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A small business owner is packing her product in boxes, preparing it for delivery.

The future of retail: Exceeding post-COVID-19 customer expectations

Webinar Discover the future of retail and how to use technology to evolve your customers into advocates.

An example of a product created by Good Natured.

Packaging company grows, despite COVID-19, with bank and EDC help

Article September 30, 2020 Read how the EDC BCAP Guarantee helped Good Natured Products get financing.

Fluid Energy already had the capabilities, licenses, as well as supplier and packaging relationships required to producing hand sanitizer.

How a Calgary company used EDC to help it make a COVID-19 pivot

Article September 11, 2020 Traditionally, Fluid mainly specialized in producing environmentally responsible, advanced chemical systems for a variety of uses within the oil and gas sector. Now they are also producing hand sanitizer.

Woman paddling looking out on the water

Nova Craft Canoe: The path of the paddle

Success Story From a backyard start-up to a Canadian export success story, Nova Craft Canoe shares Canadian values and culture with the world.

Medical scrubs and other PPE are in high demand.

Apparel maker now one of the country’s major PPE suppliers

Article July 24, 2020 Mondetta has become one of Canada’s major suppliers of medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

SnapCab’s modular, enclosed pods being used in an open workspace environment for privacy and noise reduction.

SnapCab works to create a safe place during the COVID-19 pandemic

Article June 15, 2020 Stepping up to support frontline workers

Beautiful potted orchids and other plants on a console table

Up-front payment worries eased for Canadian pottery supplier

Article June 05, 2020 To avoid losing pre-payments for new machinery, this pottery company decided to insure them.

2019 Cleantech export star ecobee

Giving back: Smart thermostat gives customers the power to change the world

Blog November 07, 2019 Ecobee, an export development canada cleantech export star, is finding new ways to help cities become more sustainable

ecommerce holiday shipping

How to prepare your e-commerce business for holiday shipping

Blog October 21, 2019 Did you know 50% to 60% of retail sales usually come in the last three months?

Accessing EDC Porfolio Credit Insurance and Export Guaranty program gave Marianne Bertrand the ability to grow and go global.

Muttluks: How a dog accessory company went global

Success Story Two EDC products gave Muttluks the confidence to try sales in the U.S.

Field of sunflowers

From the kitchen to the world stage: How Green Beaver’s beauty products have garnered international success

Success Story This natural beauty product company turned to EDC to mitigate its risks and access more money when international opportunities arose


A top-shelf approach to selling internationally took HockeyShot to new markets

Success Story Accessing EDC’s Export Guarantee Program allowed this hockey-training company to deliver the world’s largest synthetic ice rink in Mexico

Joy Yap walks between green bushes.

Facing the future headfirst with Joy Yap

Blog June 04, 2019 Eco-beauty entrepreneur on the rewards, challenges of owning your own business

Accessing EDC Select Credit Insurance provided peace of mind for Joy Yap when her natural beauty company started exporting to the U.S.

Wyld Skincare: Put your best face forward

Success Story Accessing EDC Select Credit Insurance provided peace of mind for Joy Yap when her natural beauty company started exporting to the U.S.



Success Story This pet accessory company came to EDC to access working capital when their unique technology helped them garner attention and take on large international contracts right away.

MTL Cool

MTL Cool

Success Story The company was able to take on contracts — some as large as $8 million — thanks to guarantees from EDC that helped to ease cash flow problems.

Vancouver-based beauty product company Grace and Stella Co.

Grace and Stella Co.

Success Story Vancouver-based Grace and Stella Co. deliver a spa experience to your home using the power of e-commerce.

Exporting tips from Rebels Refinery

Rebels Refinery: Exporting tips from a globally successful skincare company

Blog May 23, 2018 From Dragon’s Den to a $10 million company, four tips that helped Rebels Refinery become an international success.

Sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Top 5 sector opportunities for Canadian businesses in China

Blog April 20, 2018 EDC’s Chief Representative for Greater China, Chia Wan Liew, helps Canadian businesses sell to China.

Backcountry ski equipment producer G3

G3: Pushing the Boundaries of the Backcountry

Video This is the story of a young entrepreneur who turned a home-based start-up, G3, into one of the most successful producers of backcountry ski equipment in North America.

How to Sell Internationally on eBay

Entrepreneurs use eBay to boost international sales

Blog January 23, 2018 Learn how two of eBay’s Entrepreneur of the Year award winners sell on eBay.

Children’s lifestyle brand Pehr Designs

Pehr Designs

Video This children’s lifestyle brand paired business savvy with insurance to find international success.

Godin Guitars EDC Feature

Simplifying Godin Guitars' supply chain to become a global leader

Article November 21, 2017 Since the 1964 hit "Walk, Don't Run", Montreal-based musician Robert Godin began modifying and customizing guitars, as well as making a new one from scratch.

Abbyshot EDC Feature

Abbyshot finds a competitive edge in the U.S. and U.K.

Article October 25, 2017 Abbyshot started out by running a home-sewing business. Now, they export in over 50 countries and work with companies like ABC/Disney and Sony Pictures.

British Columbia wind and water sports company Ocean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo: From Childhood Dreams to Commercial Success

Success Story The story of British Columbia wind and water sports company Ocean Rodeo is a story about passion, collaboration, risk and opportunity.

Export insights Asham Curling

Hurry Hard! Asham Curling Supplies glides to export success

Article September 01, 2017 Since the entry of curling in the 1998 Olympic games, the sport has seen an evolution. Companies like Asham Curling Supplies are finding success in exporting.

Export insights Les Grand Ballets

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal on the international stage

Article August 10, 2017 Read how Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal has found success in exporting cultural products through their international tours.

Celine Dion exporting music

How four women changed the export world for Canadian musicians

Blog July 26, 2017 The four best-selling Canadian musicians of all time, both at home and in export markets, are women. Read how they’ve changed the export world.

Exporting Canadian music

How digital technology and exporting have changed Canadian music

Blog July 18, 2017 The rise of music streaming has globalized the marketplace and Canada is exporting more music today than ever before. Here’s why.

Export insights Arcana Studios

Export insights from Arcana Studios

Article June 26, 2017 Sean O’Reilly, founder and CEO of Arcana studios, shares lessons learned from his exporting journey.

Arcana studios EDC feature

B.C.'s Arcana Studios: Exporting creativity to foreign markets

Article June 23, 2017 Founder of British Columbia based Arcana Studios shares his key to achieving global success in the creative industry. Read more to find out.

Empire Industries EDC feature

How exporting amusement rides redefined Empire Industries’ growth strategy

Article June 19, 2017 Learn how exporting amusement rides and telescopes overseas has helped Empire Strategies grow their business.

Export insights LumberMart

Customer service in the online retail world: Export insights from LumberMart

Article June 12, 2017 LumberMart’s Kimberley Witherspoon shares what she’s learned from exporting and more insights for Canadian SMEs.

LumberMart EDC feature

LumberMart: Using online sales to bolster business through exporting

Article June 09, 2017 Read how LumberMart successfully launched the e-commcerce side of their business to stay competitive in a saturated market.

The Strumbellas - Exporting arts and culture

How Canadian arts and culture opens doors for exporting

Blog June 05, 2017 From Cirque de Soleil to The Weeknd, markets are importing Canadian arts and culture. Learn more about supporting Canadian artistry abroad.

Export insights Boutique Step Up

Export insights from eBay Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Article May 30, 2017 Christine Deslaurier, owner of Step Up Boutique, shares lessons learned from her 10 year long export journey as an e-bay and brick & mortar store owner.

Boutique Step Up EDC feature

Step Up Boutique sells to 42 countries worldwide, with help from eBay

Article May 29, 2017 Find out how Step Up Boutique, a micro-multinational, has sold to 42 countries in her 10 years of business.

