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Carpenter planing a piece of wood

COVID-19: The impacts on Canadian businesses

Report January 24, 2022 The EDC Research Panel’s January survey highlights the challenges imposed by the global pandemic.

Male warehouse worker carries goods for shipping

Tracking the strengths, weaknesses in Canada’s goods exports

Report January 07, 2022 EDC Economics analyzed 15 sectors, 96 sub-sectors to find out where Canada has more of an edge.

Solar replication technology up close

G2V Optics: Casting light on critical sectors

Success Story G2V, a cleantech company revolutionizing the aerospace and food industries with light technology.

Sydney Opera House in Australia at dusk

Cultural tips for doing business in Australia

Report November 16, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Smiling business woman on her laptop

Growing through global value chains

Blog November 12, 2021 New online tool assesses Canadian women’s business readiness

Peter Hall, EDC

Has country risk finally bottomed out?

Weekly Commentary November 11, 2021 As governments withdraw stimulus, wave of bankruptcies possible

Peter Hall, EDC

What’s keeping Canadian exporters up at night?

Weekly Commentary November 04, 2021 List of top concerns is shifting

Image of woman viewing Exporter Solutions web page on a laptop

Resolve your urgent export issues quickly and with confidence

Blog October 28, 2021 Solve urgent export problems with the new Exporter Solutions online tool from TCS.

A confident Business woman is participating in a woman entrepreneurs meeting

Building your network: Strategies for women entrepreneurs

Webinar Learn how to build a strong network to help grow your business in global markets.

Woman networking with other business people on an Zoom call.

Women in trade: 3 benefits of strong global networks

Blog October 18, 2021 For women looking to expand their business internationally, strategic networks are vital to success.

Cultural tips for doing business in India

Cultural tips for doing business in India

Report October 01, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Peter Hall, EDC

The fork in the road

Weekly Commentary September 30, 2021 Growth surges while pandemic lingers

Frankfurt businessman on the phone

Expanding abroad? 3 markets to watch: Germany, Peru and Vietnam

Article September 22, 2021 Germany, Peru and Vietnam are three markets that offer opportunities for Canadian exporters.

Peter Hall, EDC

If supply chains are a mess, why is global trade booming?

Weekly Commentary September 16, 2021 Gloomy economic headlines make for mixed messages

An employee is moving boxes in a big warehouse.

Ask the Export Help Team: Moving the goods

Blog September 08, 2021 Canadian entrepreneurs like you learn about trade rules and how to start their due diligence.

Tropical coastline in Vietnam

Cultural tips for doing business in Southeast Asia

Report September 07, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Peter Hall, EDC

High confidence defies general gloom

Weekly Commentary September 02, 2021 Wracked with uncertainty, we’re still upbeat

Singapore waterfront with lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum

Cultural tips for doing business in Singapore

Report August 20, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Five executives meet to discuss business.

Advisory boards: Effective tool for growing your business

Blog August 16, 2021 Advisory boards are made up of experts, who offer insights and knowledge to help grow your business.

An employee is moving boxes in a big warehouse.

Ask the Export Help Team: Tackling your taxes

Blog August 16, 2021 Canadian entrepreneurs like you find out how they can tackle their international taxes.

Peter Hall, EDC

The only way to go is up

Weekly Commentary August 12, 2021 Despite growing optimism, global recovery uneven

Young female bakery owners smile while accessing iPad.

Pandemic pivot: Canada’s resilient food and beverage sector

Blog July 30, 2021 Rowda Mohamud of BDC Advisory Services optimistic about Canada’s food and beverage sector outlook.

Young female woodworker sands canoe.

Markets of opportunity for Canadian exporters

Guide July 28, 2021 This Export Development Guide examines future trade potential across 170 markets.

Scientist squeezing a dropper of cannabis oil into a bottle surrounded by marijuana plants

High hopes for medical cannabis market in Canada

Report July 22, 2021 Prospects for future growth are good for Canadian producers willing to expand to global markets.

An employee is moving boxes in a big warehouse.

Ask the Export Help Team

Blog July 21, 2021 Canadian entrepreneurs like you find out how they can grow their businesses.

Sunshine Quem Tenasco of Pow Wow Pitch.

Pow Wow Pitch aims to help Indigenous entrepreneurs

Article July 20, 2021 Sunshine Tenasco of Pow Wow Pitch forms partnership with EDC in support of Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Skyscrapers in Mumbai.

Business in India: A market of opportunity for Canadian exporters

Blog July 16, 2021 Despite COVID-19, India remained our ninth-largest export market, 10th-largest trading partner.

