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Top 10 global trends in 2021

Article October 13, 2021 EDC’s Economics team identifies the challenges and opportunities facing Canadian companies, including the impact of COVID-19, global protectionism, climate change and social unrest.

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Global Economic Outlook—Autumn 2021

Guide September 29, 2021 As the world grapples with COVID-19 and rapidly shifting economic and political news, Canadian companies are facing new risks during these uncertain times. EDC’s 2021 Global Economic Outlook offers insight on these challenges and the opportunities to help you make better business decisions.

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Tracking Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19

Report September 24, 2021 EDC’s Canadian Economic Recovery Tracker highlights key trends in Canada’s economic performance.

Peter Hall, EDC

A fall cooling for hot summer prices?

Weekly Commentary August 19, 2021 Nothing automatic about slower near-term inflation

African-Canadian business man looks out over the River Thames.

Country Risk Quarterly—Summer 2021

Guide August 12, 2021 In these uncertain times, EDC is keeping a close eye on how COVID-19 is impacting Canada and the global economy. Stay on top of changing country risks, so you can make more informed decisions.

Peter Hall, EDC

Exports as a global recovery gauge

Weekly Commentary August 05, 2021 In the trade Olympics, who gets gold?

A businessman speaks on a web conference with an advisor using a laptop webcam.

Export Help Hub

Tool July 05, 2021 Insights to guide smart export decisions.

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EDC’s Trade Confidence Index

Article June 24, 2021 As businesses continue to navigate their way through the pandemic, in our mid-year 2021 TCI, the outlook according to Canadian exporters has rebounded significantly from an all-time low at the same time last year. Discover the highlights of this important survey, including the top markets of interest for exporters.

Construction worker oversees the pouring of concrete on a large-scale project.

Land of opportunity: U.S. shortages pave way for Canadian exports

Article June 23, 2021 Former U.S ambassador, Bruce Heyman highlights opportunities in his nation for Canadian exporters

Peter Hall, EDC

The return to normal

Weekly Commentary June 03, 2021 What will post-pandemic life be like?

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Sustainable agriculture production key for Canada

Report May 31, 2021 Canada’s exports perform remarkably well as global, domestic food demand increases

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Labour shortage

Weekly Commentary May 27, 2021 Lack of skilled workers in some sectors may constrain growth

Peter Hall, EDC

Capacity crunch

Weekly Commentary May 20, 2021 Economic recovery more challenging than expected

Asian grocery store clerk takes inventory of his stock.

Good & bad of COVID-19: Survey outlines impacts on Canadian businesses

Blog May 18, 2021 EDC research panel survey highlights impacts of the pandemic on Canadian businesses.

Peter Hall, EDC

Clearing COVID-19 clouds in the U.S., Europe darken other horizons

Weekly Commentary May 13, 2021 Many emerging markets face fiscal stress

Warehouse foreman wearing face mask doing inventory.

COVID-19: The impacts on Canadian businesses at home and abroad

Report May 10, 2021 The EDC Research Panel’s March survey highlights the challenges imposed by the global pandemic.

Peter Hall, EDC

Soaring wood prices: I’m stumped!

Weekly Commentary April 29, 2021 Building supplies currently hard to come by

Peter Hall, EDC

Economic restart: A piece of cake?

Weekly Commentary April 22, 2021 Rebooting harder than shutting down

Asian-Canadian engineer checks details on warehouse tablet

Understanding Canada’s goods exporters

Report April 22, 2021 Trace the history of the Canadian goods trade from 2005 to 2020

Peter Hall, EDC

Grounded for now

Weekly Commentary April 15, 2021 Will we ever return to our jet-setting ways?