Export insights Krumpers Solar Blinds

Delivering excellence: Insights from Krumpers Solar Blinds

Article May 16, 2017 Krumpers Solar Blinds’ Diana Livshits discusses Canadian suppliers’ excellent reputation of delivering abroad. Learn how this can help your business.

Krumpers Solar Blinds EDC Feature

Krumpers Solar Blinds: Exporting an environmentally-friendly solution

Article May 15, 2017 Read how Krumpers Solar Blinds began exporting their environmentally-friendly solar blinds to markets across the world.

Export Insights from Silver Crystal Sports

Silver Crystal Sports: Increase exports by being more nimble

Article Jeff Silver, co-CEO of Silver Crystal Sports, discusses the importance of being nimble and agile to increase export sales.

Silver Crystal Sports EDC Feature

To grow beyond North America, Silver Crystal Sports targets Australia

Article Learn how Toronto-based company, Silver Crystal Sports, targeted the Australian market to export their product in the $12-billion sports memorabilia industry.

Export Insights from Schleese Saddlery

Schleese Saddlery works with its partners to find export success

Article Ontario-based company Schleese Saddlery discusses how it's important educate yourself and listening to those who know more than you when it comes to exporting.

Schleese Saddlery EDC Feature

Traditional meets innovative: How Schleese Saddlery transformed saddles

Article Have you ever wondered how saddle technology has evolved while respecting its traditional European roots? Schleese Saddlery saw its potential and pursued it.

Export Insights Canadian Natural Oils

Export insights from Canadian Natural Oils' Juanita Corbett

Article Choosing and trusting your distributor can be critical to your success abroad. Read more about Canadian Natural Oils' export journey from owner Juanita Corbett.

Canadian Natural Oils EDC Feature

Canadian Natural Oils' health and wellness exports are in full bloom

Article Learn how this entrepreneurial couple transformed an unsightly plant into a lucrative natural oils exporting business, with a help of a good agent-distributor.

Export Insights MyPakage Apparel

Keys to MyPakage's export success: Customer service and partnerships

Article MyPakage Apparel's CEO discusses the art of customer services, the importance of partnerships, and how to adapt to different markets.

MyPakage Apparel EDC Feature

MyPakage reinforces its supply chain to prepare for new export markets

Article To sell their unique idea in a niche market, MyPakage Apparel strengthened its supply chain. Learn how this helped the company find success in new markets.

Export Insights Bladetech Hockey

Partnerships and face time critical for Bladetech Hockey's exports

Article March 22, 2017 Bladetech Hockey's Anthony Morra explains how having trusted partnerships and face-to-face meetings are essential for successfully exporting products.

Bladetech Hockey EDC Feature

NHL players help Bladetech Hockey establish its export potential

Article March 21, 2017 Instead of using the traditional sales routes, Bladetech Hockey focused on what they call the "Holy Grail" of hockey - NHL players - to sell their products.

Export Insights Moxie Trades

The importance of the U.S. market for Moxie Trades' export success

Article March 08, 2017 Moxie Trades' President and CEO explains how Canada's friends south of the border played a critical role in the export success of the company she built.

Moxie Trades EDC Feature

Moxie Trades: From the Dragon's Den to success exporting boots worldwide

Article March 07, 2017 The idea to launch a female-oriented work-wear line came to Moxie Trades' founder Marissa McTasney during her own search for women's safety equipment.

Export Insights m0851

m0851 on the importance of creative freedom for exporters

Article March 06, 2017 Learn how wholesaling through retailers helped build up m0851's reputation at home and worldwide, while maintaining its creative freedom and brand identity.

m0851 EDC Feature

Montreal's m0851 exporting design drives global retail success

Article March 03, 2017 m0851, an apparel company based in Montreal, began exporting their creative designs from the beginning to stay competitive in international markets.