A woman holds the globe in her hands

Partnering to protect human rights

Article July 12, 2021 EDC helps Tata Communications Ltd. strengthen its business in a responsible way

Female entrepreneur in NYC looks out over the river under Brooklyn Bridge

Going global? Two markets to watch: Australia and the United States

Article July 08, 2021 Australia and the United States are two markets that offer opportunities for Canadian exporters.

Indigenous woman working on a laptop

Indigenous entrepreneurs: Checklist to exporting

Blog July 05, 2021 Bree Jamieson-Holloway outlines steps Indigenous entrepreneurs need to take to get ready to export.

Peter Hall, EDC

To immunity and beyond!

Weekly Commentary June 30, 2021 New economic forecast paints rosy picture of global growth

Construction worker oversees the pouring of concrete on a large-scale project.

Land of opportunity: U.S. shortages pave way for Canadian exports

Article June 23, 2021 Former U.S ambassador, Bruce Heyman highlights opportunities in his nation for Canadian exporters

Chilled glass of ice wine with vineyard in background.

Canada’s ice wine industry: Grape expectations for global growth

Report June 17, 2021 Thanks to our cold winters, Canada is a top producer and exporter of ice wine

Peter Hall, EDC

Going global: Time to tap into emerging markets

Weekly Commentary June 17, 2021 The rapid transformation of the global customer base

Flower shop owner ordering supplies on her laptop

Turning inventory into cash: Understanding the payment cycle

Report June 14, 2021 Need credit to grow your business? The quicker you sell your product could make all the difference.

Human hand holds soybeans in field.

Plant-based proteins: A growth industry in Canada’s backyard

Blog May 20, 2021 Canadian plant-based protein industry is in a prime position to dominate the global market.

Exporter works in his vehicle spare parts warehouse.

Canadian exporters need to plan for growth, opportunities in the U.S.

Blog May 17, 2021 As the economy rebounds in the U.S., Canadian exporters need to get ready to expand into the market.

 Peter Hall, EDC

U.S. stimulus wave cresting

Weekly Commentary May 06, 2021 Surge in March: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

A business woman at work is consulting her mobile phone.

Understanding Incoterms

Guide April 27, 2021 Control your imports and exports with this list of internationally accepted commercial definitions.

Female shopkeeper wearing face mask serves customer

Looking ahead at Canada’s private sector

Report April 26, 2021 Track the challenges, opportunities and future growth patterns of the sector’s predominately small businesses through 2024.

Women entrepreneurs beat challenges to grow globally

How women entrepreneurs overcome challenges to grow global sales

Article April 20, 2021 Women entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally.

Three engineers working on new software for a car

Understanding your intellectual property

Blog April 16, 2021 Five things Canadian companies need to know about their creative assets

Latin businesswoman in street with international flags overhead.

Cultural tips for doing business in Latin America

Guide April 12, 2021 Maximize your company’s success in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

Sydney Opera House with skyline at sunset

Expanding to Australia: What you need to know

Article April 08, 2021 Australia is a strategic gateway to Asia-Pacific for Canadian exporters

Peter Hall, EDC

Global forecast: The economic storm is passing

Weekly Commentary April 01, 2021 Improved U.S. outlook boosting key economies

Mature female exporter prepares to ship goods

Canada’s goods exports and COVID-19

Report March 12, 2021 Despite a decline of $74 billion in 2020, commercial goods exports have recovered at record speed

Aerial view of downtown Istanbul

Doing business in Turkey

Article March 08, 2021 Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a strategic market for Canadian companies

Silhouette of young family and airplane.

Canada’s services trade hit hard by pandemic

Report March 05, 2021 Our services exports plunged $25 billion in 2020, an unprecedented decline for the sector

Women holding pen in warehouse while smiling.

International Women’s Day – now as much as ever

Blog March 04, 2021 On International Women’s Day, EDC reaffirms its commitment to helping women overcome barriers.

Ross Prusakowski, EDC

COVID-19 impacts vary across countries

Weekly Commentary February 25, 2021 One-third of emerging markets face pandemic fallout, collapse in oil prices.

American flag flies at U.S. Capitol

President Biden strengthens ‘Buy American’ plan

Report February 22, 2021 This EDC report offers an overview of the changes to U.S. government procurement and implications for Canadian companies.

Peter Hall, EDC

Shortage of shipping containers a critical concern

Weekly Commentary February 11, 2021 Soaring freight rate hikes, delays for goods purchased from China.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global outlook: Hope deferred

Weekly Commentary January 28, 2021 Our latest Global Economic Outlook expects somewhat softer growth in 2021 than initially expected.

