting bears fruit

Article July 04, 2017 Learn how Quebec company Fruit d’Or brought their berry productions to more than 50 countries.

Canadian Brand on the Global Stage

Happy 150 Canada! – The Canadian brand on the global stage #Canada150

Blog July 04, 2017 As we celebrate Canada’s 150th year, take time to think about the advantage that the Canadian brand gives to exporters

Exporting in Canada’s automotive industry

Canada's automotive industry: A history in exporting

Blog June 28, 2017 Today, Canada’s automotive industry represents 16.5 per cent of our total exports. Take a look at it’s history in exporting.

Arcana studios EDC feature

B.C.'s Arcana Studios: Exporting creativity to foreign markets

Article June 23, 2017 Founder of British Columbia based Arcana Studios shares his key to achieving global success in the creative industry. Read more to find out.

Export insights LumberMart

Customer service in the online retail world: Export insights from LumberMart

Article June 12, 2017 LumberMart’s Kimberley Witherspoon shares what she’s learned from exporting and more insights for Canadian SMEs.

LumberMart EDC feature

LumberMart: Using online sales to bolster business through exporting

Article June 09, 2017 Read how LumberMart successfully launched the e-commcerce side of their business to stay competitive in a saturated market.

The Strumbellas - Exporting arts and culture

How Canadian arts and culture opens doors for exporting

Blog June 05, 2017 From Cirque de Soleil to The Weeknd, markets are importing Canadian arts and culture. Learn more about supporting Canadian artistry abroad.

Export insights Boutique Step Up

Export insights from eBay Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Article May 30, 2017 Christine Deslaurier, owner of Step Up Boutique, shares lessons learned from her 10 year long export journey as an e-bay and brick & mortar store owner.

Boutique Step Up EDC feature

Step Up Boutique sells to 42 countries worldwide, with help from eBay

Article May 29, 2017 Find out how Step Up Boutique, a micro-multinational, has sold to 42 countries in her 10 years of business.

Canada as global tech hub

What does innovation really mean for Canada? Hear from leading innovators

Blog May 26, 2017 Leaders from Canadian tech companies including Shopify, Workbrain and Real Ventures join an iPolitics panel.

Fly Your Canadian Flag

How to fly your Canadian flag

Video May 17, 2017 Your company’s Canadian brand can increase your company’s legitimacy in the global market. Here are four ways to build it.

Export insights Krumpers Solar Blinds

Delivering excellence: Insights from Krumpers Solar Blinds

Article May 16, 2017 Krumpers Solar Blinds’ Diana Livshits discusses Canadian suppliers’ excellent reputation of delivering abroad. Learn how this can help your business.

Krumpers Solar Blinds EDC Feature

Krumpers Solar Blinds: Exporting an environmentally-friendly solution

Article May 15, 2017 Read how Krumpers Solar Blinds began exporting their environmentally-friendly solar blinds to markets across the world.

Export Insights from Silver Crystal Sports

Silver Crystal Sports: Increase exports by being more nimble

Article Jeff Silver, co-CEO of Silver Crystal Sports, discusses the importance of being nimble and agile to increase export sales.

Silver Crystal Sports EDC Feature

To grow beyond North America, Silver Crystal Sports targets Australia

Article Learn how Toronto-based company, Silver Crystal Sports, targeted the Australian market to export their product in the $12-billion sports memorabilia industry.

Export Insights from Robotiq

How Quebec company Robotiq is helping the manufacturing industry

Article Robotiq's CEO Samuel Bouchard explains how their robots are helping the manufacturers in 50 countries through automated efficiency.

Canada brand on global stage

Oh Canada, eh….Our brand on the global stage

Article May 09, 2017 Build your Canadian brand advantage by learning the six top perceptions the world holds of Canada, and how to highlight these as key selling points.

Export Insights from Schleese Saddlery

Schleese Saddlery works with its partners to find export success

Article Ontario-based company Schleese Saddlery discusses how it's important educate yourself and listening to those who know more than you when it comes to exporting.

Schleese Saddlery EDC Feature

Traditional meets innovative: How Schleese Saddlery transformed saddles

Article Have you ever wondered how saddle technology has evolved while respecting its traditional European roots? Schleese Saddlery saw its potential and pursued it.

Export Insights from RentMoola

Successfully exporting in the fintech industry: Insights from RentMoola

Article RentMoola co-founder discusses the differences between selling in Canada vs. the United States, the roadblocks they faced and how you can overcome them.

