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A young professional reviewing an international contract

Negotiating international contracts

Article September 27, 2021 Find out what questions you need to ask when

A small business advisory board meets in a conference room

How an advisory board can help your business go global

Webinar Find out how an advisory board can play a key role in helping your small business succeed in Canada and abroad

Skyscrapers in Mumbai.

Business in India: A market of opportunity for Canadian exporters

Blog July 16, 2021 Despite COVID-19, India remained our ninth-largest export market, 10th-largest trading partner.

An indigenous mask carver working in his shop.

Building a global brand: Strategies for Indigenous-owned businesses

Webinar Learn how to build a global Indigenous brand identity to help your company thrive internationally.

Indigenous woman working on a laptop

Indigenous entrepreneurs: Checklist to exporting

Blog July 05, 2021 Bree Jamieson-Holloway outlines steps Indigenous entrepreneurs need to take to get ready to export.

Construction worker oversees the pouring of concrete on a large-scale project.

Land of opportunity: U.S. shortages pave way for Canadian exports

Article June 23, 2021 Former U.S ambassador, Bruce Heyman highlights opportunities in his nation for Canadian exporters

 Peter Hall, EDC

U.S. stimulus wave cresting

Weekly Commentary May 06, 2021 Surge in March: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

A business woman at work is consulting her mobile phone.

Understanding Incoterms

Guide April 27, 2021 Control your imports and exports with this list of internationally accepted commercial definitions.

Asian-Canadian engineer checks details on warehouse tablet

Understanding Canada’s goods exporters

Report April 22, 2021 Trace the history of the Canadian goods trade from 2005 to 2020

Women entrepreneurs beat challenges to grow globally

How women entrepreneurs overcome challenges to grow global sales

Article April 20, 2021 Women entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally.

Three engineers working on new software for a car

Understanding your intellectual property

Blog April 16, 2021 Five things Canadian companies need to know about their creative assets

A businessman is talking on the his cellular while looking at his laptop for information.

Going global: How to find success in international markets

Webinar Discover the right approach for your company to set up international operations successfully.

Women holding pen in warehouse while smiling.

International Women’s Day – now as much as ever

Blog March 04, 2021 On International Women’s Day, EDC reaffirms its commitment to helping women overcome barriers.

A small business owner is packing her product in boxes, preparing it for delivery.

The future of retail: Exceeding post-COVID-19 customer expectations

Webinar Discover the future of retail and how to use technology to evolve your customers into advocates.

Shanghai skyline

How Canadian businesses can ride China’s economic wave

Blog January 07, 2021 The Chinese market continues to offer significant opportunities for Canadian businesses.

A small business owner tunes into an EDC webinar for advice on navigating the COVID-19 economy.

Top 5 webinars of 2020: A story of uncertainty, recovery and hope

Blog December 10, 2020 Don’t miss EDC’s Top 5 webinars that Canadian companies registered for to help navigate COVID-19.

Peter Hall, EDC vice-president and chief economist

Global Economic and Export Forecast with Peter Hall

Webinar Get expert insight on the global economy and opportunities for Canadian exporters in 2021.

A woman uses the EDC Export Help Hub App to get answers to her exporting questions.

Got questions about selling outside Canada? There’s an app for that

Blog November 27, 2020 Canadian companies on Shopify can access EDC’s Export Help Hub from the Shopify App Store.

Beautiful sunset over the Brooklyn bridge in Manhattan

U.S. outlook: What Canadian businesses need to know

Webinar It’s time to look ahead to 2021 and see how the U.S. outlook will impact Canada’s economy—and your company.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Boost your business’ resilience by diversifying your markets

Blog November 23, 2020 Market diversification is the best way to protect your business against risks.

Tantalus electric panel

Power up: Smart grid technology

Blog November 02, 2020 Tantalus is powering up with smart grid technology that enhances the safety and efficiency of public.

Busy city intersection

Smarter intersections: Traffic management gets pulled into right lane

Blog November 02, 2020 Building smarter intersections and getting traffic management into the right lane

woman looking through magnifier

Lights and insights: Streetlight company expands into new solutions

Blog November 02, 2020 LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., is an Export Development Canada 2020 Cleantech Export Star.

Electric vehicle

Faster and smaller: Ottawa company delivers major efficiency gains

Blog November 02, 2020 GaN Systems is driving this industry-changing advancement with its new generation of power transistors.

Peppers on black

Certified biodegradable ground cover boosts yield, reduces waste

Blog November 02, 2020 Since 2014, FilmOrganic, has been making mulch film for fruits, vegetables and hemp.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Debt drama

Weekly Commentary September 17, 2020 In 2020, we’ve seen the steepest year-over-year rise in public debt-to-GDP ratios in recent history.

Man bungee jumping from the top of a cliff over a river

Digital trade: Harnessing technology, data and AI in our post-pandemic economy

Report September 14, 2020 This EDC Global Trade report outlines the digital impacts on the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Factory worker checks quality of manufactured part.