Peter Hall, EDC

Global forecast: The economic storm is passing

Weekly Commentary April 01, 2021 Improved U.S. outlook boosting key economies

Peter Hall, EDC

Economic outlook: U.S. in for banner year

Weekly Commentary March 25, 2021 Forecast brighter for Canada, Japan, United Kingdom

Peter Hall, EDC

Job market begins to heat up

Weekly Commentary March 18, 2021 Pandemic-vulnerable industries still lag behind

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Canada’s goods exports and COVID-19

Report March 12, 2021 Despite a decline of $74 billion in 2020, commercial goods exports have recovered at record speed

Peter Hall, EDC

Vehicle demand is hot

Weekly Commentary March 11, 2021 Supply chain disruptions major headache for auto producers

Silhouette of young family and airplane.

Canada’s services trade hit hard by pandemic

Report March 05, 2021 Our services exports plunged $25 billion in 2020, an unprecedented decline for the sector

Peter Hall, EDC

Canada’s climb out of the COVID-19 chasm

Weekly Commentary March 04, 2021 What do we make of the Canadian economy’s pandemic progress, and are better times ahead?

Woman wears mask while grocery shopping

How COVID-19 is transforming the retail sector

Report March 03, 2021 With dramatic shifts in consumer spending patterns and shopping habits, the pandemic is driving seismic changes in retail business models and operations. Read this overview on the pandemic impacts on the retail landscape and how this industry may adapt to a new normal.

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Invixium: The new face (recognition) of health and safety

Article March 02, 2021 Canadian biometric company Invixium makes innovative business pivot to keep growing during pandemic

Ross Prusakowski, EDC

COVID-19 impacts vary across countries

Weekly Commentary February 25, 2021 One-third of emerging markets face pandemic fallout, collapse in oil prices.

A small business owner is packing her product in boxes, preparing it for delivery.

The future of retail: Exceeding post-COVID-19 customer expectations

Webinar Discover the future of retail and how to use technology to evolve your customers into advocates.

Peter Hall, EDC

Plunging infections: Success, or just another wave?

Weekly Commentary February 18, 2021 It seems almost too good to be true

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Feeding a world hungry for Canada

Blog February 16, 2021 EDC and FCC are committed to working together to support the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Peter Hall, EDC

Shortage of shipping containers a critical concern

Weekly Commentary February 11, 2021 Soaring freight rate hikes, delays for goods purchased from China.

Peter Hall, EDC

U.S. housing market: Sign of global revival?

Weekly Commentary February 04, 2021 As U.S. COVID-19 numbers improve, a key leading indicator is waking up.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global outlook: Hope deferred

Weekly Commentary January 28, 2021 Our latest Global Economic Outlook expects somewhat softer growth in 2021 than initially expected.

A businesswoman is taking a break in her home office.

Finding new customers: How to diversify your markets

Webinar Learn how to leverage technology to find new markets and customers.

Peter Hall, EDC

Risk: Friend or foe?

Weekly Commentary January 21, 2021 The appetite for risk in an ever-changing world

Peter Hall, EDC

Turning the page to 2021

Weekly Commentary January 14, 2021 Do our Happy New Year wishes already have a very hollow ring to them?

A businesswoman maps out her company’s strategy.

Tackle the COVID-19 economy with the free EDC Business Pivot Playbook

Blog January 05, 2021 The Business Pivot Playbook will help you plan for recovery and growth in today’s economy.

Peter Hall, EDC

Canadian trade confidence rebounds

Weekly Commentary December 17, 2020 Near-term outlook improves after hitting all-time low at start of pandemic.

Engineer checks robotic arms in auto factory.

U.S. economy doing well, all things considered

Article December 15, 2020 There are signs of hope for better days ahead for Canada-U.S. trade.

A businessman is working from home while watching his baby girl.

Gear up for 2021: Financial solutions to navigate COVID-19

Webinar Companies across Canada are facing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 economy. Our solutions can help.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: The surprise of the year

Weekly Commentary December 10, 2020 How has this redefined our world, and what are its lasting effects?

A small business owner tunes into an EDC webinar for advice on navigating the COVID-19 economy.

Top 5 webinars of 2020: A story of uncertainty, recovery and hope

Blog December 10, 2020 Don’t miss EDC’s Top 5 webinars that Canadian companies registered for to help navigate COVID-19.