RentMoola EDC Feature

How RentMoola's fintech is making it easier to pay rent

Article Learn how RentMoola leveraged fintech to disrupt the banking industry by creating an online platform to pay rent with a debit or credit card.

The Canada Brand as Exporting Advantage

Coming of age: The Canada brand as exporting advantage

Blog April 26, 2017 One of the best competitive advantages your company may have is its Canadian brand. Here’s why you should put it to good use.

Canadian fintech companies

Canadian fintech companies need to be export-ready

Blog April 26, 2017 Michelle Peng Greenberg, senior manager for partnerships at MaRS Finance and commerce, explains why Canadian fintech companies to be export-ready.

Canadian financial institutions exports

Canada's financial institutions pave the way for global export success

Blog April 25, 2017 Canadian financial institutions received international praise following the global financial crisis. Learn more about how this expertise is a valuable export.

Flexible Payment Terms

Boost your global competitiveness with flexible payment terms

Guide Learn how you can gain a competitive edge by offering flexible payment terms to overseas buyers, while still keeping your financial risks under control.

International pricing constraints

7 international pricing constraints every exporter needs to consider

Blog April 20, 2017 Pricing products and services appropriately is critical for exporting. It's important to understand the pricing constraints your business may face abroad.

Canada's health and wellness export opportunity

Canada's health & wellness sector: a trillion-dollar export opportunity

Blog April 04, 2017 The global health and wellness market is huge. Learn how there is rising demand for Canadian products in Western Europe, China, Brazil and the Andean region.

Export Insights Bladetech Hockey

Partnerships and face time critical for Bladetech Hockey's exports

Article March 22, 2017 Bladetech Hockey's Anthony Morra explains how having trusted partnerships and face-to-face meetings are essential for successfully exporting products.

Bladetech Hockey EDC Feature

NHL players help Bladetech Hockey establish its export potential

Article March 21, 2017 Instead of using the traditional sales routes, Bladetech Hockey focused on what they call the "Holy Grail" of hockey - NHL players - to sell their products.

Export Insights AR Mining Parts

Client relationships: Critical for AR Mining Parts' export success

Article March 15, 2017 In a generally male-run industry and with English as a second language, AR Mining Parts' Alejandra Russo overcame barriers and now exports to 11 countries.

AR Mining Parts EDC Feature

Argentina-born entrepreneur mines for export success in South Africa

Article March 14, 2017 With a strong sense of business development, Argentina-born Alejandra Russo thrived in the mining and forestry industry and now exports globally.

Export Insights m0851

m0851 on the importance of creative freedom for exporters

Article March 06, 2017 Learn how wholesaling through retailers helped build up m0851's reputation at home and worldwide, while maintaining its creative freedom and brand identity.

m0851 EDC Feature

Montreal's m0851 exporting design drives global retail success

Article March 03, 2017 m0851, an apparel company based in Montreal, began exporting their creative designs from the beginning to stay competitive in international markets.

Export Insights Riz Global Foods

Riz Global Foods: Understanding cultures is a key to export success

Article March 01, 2017 Riz Global Foods explains how knowing the culture, as well as rules and regulations, of international markets, is critical when facilitating new export business.

Riz Global Foods EDC Feature

Riz Global Foods finds success in the Middle East

Article February 28, 2017 Riz Global Foods began exporting beef, but saw an opportunity to expand their products and found export success in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Export Insights MW Canada

Export advice on the evolving global textile industry from MW Canada

Article February 27, 2017 Once full of small-to-medium sized furnishing stores, the textile market has evolved. Find out how MW Canada has been nimble enough to evolve with it.

MW Canada EDC Feature

MW Canada has the right export details to be a leading global company

Article February 24, 2017 MW Canada is recognized worldwide for its ongoing development of industry-leading technologies, notably in technical textiles.

Microgrids for Canadian exporters

Microgrids: A new technology opportunity for Canadian exporters

Blog February 22, 2017 Microgrids, small-scale power grids that can operate with or without main power grids, are helping Canadian companies distinguish themselves internationally.

Immigration export potential

Immigrants strengthen Canada's trade and export potential

Blog February 17, 2017 A study by the Conference Board of Canada found that SMEs owned by recent immigrants are more likely to export and are the fastest-growing SMEs in the market.