Playing by the rules of origin

Blog July 17, 2020 Knowing where the components that go into your product come from can have a huge effect on how and where you sell your goods.

The owner of a small textile shop chooses fabrics to take on a business trip.

How to get your samples through customs duty-free

Blog July 14, 2020 The ATA Carnet program allows businesses to bring samples and exhibits through customs duty-free.

Woman leading a board meeting

Women in trade: What it takes to succeed

Article June 08, 2020 Two EDC customers share their tips to help women in trade succeed on the world stage.

Man climbs up radio tower overlooking open water

How to manage business risk during the COVID-19 crisis

Article March 18, 2020 Canadian exporters need a solid strategy to manage impacts of COVID-19

Eight service exporters of all ages, demographics work in office

Selling your services to the world

Guide March 11, 2020 The untapped potential to grow Canada’s commercial service export sector

Two women entrepreneurs in the fashion clothing industry looking at their inventory of dresses

2020: The year you take your woman-owned business international

Blog March 10, 2020 No matter where you are in your export journey, there are challenges to overcome. Here are some of the top resources to help women exporters navigate the trade ecosystem.

Two main looking at a computer screen

How customs brokers can help Canadian exporters

Blog March 06, 2020 Learn how customs brokers can help facilitate trade for Canadian exporters.

A hand holding a lens up to the horizon

Debunking 6 exporting myths

Article February 07, 2020 Six myths that might be preventing you from exporting beyond Canada

Young woman wearing climbing equipment standing in front of a stone rock outdoors and preparing to climb

Breaking down the barriers for women entrepreneurs

Blog February 03, 2020 The risks of becoming an exporter are real and taking that first step can be a challenge for many women entrepreneurs.

a woman snowboarding on a mountain

Exporting the best of Canada’s cold winters

Blog January 28, 2020 Canadians have made a name for themselves on the world stage when it comes to winter.


Heads up: 6 tips to help Canadian exporters cross the finish line

Blog January 24, 2020 EDC customer, Ciele Athletics, shares their advice.

Two hands holding a string of tiny lights.

7 Canadian companies share their top exporting tips

Article January 08, 2020 Canadian companies shared their exporting stories with us in 2019—here’s some of the great advice they shared about what you should have in place before going global.

group of start-up employees looking at a map

11 tips take your startup to new markets

Blog December 11, 2019 Q&A with an Export Help Advisor.

TilesInspired owners

TilesInspired hits a wall with trade questions, gets answers from EDC

Success Story Discover EDC Export Help Hub

three employees in a start-up office

Tech startups: Get ready to build your international expansion plan

Blog November 22, 2019 Tech startups were made for international trade

Person speaking to a doctor via video chat on their mobile phone

Dialogue: Making health care accessible from your smartphone

Success Story This telehealth company, Dialogue, took its technology to Germany with help from EDC’s Export Guarantee Program.

2019 Cleantech export star ecobee

Giving back: Smart thermostat gives customers the power to change the world

Blog November 07, 2019 Ecobee, an export development canada cleantech export star, is finding new ways to help cities become more sustainable


Seeing through rock: Sorting the good from the bad with ground-breaking technology

Blog November 04, 2019 MineSense, a winner of the EDC Cleantech Export One to Watch, uses smart solutions to help mines boost profitability while reducing their environmental footprint.


Special delivery: Canadian SME uses nanotechnology to help boost crop yields

Blog November 04, 2019 CEO for Export Development Canada’s “One to Watch” cleantech company shares lessons on launching a new product to scale your business.


Powered by passion, Quebec firm designs electrical system to reduce emissions

Blog November 04, 2019 Effenco, a 2019 winner of the EDC Cleantech Export Star, achieves global success in the energy sector with revolutionary technology


Outstanding in the field: how technology can help feed the world’s growing population

Blog November 04, 2019 Semios, a 2019 winner of the EDC Cleantech Export Star, shares their lessons on how they successfully deliver wireless software as a service

CSR strategy

7 tips to build your own CSR strategy

Article November 01, 2019 Corporate social responsibility isn’t just about risk management.

cleantech resources for exporters

Cleantech resources to help build your export strategy

Blog October 30, 2019 Cleantech industry expected to grow to $2.5 trillion by 2022

taking a startup international

4 indicators that your startup is ready to go international

Blog October 23, 2019 Is it time to diversify into the global marketplace?


How corporate social responsibility strengthens your brand

Blog October 11, 2019 Doing good can be very good for your bottom line.

entrepreneur looking for exporting resources

No-cost ways to get answers to your exporting questions

Article October 01, 2019 Not having access to quality answers to trade-related questions is one of the top pain points for exporters.

trade acronyms

Exporting 101: Defining 24 trade acronyms

Blog September 20, 2019 An Export Help advisor shares a list of 24 commonly used export acronyms with brief definitions.

bike against fence painted with a maple leaf

Made in Canada: Understanding certificates of origin

Blog September 11, 2019 Certificates of origin (COs) are legal documents that declare the origin of a product. When you export goods to an overseas customer, you must include a CO with your shipment.