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Export to multiple markets and protect against risk: FCC Trade Report

Article December 09, 2020 FCC Releases their Trade Report outlining export diversification opportunities.

Peter Hall, EDC

RCEP: Significance of massive Asia-Pacific deal

Weekly Commentary December 03, 2020 When does it take effect, and what are its possible implications for global trade?

Silhouette of farmer in golden wheat field.

The organic food market in Canada and its global influence

Report November 27, 2020 Demand for organic products is growing as people become more health-conscious, incomes rise, and retail distribution expands.

A woman uses the EDC Export Help Hub App to get answers to her exporting questions.

Got questions about selling outside Canada? There’s an app for that

Blog November 27, 2020 Canadian companies on Shopify can access EDC’s Export Help Hub from the Shopify App Store.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and country risk implications

Weekly Commentary November 26, 2020 The strength of the recovery depends upon containing infections as well as government support.

Engineer directs forklift in stockyard

COVID-19: Surveying the damage

Weekly Commentary November 19, 2020 Insights from on-the-ground experiences of Canadian companies.

A man running a bicycle repair shop using a laptop computer.

How Canadian companies can navigate ‘business as unusual’

Webinar Find out how your company can manage risk and stay the course during these challenging times.

Businesswoman works on a financial forecast.

Financial forecasting 101

Guide November 13, 2020 Learn how experts are creating financial forecasts for businesses during COVID-19.

Female potter fills online orders from home

Spiking COVID-19 cases threaten Canada’s recovery

Weekly Commentary November 12, 2020 Momentum has clearly slowed, and fourth-quarter growth will be much weaker than the bounce-back enjoyed in the third quarter.

A woman works on her computer.

Getting it all together: Your step-by-step e-commerce summary

Blog November 12, 2020 Evolve your digital strategy in the face of COVID-19’s impacts.

A photo of mountain climbing safety gear.

Managing business risk at home and abroad

Guide November 09, 2020 Identify and minimize the risks your company is facing.

An entrepreneur peeks out from behind her colourful wool inventory.

A fulfilling endeavour: Get your online store ready to fill orders

Blog November 06, 2020 Here’s how to ensure your online business is ready to fulfill orders when they start rolling in.

Peter Hall, EDC

Top concern: Recovery from COVID-19

Weekly Commentary November 05, 2020 We heard a lot about what’s keeping our key customers up at night.

Male employer wearing a face mask explains corporate goals to his staff.

How to preserve your business integrity amid COVID-19

Blog November 05, 2020 Canadian companies must evaluate their risk culture, adjust to strengthen resiliency during pandemic

Industrial plant colleagues wear masks at work in pandemic

Global Export Forecast—Autumn 2020

Guide October 29, 2020 Get expert insights from EDC’s Economics team on the current trends influencing global trade and Canadian exports.

Peter Hall, EDC

Better than feared, but slow and uneven road ahead

Weekly Commentary October 29, 2020 Despite the massive upheaval caused by the pandemic, global trade bounced back faster than expected.

Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber, owners of PRANA Biovegan

PRANA Biovegan: Changing the world with healthy snacks

Article October 27, 2020 PRANA Biovegan was able to focus on growth during COVID-19 with EDC’s Investment Matching Program.

Virtual Conference Call

Listening Our Way Through a Pandemic Crisis

Blog October 26, 2020 EDC’s COVID-19 relief has included providing liquidity, credit insurance and loans through CEBA.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: When do I get my job back?

Weekly Commentary October 22, 2020 Improvement is expected to continue, but the recent rise in second-wave infections is expected to slow the progress.

Variety of foods in takeout boxes

With rising takeout sales, demand for Gallimore food containers spikes

Article October 20, 2020 Maker of compostable takeout containers turns to EDC to help meet demand during COVID-19.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19’s demands on the economy

Weekly Commentary October 15, 2020 As the economy restarts, is it all about demand, or is there more?