Export Insights from ONEnergy

ONEnergy: Business moves at a faster pace in the U.S.

Article February 02, 2017 Since ONEnergy's beginning they've considered the U.S. a top priority. Learn how this innovative cleantech company adapted to this quickly changing market.

ONEnergy EDC Feature

ONEnergy tackles energy costs and finds success in the U.S.

Article February 01, 2017 Specializing in helping businesses save big on energy costs, ONEnergy is looking to opportunities south of the border to expand their company.

Blackline Safety EDC Feature

Blackline Safety educates customers in different markets

Article January 19, 2017 With growing opportunities to apply its technology, Blackline Safety is developing and manufacturing world-leading solutions for monitoring lone worker safety

Export Insights from eBay Canada

E-commerce can help you find customers at a lower cost: eBay Canada

Article January 16, 2017 eBay Canada's managing director Andrea Stairs explains the power of e-commerce, as most Canadian eBay commercial sellers export to an average of 20 countries.

Export Insights from iPlayco

iPlayco: Exporting a lot can help you get through the lows

Article January 13, 2017 iPlayco's Scott Forbes discusses the highs and lows of exporting to different markets around the world, and how to mitigate payment risks to remain successful.

Creating a Unique Sales Proposition

Creating a unique sales proposition

Guide Step-by-step guide shows you how a strong USP can help you optimize overseas sales techniques, and how to create and use your company’s own USP.

Trade Show Investment

Trade shows and you: How to get the most from your trade show investment

Guide Learn how wisely selecting and preparing for trade shows can help you enter new markets, increase sales, and increase awareness of your company.

How to Qualify as a Preferred Vendor

How to qualify as a preferred vendor

Guide November 17, 2016 Get the most benefits of being preferred supplier by learning how to select the best suppliers (primes) for your company, and convince them to choose you.

Mining industry

Canadian mining companies need to keep calm and innovate

Blog November 08, 2016 Weakened commodity prices have forced the Canadian mining industry to rethink, retool and respond strategically. Learn how EDC is helping them do that.

Canadian Affiliates Abroad

Canadian affiliates abroad: Impacts and opportunities

Guide More Canadian companies are acquiring affiliates to increase sales and access supply chains. Find out if you should invest abroad, and how EDC can help.

Export Insights from Synaptive Medical

Exporting health care innovation: Synaptive Medical

Article August 02, 2016 Learn how Synaptive Medical developed medical equipment and applications for neurosurgery and began successfully exporting with their first sale.

Preferred Supplier List

Why you need to get on a preferred supplier list

Article July 18, 2016 Many large companies and governments maintain lists of pre-qualified suppliers. Find out the benefits to your business to get on one of these lists.

Research preferred supplier list

Want to get on a preferred supplier list? Do this research first

Article July 18, 2016 This tip sheet will help guide you through the research necessary to make a good case for your business and be a contender for a tender.

Increase sales and credibility

Increase sales and credibility: Become a preferred supplier

Article July 18, 2016 Get on preferred supplier lists to fast-track your international sales and business credibility.

Export Insights ICT Sector

How Canada's ICT sector can reach its full potential

Blog July 15, 2016 The CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) explains why "this time in Canadian business is unprecedented" for Canada's ICT sector.

ICT sector exporting

Canada's ICT sector is built for exporting

Blog July 11, 2016 Learn how Canada's information and communications technologies (ICT) sector could lead to the next wave of innovation that will transform many sectors.

Commercial Contract Terms

Commercial contract terms

Guide Strong contracts are even more essential when dealing internationally. Get tips on the key terms and structural elements you need in your next contract.

TWI Foods EDC Feature

For TWI Foods, niche marks the spot

Article March 31, 2016 TWI Foods started in 1997 with just one oven. Now, the company has two facilities and international export success, which accounts for two-thirds of its annual revenue.

Pioneer Log Homes EDC Feature

Pioneer Log Homes uses marketing to feed global demand for rustic luxury

Article March 10, 2016 Bryan Reid Sr. built his first log home for his family 43 years ago. Learn how word-of-mouth marketing led to exporting to 23 countries for Pioneer Log Homes.

Buddy's Kitchen EDC Feature

Buddy's Kitchen: Innovating pet food for global success

Article February 10, 2016 Buddy's Kitchen thrives by keeping your furry companion happy and healthy with next-generation nutritional pet food. Learn about their export journey and success.