Boats on the water

Aquatic Life: How a small-town business catapulted onto the global stage

Success Story Through the EDC Business Connection Program, this water monitoring solutions company gained the attention of a multinational mining giant.

Three co-workers laughing

Happy days: Flexible work environment gives employees the freedom to thrive

Blog September 04, 2019 Alexandre Pelletier, CEO of marketing automation consulting company, Perkuto, shares why creating a flexible work environment has been key to his company’s success.

Woman doing yoga at the end of a dock.

TAP into your inner researcher

Blog September 03, 2019 Smart, sustainable business growth starts with establishing a solid export plan.

Group shot of Sampler staff

Strong leadership brings Sampler success

Blog August 26, 2019 Shonezi Noor, chief of staff for Sampler, shares why having a diverse and inclusive, women-led workplace has helped the company’s growth.

Couple on a dock looking out at the lake during sunset.

Banking on business dreams

Blog August 19, 2019 BDC is the only bank in Canada devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs.

Man building a roof with fluffy clouds in the background.

Nailing down your export plan

Blog August 15, 2019 Manitoba home builder shares his insights on how to build an export strategy.

Whitewater rafting

Charting a course through uncertain waters

Blog August 06, 2019 Despite shrinking confidence in trade, Canadian companies shouldn’t pause their international business ambitions.

Weathervane in a red sky

Heading in the right direction: How to build your export strategy

Article August 01, 2019 Expert advice to develop and execute a strong export plan

Team laughing and working around a desk.

Solving marketing challenges took Perkuto to international markets

Success Story With help from its financial institution and EDC, this marketing consulting company has been able to continue its fast-paced growth and take on international contracts.

People waving Argentina’s flags

Celebrating Argentina

Blog July 09, 2019 What you need to know about doing business in Argentina.

Garden in Singapore

Singapore: Your access to Asia

Blog July 02, 2019 Singapore is such a vibrant and dynamic country in which to live and work. This wealthy island nation is exceptionally progressive. They have an open and diversified economy that rolls out the welcome mat to business.

Action shot of man kiteboarding among waves

O, Canada: Top summer exports you can’t get enough of

Blog July 01, 2019 We’re warming things up by highlighting some top “summer” exports our beautiful country has to offer the world.

Light at the end of a tunnel

Light at the end of the export tunnel

Article June 28, 2019 For the average exporter, making sense of the latest tariffs, tweets and plot twists on the global economic stage has become little more than a guessing game.

Two women looking up at the sky

Exporting with Pride

Article June 24, 2019 First blog in a three-part series, on the challenges of exporting for LGBTQ2+.

Hot air balloon over city

Outside the comfort zone: Expanding beyond the U.S.

Blog June 21, 2019 Diversifying beyond the U.S.

Female manager leans while addressing team at board meeting

EDC’s stakeholders: showing the way forward!

Blog June 12, 2019 EDC has been holding stakeholder panels for 14 years, but this was my inaugural event as President and CEO

Three farmers discuss planting in a field.

Greener pastures: Canadian agriculture a bright spot for trade

Guide June 04, 2019 Check out this report highlighting Canadian agriculture trade and investment trends

Joy Yap walks between green bushes.

Facing the future headfirst with Joy Yap

Blog June 04, 2019 Eco-beauty entrepreneur on the rewards, challenges of owning your own business

Cloud Gate, also known as the Bean is one of Chicago’s major attractions.

Forging ahead: Canadians need to think long-term when exporting to the U.S.

Blog May 27, 2019 On the heels of EDC opening two American offices, Gregory Trippenbach, EDC’s Regional Vice-President, United States, outlines the opportunities and risks for Canadian businesses exporting to the south.

EDC Human Rights Policy

Leading with values

Blog May 07, 2019 EDC released its first ever stand-alone Human Rights Policy.

Titan Environmental

Titan Environmental Containment: Minimizing environmental impact while growing globally

Success Story After accessing EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance, the environmental company saw sales grow by 60% and now exports to every continent

Building an export plan

How to build an export plan: Taking your business to the next level

Blog April 26, 2019 You’ve spoken to your banker, perhaps taken a course on export basics and ticked off all the boxes highlighting that you’re ready to take your business to the next level. It’s time to build an export plan.

Free trade agreements

Get there faster with free trade agreements: What you need to know

Article April 23, 2019 If you’re a Canadian company looking to sell internationally, a trade agreement between Canada and your target market can make it easier for you to do business there.

Why women need to export

The deeper dive: If you’re a canadian woman, here’s why you need to export

Article April 22, 2019 Women are rocking at starting new businesses, but they’re wary of growing outside of Canada. Here’s why that matters to all of us.

Exporters journey

Five signs you’re ready to start exporting

Blog April 17, 2019 Getting started with exporting isn’t always easy. The good news: Even if you’re just considering taking that first step, you may be further along in the exporting journey than you think.

Women in business

Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs

Blog April 16, 2019 Today, almost half of all small and medium-sized businesses in Canada are either partially or entirely owned by women.