A business woman stands with her arms crossed

Business recovery and resilience guide

Guide October 15, 2020 Get practical solutions and expertise to help create business resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Field of wheat against a blue sky

Silver linings in a global pandemic: Canada’s agri-food yields strong growth despite trade disruptions

Blog October 14, 2020 Farm Credit Canada’s Craig Klemmer highlights key opportunities for agriculture during COVID-19

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19, recovery, and inflation

Weekly Commentary October 08, 2020 Are price hikes lurking around the corner, or are these fears unfounded?

An artist sets up her online store.

Costing and financing e-commerce platforms

Blog October 06, 2020 How to choose, cost out and finance an e-commerce platform for your Canadian business.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Fast won’t last

Weekly Commentary October 01, 2020 We’re already seeing a growth moderation that will test our mettle, and future containment of infections is far from guaranteed.

An example of a product created by Good Natured.

Packaging company grows, despite COVID-19, with bank and EDC help

Article September 30, 2020 Read how the EDC BCAP Guarantee helped Good Natured Products get financing.

Colourful skirts twirl in a local marketplace.

How to boost sales by localizing your shopping cart for new markets

Blog September 30, 2020 Tips to make online customers feel right at home on your website, no matter what market they’re in.

A woman entrepreneur gazes over a sprawling city.

Getting online with Google: What your customers want

Blog September 29, 2020 How to set up a great digital experience for your customers, to navigate the current economy and beyond.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and CETA’s third birthday

Weekly Commentary September 24, 2020 Does this anniversary bring hope for better outcomes on the other side of the current maelstrom?

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Debt drama

Weekly Commentary September 17, 2020 In 2020, we’ve seen the steepest year-over-year rise in public debt-to-GDP ratios in recent history.

Fluid Energy already had the capabilities, licenses, as well as supplier and packaging relationships required to producing hand sanitizer.

How a Calgary company used EDC to help it make a COVID-19 pivot

Article September 11, 2020 Traditionally, Fluid mainly specialized in producing environmentally responsible, advanced chemical systems for a variety of uses within the oil and gas sector. Now they are also producing hand sanitizer.

A software engineer sits at her desk.

SaaS companies positioned to thrive with careful measures

Article September 10, 2020 See how COVID-19 impacted the SaaS sector and what indicators show for the future.

Peter Hall, EDC

What is post-COVID-19 growth going to look like?

Weekly Commentary September 10, 2020 Canadian sectors, like retailing and international trade, look positively V-shaped, and give hope that the rest of the economy might soon follow.

Three entrepreneurs gather excitedly around a laptop to see their new online store.

Selling online has never been easier...or more necessary

Blog September 08, 2020 COVID-19 has closed the doors of many retail stores, but it opened a huge window to online opportunities

An engineer standing in front of an industrial machine with his laptop talks on the phone

The New NAFTA: How to leverage CUSMA to enter new markets

Webinar Explore key changes from NAFTA to CUSMA and learn how to leverage the trade deal to enter into new markets.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: The role of pent-up demand

Weekly Commentary September 03, 2020 When economies falter, what brings them back up again?

A man runs down a path.

Here’s why cash flow forecasting is critical during COVID-19

Blog August 27, 2020 A proactive approach now can ensure a stronger cash flow position in the future.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and the demand for food

Weekly Commentary August 20, 2020 Food producers, like all other industries, have been hugely affected.

Farmer in soybean field.

COVID-19: Canada’s agri-food sector yields strong results despite pandemic

Report August 20, 2020 Canada’s agriculture exports have been remarkably resilient during the COVID-19 crisis. Read this EDC Economics overview for a snapshot of this vital Canadian sector.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and the gold rally

Weekly Commentary August 13, 2020 The world is abuzz over gold’s recent rally to a record high of US$2,000 and beyond.

Woman paddling looking out on the water

Nova Craft Canoe: The path of the paddle

Success Story From a backyard start-up to a Canadian export success story, Nova Craft Canoe shares Canadian values and culture with the world.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Reading the GDP data

Weekly Commentary August 06, 2020 Dated numbers are still telling scary stories. As such, it’s best to look at the details for signs of true recovery. Things are moving so quickly and radically that the details are more important than ever.

