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The Brexit impact: Navigating the journey ahead

Webinar Discover how to navigate your business through the challenges and opportunities of the post-Brexit era.

CETA: A New Era in Trade

CETA trade deal: Three years on

Article October 13, 2020 In three years, CETA has brought significant opportunities in a variety of sectors

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and CETA’s third birthday

Weekly Commentary September 24, 2020 Does this anniversary bring hope for better outcomes on the other side of the current maelstrom?

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Doing business in Italy: What Canadian exporters need to know

Blog January 10, 2020 Canada’s exports to Italy in 2018 reached $2.9 billion, an increase of 34% in one year.

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Diversify your service exports by expanding to the EU

Blog December 17, 2019 EU is the second-largest market for Canadian service exports.

German market

Top sector opportunities in the German market

Blog September 13, 2019 EDC’s Chief Representative of Europe discusses top sector opportunities in the German market.

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Profiting from Canada’s free trade agreements

eBook May 05, 2019 In this guide, we look at each of Canada’s free trade agreements and explain when and how you can use them to do business globally.

agribusiness in the EU

Food for thought: bringing agribusiness to the EU

Blog October 12, 2018 The EU is Canada’s fourth largest export market, we only account for 2 % of their agri-food imports. That means there’s a huge opportunity for export growth.

 The flag of the European Union, representing opportunities for Canadian business with CETA

Doing Business in the European Union

eBook September 21, 2018 Get tips on where opportunities lie in the EU and how to do business there.

Canada europe trade relationship

How you can take advantage of the Canada-EU trade relationship

Blog September 18, 2018 CETA is one of Canada’s most ambitious trade agreements, and it’s not just about tariffs.

CETA aerospace sector

CETA puts major opportunities in flight for the aerospace sector

Blog May 02, 2018 As the world’s largest aerospace market, Europe in the CETA era offers Canadian exporters a valuable competitive advantage.

Peter Hall EDC Trade Confidence

Trade confidence holding its ground

Weekly Commentary December 15, 2017 2017 has not been international trade’s best year. Oh, growth is having a good run alright; the problem is political. Just how is trade confidence doing?

Canadian Beef Exports and CETA

Canadian beef exports & CETA: The prime cuts and the red tape

Blog August 18, 2017 When CETA goes into effect on September 21, Europe will remove import tariffs on 50,000 tonnes of beef and veal. Learn what Canadian beef exporters can do to take advantage.

CETA will remove tariff barriers, but Canadian companies looking to export to the EU can face other non-tariff barriers when exporting to some nations.

Strategies to overcome trade barriers in the EU

Article August 11, 2017 While CETA removes tariff barriers, you may run into other trade barriers when exporting to the EU.

CETA: Business in Europe

CETA: Be export-ready for business in Europe

Article July 18, 2017 Two exporters discuss how Europe will spell business opportunities for Canadian companies.

Canada EU trade barriers

The nitty-gritty of EU trade barriers before and after CETA

Article July 17, 2017 A primer on the EU trade barriers Canadian exporters can expect.

Canada’s Trade Agreement with Europe: The Pros and Cons

Canada’s trade agreement with Europe: The pros and cons

Article July 07, 2017 CETA will come into force this summer. A Q&A with EDC’s Europe expert Daniel Benatuil on what you need to know about its benefits and challenges.

OECD in the EU

Does market opportunity await in OECD nations within the EU?

Blog July 06, 2017 OECD nations that are part of the EU and CETA should be considered as a target for Canadian exporters looking to expand beyond the U.S.