Handling Specialty

Handling Specialty: From humble beginnings to international contracts

Success Story This material handling company started out in a garage, but used EDC’s credit insurance and Business Connection Program to support its international growth and is now worth $35 million.

Q&A with Jennifer Cooke

Women going global: Q&A with Jennifer Cooke

Article March 20, 2019 Few Canadian women entrepreneurs are expanding their businesses into international markets.

Cultural planning

How selling international cultural services became a work of art

Blog March 12, 2019 Five tips on exporting success from the world’s largest cultural planning firm

Embracing CSR as a Business

Embracing corporate social responsibility for stronger business relationships

Blog March 11, 2019 As an exporter, the quality of your relationships with your suppliers, your employees, your partners and customers is an essential component of you success.

Jennifer Cooke embraces her mother and two young daughters in a lovely garden.

Dream big, be daring

Article March 08, 2019 EDC’s Jennifer Cooke embraces new role to help women-led businesses overcome barriers to go global.

Women in Trade: Jennifer Cooke

Export challenges: Women lack connections, confidence and capital to go global

Blog March 04, 2019 Jennifer Cooke, EDC’s new Corporate Lead for Women in Trade shares three challenges women entrepreneurs face when exporting.

Trade show marketing strategy

Got SaaS? Tips for using trade shows to market your business and get customers

Blog February 25, 2019 One of the best things about going to trade shows is seeing what your competitors are up to.


A day in the life of an exporter: James Yurichuk, Wuxly Movement Founder and CEO

Blog February 20, 2019 Learn how Wuxly Movement CEO, James Yurichuk, goes through a day leading the animal-free parka company.

Tips for breaking into US markets

American bound: Tips for breaking into U.S. markets

Blog February 18, 2019 The U.S. economy is healthy and consumer demand is strong, so prospects for export sales are good.

Servicing the world

Servicing the world with confidence: What you need to know

Article February 14, 2019 In 2017, for the first time, the proportion of service exporters was greater than goods exporters. Here are just some of the key takeaways from the webinar, Selling Your Services to the World.

Exporters confident but cautious

Survey says: Exporters are confident but cautious

Article February 13, 2019 Find out what 1,000 Canadian exporters experienced in the last half of 2018, plus what their plans are for the future.

For more than 50 years, IMAX has given us the gift of revolutionary filmmaking.

The Great Human Adventure

Success Story IMAX celebrates half a century of big-screen films, shattering the boundaries of cinematic storytelling


Getting into the headspace of Canadian exporters

Blog February 05, 2019 The Trade Confidence Index is a survey we take each fall and spring.


Three tips for staying cool when competition is hot

Blog January 15, 2019 Owner Mark Bedard, who launched MTL as a small spinoff of his father’s refrigeration business in 1997, credits his company’s ability to win multi-million-dollar contracts in the U.S. for its sizzling success.

Canadian Cosmetics Exports

Bold and the beautiful: Putting on a brave face is paramount to exporting

Blog January 14, 2019 Canadian beauty maven Daniele Henkel shares four lessons she learned on her successful export journey.


Getting up to speed on Canada’s internet

Blog January 07, 2019 In today’s environment, small businesses rely heavily on quality internet access. Having a strong internet enables entrepreneurship.

How canada contributes to the holidays

Joy to the world: How Canada and its trading partners contribute to holiday traditions

Blog December 24, 2018 EDC Trade Adviser, Jordan Duff, shares which.

Trade highlights

Back to the future: 5 trade highlights in 2018 and beyond

Article December 21, 2018 2018 was an eventful export year: A look at the top five stories, and ahead at next year’s top five.

Advice from Canadian companies going global

2018 exporting roundup: Advice from Canadian companies about going global

Blog December 20, 2018 Whether you’re thinking about taking your company global or you’re already exporting, Connie Jensen, EDC’s Content Marketing Manager, shares some great advice from companies EDC worked with in 2018.

service exporters

I was an exporter and I didn’t know it

Article If you’re a small online service provider, you may not even think of yourself as an exporter. Here’s why you should, and how you can further expand your business internationally.

How digital tech is driving change

All aboard! How digital tech is driving change

Blog December 19, 2018 Businesses need to embrace digital technologies or risk falling behind.

Protect and grow your export revenue

Play it smart: 3 reasons to protect and grow your export revenue

Blog December 12, 2018 Accounts receivable insurance can be an important tool for helping your business succeed and grow when you begin exporting.


3-point game plan when exporting to the U.S.

Blog December 11, 2018 Canadian SMEs need a plan in place prior to exporting to the U.S.: identify a region, develop a market-entry strategy and secure a working capital.


Putting a face to a name: Why employees are key to your marketing strategy

Blog November 22, 2018 If you want your customers to live and love your brand, your employees have to do it first—and an employee advocacy program is a great way to start. Connie Jensen, EDC’s Content Marketing Manager, discusses how employees can be your best brand ambassadors.


Let it snow: Manitobah Mukluks warms the way to e-commerce success

Blog November 13, 2018 When it comes to growing your retail brand into an e-commerce success, there’s no magic formula. It takes hard work, an infinite amount of determination and a lot of research.