A sailboat cuts through choppy waters.

Taking control of your cash flow

Article August 05, 2020 Cash-flow conservation and management practices can help your company navigate the COVID-19 economy.

Ominous skies over a lumber mill

Canada’s forestry industry grapples with impacts of COVID-19

Report August 03, 2020 The forestry sector is an important economic driver and a vital source of employment for Canadians. Read this EDC Economics overview for a pulse check on the industry and how it will need to adapt in the coming years.

Business man wearing surgical mask sends text on his cellphone

COVID-19: Understanding the macroeconomic impacts of the global pandemic

Report July 30, 2020 This EDC Economics report reviews the rapidly-expanding research on the significant revenue losses, weaker commodity prices and volatile financial markets due to COVID-19.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Is global trade back up?

Weekly Commentary July 30, 2020 As we wrestle with COVID-19, is international trade back up, backing up, or is there a backup in capacity that’s stalling things?

Peter Hall, EDC

Tracking the COVID-19 economy

Weekly Commentary July 23, 2020 How is Canada weathering the pandemic? Check out EDC’s new Canadian Economic Recovery Tracker.

Ian Tobman, EDC

Top 10 risks living in a COVID world

Weekly Commentary July 16, 2020 EDC’S Top 10 Global Risks identifies the uncertainties facing Canadian businesses

Male carpenter in his studio.

EDC COVID-19 impact survey suggests the worst is behind us

Blog July 14, 2020 Despite significant challenges, Canadian companies are identifying new opportunities, domestically and internationally, and investing in online capabilities to beef up sales.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Containing the second wave

Weekly Commentary July 09, 2020 Is the fledgling rebound from COVID-19 lockdowns at risk?

A woman accepts delivery of her online orders.

The new e-commerce: An eight-part series to help your company thrive

Blog July 07, 2020 E-commerce experts show companies how to survive and thrive in the COVID-19 economy.

A fishing boat floats near the shore.

Seafood industry slowly recovering from COVID-19

Article July 06, 2020 COVID-19 has forced Atlantic Canada’s seafood industry to rethink how they do business.

Peter Hall, EDC

Trade imminent bounce-back from COVID-19?

Weekly Commentary July 02, 2020 COVID-19’s economic mayhem has given rise to a wide variety of recovery paths

Ceremonial feathered headdresses at powwow

Forging closer ties: EDC aims to build lasting partnerships with Canada’s Indigenous community

Article June 30, 2020 EDC keen to build lasting partnerships with robust Indigenous business community

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19’s effects anything but even

Weekly Commentary June 18, 2020 COVID-19 has generated no winners—only survivors.

InkSmith CEO Jeremy Hedges stands on his factory floor.

Reinventing business during COVID-19

Article June 16, 2020 A CEO shares lessons learned while creating a new business during the pandemic.

SnapCab’s modular, enclosed pods being used in an open workspace environment for privacy and noise reduction.

SnapCab works to create a safe place during the COVID-19 pandemic

Article June 15, 2020 Stepping up to support frontline workers

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: A glimmer of hope?

Weekly Commentary June 11, 2020 For Canada, June is looking upbeat.

Peter Hall, EDC

Is COVID-19 the biggest test yet for the retail sector?

Weekly Commentary June 04, 2020 COVID-19 has been a nasty shock for retailers the world over.

The island of Stone Town, Zanzibar glistens in sunlight

Economic impact of COVID-19 threatens Africa’s hard-won gains

Blog June 01, 2020 The continent is on course for its first recession in 25 years.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global tourism rocked by COVID-19

Weekly Commentary May 28, 2020 Few industries have felt the sting of COVID-19 more than global tourism.

Female paddles in canoe on Moraine Lake

COVID-19 leaves tourism industry reeling

Report May 26, 2020 With international travel shut down and consumers struggling with financial hardships, this sector has suffered a severe blow. Read this EDC Economics overview to discover when the industry could bounce back.