Big Ben in London

Brexit- Here is what you need to know

Blog January 22, 2021 The UK’s withdrawal from the EU is complete. What does that mean for Canadian exporters?

Peter Hall, EDC

Risk: Friend or foe?

Weekly Commentary January 21, 2021 The appetite for risk in an ever-changing world

A businesswoman maps out her company’s strategy.

Tackle the COVID-19 economy with the free EDC Business Pivot Playbook

Blog January 05, 2021 The Business Pivot Playbook will help you plan for recovery and growth in today’s economy.

A warehouse supervisor checks his inventory on his tablet.

Rewards & risks of export payment terms

Blog December 18, 2020 EDC’s Emiliano Introcaso and Ryan Oxley outline the rewards and risks of export payment terms.

Peter Hall, EDC

Canadian trade confidence rebounds

Weekly Commentary December 17, 2020 Near-term outlook improves after hitting all-time low at start of pandemic.

Beijing‘s Forbidden City at sunset

Asia-Pacific nations sign massive trade deal

Report December 16, 2020 This EDC Economics overview outlines the implications of the world’s largest free trade agreement and how it affects Canadian companies.

Engineer checks robotic arms in auto factory.

U.S. economy doing well, all things considered

Article December 15, 2020 There are signs of hope for better days ahead for Canada-U.S. trade.

Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sustainable and responsible business conduct in Brazil

Guide December 14, 2020 Expanding into this market? Read this insightful guide on the importance of operating your business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: The surprise of the year

Weekly Commentary December 10, 2020 How has this redefined our world, and what are its lasting effects?

Tractor in a field

Export to multiple markets and protect against risk: FCC Trade Report

Article December 09, 2020 FCC Releases their Trade Report outlining export diversification opportunities.

Peter Hall, EDC

RCEP: Significance of massive Asia-Pacific deal

Weekly Commentary December 03, 2020 When does it take effect, and what are its possible implications for global trade?

Organic farmers grow seedlings

Canada’s organic sector just keeps growing

Blog December 01, 2020 The more farmers who convert to organic, the more benefit there'll be for our agricultural landscape.

Silhouette of farmer in golden wheat field.

The organic food market in Canada and its global influence

Report November 27, 2020 Demand for organic products is growing as people become more health-conscious, incomes rise, and retail distribution expands.

A woman uses the EDC Export Help Hub App to get answers to her exporting questions.

Got questions about selling outside Canada? There’s an app for that

Blog November 27, 2020 Canadian companies on Shopify can access EDC’s Export Help Hub from the Shopify App Store.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and country risk implications

Weekly Commentary November 26, 2020 The strength of the recovery depends upon containing infections as well as government support.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Boost your business’ resilience by diversifying your markets

Blog November 23, 2020 Market diversification is the best way to protect your business against risks.

Engineer directs forklift in stockyard

COVID-19: Surveying the damage

Weekly Commentary November 19, 2020 Insights from on-the-ground experiences of Canadian companies.

A woman works on her computer.

Getting it all together: Your step-by-step e-commerce summary

Blog November 12, 2020 Evolve your digital strategy in the face of COVID-19’s impacts.

A package is being delivered to a customer.

Getting your e-commerce store ship-shape

Blog November 10, 2020 A step-by-step guide to adding shipping processes to your online sales, easily and affordably.

Smart cleantech irrigation systems aid cannabis cultivators

Canada’s cleantech future looks bright

Guide October 30, 2020 With a global market projected to exceed $3.3 trillion in 2022, Canada’s innovative cleantech companies must look abroad for opportunities to reach their potential

Peter Hall, EDC

Better than feared, but slow and uneven road ahead

Weekly Commentary October 29, 2020 Despite the massive upheaval caused by the pandemic, global trade bounced back faster than expected.

Hot air balloons dot the sky.

To market, to market: Find new customers with Market Finder by Google

Blog October 22, 2020 Finding markets just got easier for your company, with EDC resources and Market Finder by Google.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and CETA’s third birthday

Weekly Commentary September 24, 2020 Does this anniversary bring hope for better outcomes on the other side of the current maelstrom?

Three entrepreneurs gather excitedly around a laptop to see their new online store.

Selling online has never been easier...or more necessary

Blog September 08, 2020 COVID-19 has closed the doors of many retail stores, but it opened a huge window to online opportunities

Women wearing masks browse Mexican market

Doing business in Mexico

Guide A key trading partner, Mexico offers many opportunities for Canadian companies. This guide highlights the country’s main business sectors and outlines the risks and benefits of expanding into these markets.