The art of bringing art to the world

The art of bringing art to the world

Blog November 07, 2018 Business Development Manager of Creos explains the art of bringing art to the world.

Westport fuel systems 2018 cleantech export star

Westport Fuel Systems: Cleantech’s 2018 export star

Article November 06, 2018 Westport Fuel Systems’ roots trace back to early public concern about urban smog and air quality issues in the 1970s.


The rise of artificial intelligence: Canada can lead with women at the fore

Article November 06, 2018 Artificial intelligence has been described as both a risk and an opportunity. As Canada creates a leadership position, how can women be at the fore.

Celebrating Cleantech

It’s time to celebrate Canada’s active cleantech industry

Article November 06, 2018 At EDC, we’re excited to celebrate the success of Canada’s cleantech leaders.

Pyrowave 2018 Cleantech one to watch

Pyrowave: Cleantech’s “One to Watch”

Article November 06, 2018 Plastics recycling technology that has the potential to upend the economics and environmental impact of the multi-billion dollar global market for post-consumer recycled plastics.


If you’re a female business owner, it’s time to jump on the e-commerce business boom

Article November 05, 2018 Only 7% of women-owned businesses are reaping the benefits of exporting.

United States flag representing the regional opportunities for the trade under CUSMA.

Doing business in the United States

eBook October 23, 2018 The United States is a series of regional markets with distinct opportunities depending on your industry.

getting export ready

How five young entrepreneurs are getting export-ready and going global

Blog October 18, 2018 Startup Canada’s CEO on exporting tips from the regional winners of the Canadian Export Challenge.

 The flag of the European Union, representing opportunities for Canadian business with CETA

Doing Business in the European Union

eBook September 21, 2018 Get tips on where opportunities lie in the EU and how to do business there.

Canadian export challenge

3 reasons Canadian small businesses are poised to take on the world

Blog September 10, 2018 This fall, Startup Canada is inviting 2,500 Canadian entrepreneurs to push international boundaries.

Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

Market Entry Advisors

Guide Bringing your business to a new country? Call these key experts before selling abroad and get helpful tips about each market.

Building networks to boost business

Boost your international business by building a strategic network

Video August 28, 2018 A great network is essential to grow globally. Get expert advice on who you need in your network, and how to do it.

scale and go global

Tackling complicated scaling challenges with simple solutions

Blog August 24, 2018 The tech industry is expected to create 182,000 new jobs…now all we need is the talent to fill those positions.

Importance of market research

Homing in on Markets With Research

Article August 21, 2018 Research is crucial to international success and two SMEs share their experiences on how this helped them break into new markets.

Building an international network

Building a network: Key considerations

Article August 20, 2018 Developing an international network is essential for global success. But where do you start?

Identify target market

8 methods to identify your target market

Article August 16, 2018 Developing a strategic research approach is a good starting point to help you pick the right target market.

Gain a global avantage concurrentiel

How innovation can help you gain a competitive edge

Article August 16, 2018 Whether making sustaining improvements or creating something entirely new to disrupt, innovation can help you emerge as a market leader.

International network essential for business

Connections: Why an international network is essential

Article August 15, 2018 The most successful companies in global trade have strong networks and know how to leverage them.


Why exporters do better

Blog Research shows that Canadian exporters make an outsized contribution to overall economic activity.

Integrating innovation into a business growth strategy

Integrating innovation into growth strategy offers competitive edge

Video August 10, 2018 Ottawa bio-tech company Spartan Bioscience put innovation at the forefront of its business growth strategy to be a globally-competitive firm.

What employees want: finding skilled talent

What employees want: How to compete for talent

Article August 09, 2018 Canadian firms must be competitive employers if they want to recruit and retain employees to go international.

going global

Going global to support local

Blog August 08, 2018 International sales allow HB Studios and SK2 Homes to boost local jobs and community in Canada.

New export market research

Research key to going international

Article August 06, 2018 Research is key to understanding potential new export market dynamics and ensure that you are creating value for your customers.


5 challenges for women exporters and how to overcome them

Blog August 03, 2018 Between 13-16% of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses are women owned, but only 7% export products or services. A Twitter chat reveals how more women can benefit from international sales.

Talent management strategies

5 talent management strategies to help you compete globally

Video August 01, 2018 Find out why accessing people with the right skills to implement your growth strategy is essential to building a global business.

Developing innovative capabilities

Why developing innovative capabilities can make you more competitive

Article July 31, 2018 Innovative companies put customers at the centre of business strategy, working to create improved products and services to stay ahead of the competition.

skilled executives give global competitive advantage

4 reasons skilled executives boost global competitive advantage

Article July 24, 2018 Executives with the right skills, talents and abilities are key to being globally competitive.

Employees collaborating at a board room table to be more competitive globally

Securing the human talent to boost your global competitive advantage

eBook July 24, 2018 This guide highlights how you can recruit top talent to help you compete internationally.

Chess pieces demonstrate there are many players when you're a business person selling internationally.