Bridge spanning rushing water with U.S. flag flapping in the wind

Staying connected with the U.S. during COVID-19

Article May 26, 2020 EDC representatives in Atlanta and Chicago share COVID-19 impacts on their markets and outlooks for the future

Smiling woman checking her laptop and talking to a customer on her phone

Managing your cash flow during COVID-19—and beyond

Blog May 25, 2020 EDC’s Jennifer Cooke shares insights on how Canadian businesses can manage cash flow during the pandemic

Frustrated man sitting in a booth staring at his laptop

COVID-19: EDC survey finds 10 key impacts on Canadian businesses

Blog May 22, 2020 EDC Research Panel survey outlines how the pandemic is affecting Canadian companies in domestic and international markets.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and the auto sector

Weekly Commentary May 21, 2020 Things were looking good for the global automotive sector entering 2020

Aerial view of the city of Johannesburg, Africa

Market insights: Monitoring the business impact of COVID-19 on Africa

Blog May 19, 2020 How markets in Africa have been impacted by COVID-19

Marine biologist analyses water test results

COVID-19 causing unprecedented setbacks for cleantech industry

Report May 15, 2020 Expected to be a major driver of Canada’s future economic growth, clean technology is being hit hard by the global pandemic. Get more insights by reading this EDC Economics overview.

White and gold mosque in Abu Dhabi

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on the Middle East

Blog May 13, 2020 EDC’s chief representative shares his first-hand account of the market challenges in the Middle East

A woman in the medical supply industry looks at incoming orders.

EDC helps Canadian businesses equip COVID-19 front-line personnel

Article May 12, 2020 Front-line workers are facing a global shortage of PPE to fight COVID-19. EDC has joined that fight.

Skeleton of new car sits in closed plant

COVID-19 puts the brakes on the auto industry

Report May 08, 2020 With assembly operations shut down and supply chains stalled, this sector has been hit hard by the pandemic. Read this EDC Economics overview to find out how it will rebound.

Stephen Tapp, EDC

EDC’s COVID-19 survey

Weekly Commentary May 07, 2020 Until official data are posted, surveys are our best view of reality. What does EDC's survey say?

Woman attending a meeting on her cellphone

Going the distance: 5 ways to build a virtual team

Blog May 07, 2020 Building a high-performing remote team takes a special skill-set. Here’s how to do it.

Kareway Homes owner Wayne Cunnningham and his wife Carol at their job site.

Construction company finds pandemic relief with BCAP

Article May 06, 2020 When COVID-19 made a promising bank loan fall apart, BCAP and EDC helped get it back on track.

Man making a leap from one boulder to another

5 ways EDC can help your business get through COVID-19

Blog May 06, 2020 Five ways EDC can provide financial support to those in need

Man working in the shadows on his laptop

COVID-19: Planning for today’s survival and tomorrow’s growth

Blog May 01, 2020 Resources of support for Canadian companies impacted by the pandemic

Peter Hall, EDC

We’re not through the worst bit…yet

Weekly Commentary April 30, 2020 EDC Economics is in perpetual forecast mode until further notice. Here is our latest Global Economic Outlook.

Aerial view of urban Colombia

Market insights: Monitoring the business impact of COVID-19 on Colombia

Blog April 30, 2020 EDC’s Camilo Bresciani gives an inside look at the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Colombia

Panorama of the Miraflore Coast in Peru

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on Peru

Blog April 30, 2020 EDC’s regional manager shares his first-hand account of the challenges in Peru.

London Eye in the United Kingdom

Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on the United Kingdom

Blog April 27, 2020 EDC’s regional vice-president gives a first-hand account of the challenges in the U.K.

Chain fence across a beach

Five tips to help manage global supply chains disrupted by COVID-19

Article April 27, 2020 Technology is key to overcoming COVID-19 disruptions

Empty airport, parked airplane highlights gloom

COVID-19 grounds aerospace industry

Report April 24, 2020 With air traffic at a standstill, this sector is in for a wild ride. Read this EDC Economics overview to discover how it could take years for this industry to recover.