Export Insights MW Canada

Export advice on the evolving global textile industry from MW Canada

Article February 27, 2017 Once full of small-to-medium sized furnishing stores, the textile market has evolved. Find out how MW Canada has been nimble enough to evolve with it.

MW Canada EDC Feature

MW Canada has the right export details to be a leading global company

Article February 24, 2017 MW Canada is recognized worldwide for its ongoing development of industry-leading technologies, notably in technical textiles.

Hibernum EDC Feature

Montreal's Hibernum learns to play from its international partners

Article February 14, 2017 Hibernum, a video game developer for mobile platforms and consoles, has worked with world-renowned brands, such as Disney, Fruit Ninja, and Bruce Lee.

Export Insights Bulat Kitchen Knife

Building a successful crowdfunding recipe: Bulat Kitchen Knife

Article February 13, 2017 A successful crowdfunding campaign can be a great tool for building a community and testing your products. Learn from the founder of Bulat Kitchen Knives.

Bulat EDC Feature

Bulat's crowdfunding campaign gets over 5,000 customers and investors

Article February 10, 2017 A knife aficionado and foodie, Bulat Kitchen Knife's creator beat his goal of raising $25,000 in the first 24 hours of the 30-day campaign through crowdfunding.

Export Insights Revol Technologies

Revol Technologies: Planning is essential to crowdfunding success

Article February 09, 2017 Planning for crowdfunding is just as critical as the selling phase. Learn more from Revol Technologies, which created custom-fit Bluetooth earphones.

Revol EDC Feature

Revol brings over 10,000 customers in 100 countries by crowdfunding

Article February 08, 2017 Montreal's Revol Technologies raised over $2.5 million, and secured approximately 10,500 customers in more than 100 countries through crowdfunding.

Export Insights from Wooki

How e-commerce provided Wooki with a natural transition to exporting

Article January 18, 2017 First through Canada Post, Wooki's CEO starting exporting his products through eBay. Learn how e-commerce can provide a "natural transition" to exporting.

Wooki EDC Feature

Wooki: the export journey of a top Canadian eBay entrepreneur

Article January 17, 2017 Gatineau, Quebec native Adrien Lavoie went from selling merchandise from his parents' basement to regularly shippings his products to 45 countries.

Export Insights from eBay Canada

E-commerce can help you find customers at a lower cost: eBay Canada

Article January 16, 2017 eBay Canada's managing director Andrea Stairs explains the power of e-commerce, as most Canadian eBay commercial sellers export to an average of 20 countries.

Export Insights Gongshow Gear

"Get boots on the ground first": Gongshow Gear

Article December 26, 2016 Gongshow Gear co-founders discss how their popular hockey lifestyle brand scored big in the global market, especially in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Vitality Air EDC Feature

Vitality Air: Exporting fresh mountain air from Canada's Rockies

Article August 15, 2016 What once started off as a joke became an opportunity to sell a lifestyle product in China. Learn how Edmonton's Vitality Air became an exporter overnight.

Export Insights Vitality Air

"The maple leaf is a great brand": Vitality Air

Article August 15, 2016 Vitality Air's president and CEO explains how supply and demand for a Canadian products led to tremendous exporting opportunities in China and other countries.

Gongshow Gear EDC Feature

Gongshow Gear’s hockey lifestyle brand scores big in the global arena

Article June 16, 2016 Gongshow Gear started with a novel idea at a university pub in 2002. Fifteen years later, they are a global success, selling in stores around the world and online.

TWI Foods EDC Feature

For TWI Foods, niche marks the spot

Article March 31, 2016 TWI Foods started in 1997 with just one oven. Now, the company has two facilities and international export success, which accounts for two-thirds of its annual revenue.

Buddy's Kitchen EDC Feature

Buddy's Kitchen: Innovating pet food for global success

Article February 10, 2016 Buddy's Kitchen thrives by keeping your furry companion happy and healthy with next-generation nutritional pet food. Learn about their export journey and success.