Developing a global competitive advantage through international networks

eBook July 24, 2018 Finding new customers, intermediaries, partners and international opportunities hinges on successful global networking.

 An ornamental building in Asia: Knowledge about international markets prepares you for the competition.

Know your Iinternational market: Building your competitive advantage abroad

eBook July 24, 2018 Find out how research into new markets will give you an edge over the competition.

Man touching a transparent digital screen demonstrates how innovative tools and creativity driving global competition

Increase your innovation

Article July 24, 2018 A comprehensive guide to help you innovate your way to global success and stay ahead of the competition. 

expanding or acquiring a company internationally

Expanding or acquiring a company internationally? 3 conditions for success

Blog June 19, 2018 Is your business ready to expand internationally? Read our 3 conditions for success.

Top performing businesses

Top performing businesses: who they are and how they play

Blog June 15, 2018 4% of all SMEs are considered high performers. What sets these highly competitive businesses apart?

Us steel and aluminum tariffs

U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs: How did we get here?

Blog June 12, 2018 Find out how recent historical events led to the U.S. calling Canadian imports a threat to national security.

Canadian tariffs on US

How Canadian tariffs on U.S. goods may affect your business

Article June 08, 2018 Discover the impact that Canada’s tariffs counter-measures will have on your business.

Sea Star Seafoods: The Atlantic’s Flagship

Sea Star Seafoods: The Atlantic’s Flagship

Success Story A family tradition since 1894, and a growing business since its launch in 1983. The art of selling salt fish.

find global growth opportunities

6 different ways to find global growth opportunities

Blog May 16, 2018 While global opportunities may be ripening, you need to invest research and time to find these opportunities.

How accelerator organizations boost SaaS growth

How accelerator organizations boost Software-as-a-Service growth

Blog April 30, 2018 Jamie Keeley of L-SPARK, explains how accelerator organizations help ignite growth for SaaS businesses.

Signs you should consider internationally

4 signs your company should consider selling internationally

Blog April 17, 2018 If you’ve experienced any of these four signs, it’s time to start developing your export strategy.

Succeed in the export market

How small-medium enterprises can expand and succeed in global markets

Blog April 13, 2018 Four things SMEs can learn from both start-ups and large companies as they expand into new markets.

Advice for women in international trade

9 leaders share advice to help women entrepreneurs take their business global

Blog March 28, 2018 Read this helpful advice from 9 women in the international trade space.

Digital trends in Canada 2018

5 digital trends Canadian businesses should prepare for in 2018

Blog March 20, 2018 Watch out for these 5 trends shaping the digital landscape in 2018.

What started out as a Paralympian’s do-it-yourself project has turned into an export business that now employs three people – two of whom are elite athletes.

Athletes roll out innovation to new markets

Article March 16, 2018 What started out as a Paralympian’s do-it-yourself project has turned into an export business that now employs three people—two of whom are elite athletes.

Mentor Women in Trade

6 ways to mentor women in trade

Blog March 01, 2018 March is Women in Trade Month, and it’s a great time to consider how we can all support female exporters and entrepreneurs. Here are 6 tips on how to be a good mentor.

6 Skills You Need

6 skills you need to grow your business internationally, and how to get them

Blog February 28, 2018 Find out what exporting skills and trade knowledge you need to succeed internationally.

Publish books internationally with a export plan

Publishing Canadian books: Find new markets with an export plan

Blog February 26, 2018 Today’s evolving digital landscape has provided great opportunities and challenges for publishers who are looking to build an export plan and expand into new markets.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Korea

Market Entry Advisors – Korea

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Nigeria

Market Entry Advisors – Nigeria

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Philippines

Market Entry Advisors – Philippines

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Ghana

Market Entry Advisors – Ghana

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Kazakhstan

Market Entry Advisors – Kazakhstan

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Australia

Market Entry Advisors – Australia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors South Africa

Market Entry Advisors – South Africa

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Indonesia

Market Entry Advisors – Indonesia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Thailand

Market Entry Advisors – Thailand

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Brazil

Market Entry Advisors – Brazil

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the Brazil market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Singapore

Market Entry Advisors – Singapore

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Vietnam

Market Entry Advisors – Vietnam

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors United Arab Emirates

Market Entry Advisors – United Arab Emirates

Guide February 14, 2018 Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the United Arab Emirates market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Peru

Market Entry Advisors – Peru

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Germany

Market Entry Advisors – Germany

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Hungary

Market Entry Advisors – Hungary

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Colombia

Market Entry Advisors – Colombia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Japan

Market Entry Advisors – Japan

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Unites States

Market Entry Advisors – United States

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

Common Terms used in International Trade

11 common terms used in international trade

Blog February 13, 2018 You now know the nitty-gritty of everything from rules of origin to customs complexities. What else do you need to know to get started?

Backcountry ski equipment producer G3

G3: Pushing the Boundaries of the Backcountry

Video This is the story of a young entrepreneur who turned a home-based start-up, G3, into one of the most successful producers of backcountry ski equipment in North America.