Different currencies are displayed on a world map.

Currency exchange risk: How to handle the ups and downs during COVID-19

Blog April 24, 2020 Currency exchange fluctuation is an even bigger risk during COVID-19. Here’s how to make sure your company comes out on top.

Peter Hall, EDC

The oil industry and COVID-19

Weekly Commentary April 23, 2020 Today’s oil patch woes are inconceivable – and not entirely caused by the virus.

Oil workers work on oil-patch rig

COVID-19: Navigating the turmoil in Canada’s energy sector

Report April 17, 2020 Read this insightful report by EDC Economics for an overview of the global oil and gas crisis and its ramifications for Canadian producers.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: The impact on industry

Weekly Commentary April 16, 2020 The need for business support is universal, but not uniform; some need more than others.

Monastery built into a mountain in India

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on India

Blog April 15, 2020 Regional managers gives a first-hand account of the challenges in India due to COVID-19

A factory closed due to COVID-19 sits empty behind metal fence

COVID-19: The sectoral and regional economic fallout in Canada

Blog April 14, 2020 Oil, gas and cleantech, transportation, manufacturing and service sectors experiencing severe challenges

Automobiles being built in a factory.

COVID-19 crisis: Challenges mount for many Canadian sectors

Guide April 14, 2020 EDC Economics analyzes the potential sectoral fallout in Canada

Peter Hall, EDC

The coronavirus policy response

Weekly Commentary April 09, 2020 In global government stimulus programs, there’s an urgent need for speed

Shanghai City skyleine

How to make it through COVID-19 with your business intact

Blog April 08, 2020 10 principles on getting through the COVID crisis from an EDC customer.

Singapore cityscape

Market insights: Managing COVID-19 business risks in Southeast Asia

Blog April 07, 2020 Get an inside look at the challenges Southeast Asia facing due to COVID-19.

Skyview of Brazil with Corcovado statue

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on South America

Blog April 06, 2020 EDC regional managers give a first-hand account of the challenges in Brazil and Chile

Bridge in Melbourne, Australia

Market insights: Monitoring the business impacts of COVID-19 on Australia

Blog April 03, 2020 EDC’s Teresa Nizzola gives an inside look at the impacts of COVID-19 on Australia

Shanghai skyline

Market insights: Managing COVID-19 business risks in China

Blog April 03, 2020 Get an inside look at the challenges China is facing due to COVID-19.

Peter Hall, EDC

Coronavirus and the consumer

Weekly Commentary April 02, 2020 If consumers aren’t overwhelmed with the huge but temporary decline, they’ll be the motor of a solid recovery.

business person working from home

Running your export business remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic

Article March 30, 2020 Tips and resources for your business.

Peter Hall, EDC

The coronavirus crunch

Weekly Commentary March 26, 2020 Coronavirus is rocking the world. How much, and for how long?

Sick man with a hood sitting alone on bench public transport, wearing protective facial mask

UPDATED FAQs: What Canadian exporters need to know about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Article March 25, 2020 Frequently asked questions on COVID-19

business people videoconferencing

Making virtual business connections during a global health crisis

Blog March 23, 2020 Seven tips to keep doing business in times of isolation.

Peter Hall, EDC

The coronavirus and business investment

Weekly Commentary March 19, 2020 How will business investment be affected by the coronavirus?

Man climbs up radio tower overlooking open water

How to manage business risk during the COVID-19 crisis

Article March 18, 2020 Canadian exporters need a solid strategy to manage impacts of COVID-19

A woman considers her business options.

EDC supports Canadian exporters during COVID-19

Blog March 16, 2020 EDC is here to help Canadian exporters navigate the impact of the coronavirus on their business.

Peter Hall, EDC

The expanding coronavirus (COVID-19) threat

Weekly Commentary March 12, 2020 No business is untouched by the Coronavirus; how is this global issue going to play out?

People rushing through an airport

Demand for Canadian exports drops with virus outbreak

Blog February 10, 2020 Economists are tracking what impact coronavirus will have on global trade.