EDC Trade Advisors Help Sell Globally

How an EDC trade advisor helps Canadian businesses sell globally

Blog January 18, 2018 Read about a day in the life of an EDC Trade Advisor.

What is an export credit agency

How an Export Credit Agency can help you sell globally

Blog January 15, 2018 ECAs help companies compete globally, sell on more liberal payment terms and protect against the risk of not getting paid.

How to find a market for your product or service

How to find a market for your product or service

Blog January 11, 2018 You now know the nitty-gritty of everything from rules of origin to customs complexities. What else do you need to know to get started?

Christmas Canadian exports

What would christmas look like without Canadian exports?

Article December 26, 2017 You may now know it, but there’s a bit of Canadian exports in households around the world, helping millions celebrate this holiday season.

Take on Your International Competition

How to take on your international competition: Webinar recap

Article December 13, 2017 Learn how pricing, networks and credit terms can help you compete in international markets.

Exporting 101: Resources to Help Grow Business

Exporting 101: Five resources to help grow your business

Blog December 06, 2017 You now know the nitty-gritty of everything from rules of origin to customs complexities. What else do you need to know to get started?

Canadian Clean Technology

A call to action on Canadian clean technology

Blog November 27, 2017 Celebrate Canada’s ingenuity and entrepreneurship in clean technology.

Why More Canadian Businesses Should Be Exporting

Why more Canadian businesses should be exporting

Blog November 24, 2017 Why export? The short answer is that it’ll make your company more robust in every way.

NAFTA Negotiations & Resource

NAFTA negotiations & resources: The pulse of trade from experts

Article November 16, 2017 A panel of exporting experts weighs in on NAFTA negotiations and the current challenges SMEs face when they contemplate exporting.

Online retail websites that can help you find new customers internationally

Interested in e-commerce?

eBook November 09, 2017 Discover how to use online platforms to expand your international business.

Canadian management consulting company CowaterSogema

CowaterSogema: Driven to Make a Difference

Video The story of Canadian management consulting company CowaterSogema is a story about taking risks, dreaming big and making a positive impact felt around the world.

Nova Scotia safety education and simulator manufacturing company Survival Systems Limited

Survival Systems: In the Business of Saving Lives

Video The story of Nova Scotia safety education, R&D, and simulator manufacturing company Survival Systems Limited is a story about managing risks, defying the odds, and being prepared for any situation.

Overcoming Challenges Facing ICT

Overcoming information and communication technology challenges

Article October 25, 2017 Discover how two gaming companies overcame traditional challenges facing ICT companies.

Modern Trade Data & Analytics

An intro to modern trade data & analytics

Article October 23, 2017 Modern trade agreements are complicated, inclusive and exciting.

Toronto Board of Trade Blog

The Toronto Board of Trade helps more companies go international

Blog October 19, 2017 Only 4 per cent of Canadian SMEs export, but the Toronto Board of Trade wants to see that number grow and help more SMEs go international.

Montreal touring show Cavalia

Cavalia: From dark horse to crowd favourite

Success Story The story of Montreal touring show Cavalia is a story about inspiration, opportunity and how taking risk by the reins can put you in the spotlight.

Canadian Tech Companies

Canadian tech companies growing to the next level with talent

Article September 29, 2017 Small Canadian tech companies are facing challenges scaling their company.

Canadian seismic equipment and data company Nanometrics

Nanometrics: Finding opportunity in uncertain places

Video From exploring the world’s most volatile places to expanding to frontier markets, Canadian seismic equipment and data company Nanometrics made its name taking risks and reaping the rewards.

British Columbia wind and water sports company Ocean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo: From Childhood Dreams to Commercial Success

Success Story The story of British Columbia wind and water sports company Ocean Rodeo is a story about passion, collaboration, risk and opportunity.

Storytelling in Marketing: How to Increase Customer Engagement

Storytelling in marketing: How to increase customer engagement

Blog September 05, 2017 Storytelling can be one of the most important and powerful tools you can use to sell online.

Create unique sales proposition

How to create and use a powerful unique sales proposition

Article September 04, 2017 To be competitive, you need to determine what makes you unique, train your people to sell it and then prove it.

Digital skills in the ICT sector

Solving the digital skills puzzle in the ICT sector

Article September 01, 2017 Canada has a decision to make on whether it wants lead or follow in the race for global ICT talent.

Research will set you apart from the competition

Research will set you apart from the competition

Video August 29, 2017 Get answers to important questions about key competitors to build your unique selling proposition.

Unique Selling Proposition

Competitive advantage: Defining your unique selling proposition for new markets

Video August 25, 2017 A Unique Sales Proposition is a summary of what makes your company different and sets you apart from the competition.

EDC Market Entry Advisors India

Market Entry Advisors – India

Guide August 25, 2017 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors China

Market Entry Advisors – China

Guide Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Mexico

Market Entry Advisors – Mexico

Guide August 25, 2017 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors UK

Market Entry Advisors – United Kingdom

Guide August 25, 2017 Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the United Kingdom market.

Trade show preparation

Trade show preparation: 5 ways you can stand out

Blog August 23, 2017 Learn 5 ways you can stand out from your trade show competition before you go.

Why Exporters Do Better

7 reasons why exporters do better

Blog August 10, 2017 Sticking to home turn may not be as wise a growth strategy as you think. Here are 7 reasons why exporters are more successful

Exporting intellectual property

Protecting your business’ most valuable asset - intellectual property

Blog June 16, 2017 Learn how to develop a global intellectual property strategy, as part of your business strategy before you start exporting.

Fly Your Canadian Flag

How to fly your Canadian flag

Video May 17, 2017 Your company’s Canadian brand can increase your company’s legitimacy in the global market. Here are four ways to build it.

Canada brand on global stage

Oh Canada, eh….Our brand on the global stage

Article May 09, 2017 Build your Canadian brand advantage by learning the six top perceptions the world holds of Canada, and how to highlight these as key selling points.

Export Insights from Schleese Saddlery

Schleese Saddlery works with its partners to find export success

Article Ontario-based company Schleese Saddlery discusses how it's important educate yourself and listening to those who know more than you when it comes to exporting.

Schleese Saddlery EDC Feature

Traditional meets innovative: How Schleese Saddlery transformed saddles

Article Have you ever wondered how saddle technology has evolved while respecting its traditional European roots? Schleese Saddlery saw its potential and pursued it.

The Canada Brand as Exporting Advantage

Coming of age: The Canada brand as exporting advantage

Blog April 26, 2017 One of the best competitive advantages your company may have is its Canadian brand. Here’s why you should put it to good use.

Exporting guide

The basics of exporting: a step-by-step guide

Blog March 20, 2017 Interested in the "basics" of the exporting process? Read a step-by-step guide on getting started, from investigating laws in other countries to getting paid.

Creating a Unique Sales Proposition

Creating a unique sales proposition

Guide Step-by-step guide shows you how a strong USP can help you optimize overseas sales techniques, and how to create and use your company’s own USP.

Trade Show Investment

Trade shows and you: How to get the most from your trade show investment

Guide Learn how wisely selecting and preparing for trade shows can help you enter new markets, increase sales, and increase awareness of your company.

How to Qualify as a Preferred Vendor

How to qualify as a preferred vendor

Guide November 17, 2016 Get the most benefits of being preferred supplier by learning how to select the best suppliers (primes) for your company, and convince them to choose you.

Doing Business in Southeast Asia

Doing Business in Southeast Asia

Guide September 12, 2016 This comprehensive guide helps you explore exporting and direct investment opportunities in the ten fast-growing markets of Southeast Asia.

Doing Business in Panama

Doing business in Panama

Guide Learns more about Panama’s export opportunities, risks, trade agreement with Canada and how to break into the market in this detailed market guide.

Exporting to the United States

Exporting to the United States

Guide Hone your exporting strategy with this insightful guide, which shows how the U.S. is divided into 11 markets, each with its own opportunities.

Discover New Markets

Discover new markets

Guide Find the best markets for your business with this detailed guide, as well as market entry strategies, investing, steps to export success, and more.

Vitality Air EDC Feature

Vitality Air: Exporting fresh mountain air from Canada's Rockies

Article August 15, 2016 What once started off as a joke became an opportunity to sell a lifestyle product in China. Learn how Edmonton's Vitality Air became an exporter overnight.

Export Insights Vitality Air

"The maple leaf is a great brand": Vitality Air

Article August 15, 2016 Vitality Air's president and CEO explains how supply and demand for a Canadian products led to tremendous exporting opportunities in China and other countries.

Doing Business in India

Doing Business in India

Guide Learn about India, one of the largest emerging markets, and how your company can navigate the opportunities and risks, including to intellectual property.

Doing Business in China

Doing Business in China

Guide This guide provides practical information and dozens of resources to help you plan and carry out your export strategy to the Chinese market.

Doing Business in Brazil

Doing business in Brazil

Guide This comprehensive guide covers all the exporting and investment basics of doing business in Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America.

Dealing with Country Risk

Dealing with country risk

Guide The OECD ranks some countries as riskier than others, but this practical guide shows you what makes up country risk, how to assess it, and how to manage it.

Resources for Quebec exporters

Ten resources for Quebec exporters

Blog June 29, 2016 With new opportunities on the horizon, EDC highlights some important resources for Quebec companies thinking of exporting.

Commercial Contract Terms

Commercial contract terms

Guide Strong contracts are even more essential when dealing internationally. Get tips on the key terms and structural elements you need in your next contract.

Finding and Keeping International Customers

Finding and keeping international customers

Guide May 16, 2016 Packed with tips, this paper shares expert advice on how to find and keep international customers, from building relationships to after-sales service.

Finding international agents and distributors

Finding, training and managing international agents and distributors

Guide Learn how international agents and distributors can help you overcome the barriers when dealing in less familiar markets, and how to choose the right ones.


Diversifying your market, one step at a time

Guide Learn how diversifying into multiple markets is key to business success, and learn how to choose the best markets and entry strategies for your company.