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Port of Montreal exports

A look at trends in maritime transport at the Port of Montreal

Blog September 20, 2017 The Port of Montreal has played a historic role in the commercial development of Montreal and Canada, and the trade between Canada and international markets.

International pricing constraints

7 international pricing constraints every exporter needs to consider

Blog April 20, 2017 Pricing products and services appropriately is critical for exporting. It's important to understand the pricing constraints your business may face abroad.

Export Insights from Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products

Little Miss Chief: Knowing the importing rules is essential to success

Article B.C.'s Little Miss Chief discusses the importance of how knowing importing countries' rules and regulations is critical to your company's success.

Export Insights Branko's Beagles

Branko Beagle's knows the challenges of exporting furry friends

Article March 10, 2017 Manitoba-based Branko's Beagles knows the ins and outs - and navigates the regulatory challenges - of the dog breeding business at home and abroad.

Branko's Beagles EDC Feature

How a Manitoba couple built a worldwide beagle exporting empire

Article March 09, 2017 Some companies export materials, others export man's best friend. A Manitoba couple saw a 'pawsitive' opportunity to export quality-bred beagles globally.

Export Insights Bulat Kitchen Knife

Building a successful crowdfunding recipe: Bulat Kitchen Knife

Article February 13, 2017 A successful crowdfunding campaign can be a great tool for building a community and testing your products. Learn from the founder of Bulat Kitchen Knives.

Export Insights STEMCELL Technologies

Global long-term vision key to export success: STEMCELL Technologies

Article September 01, 2016 Vancouver's STEMCELLS Technologies exported from day one. Learn how their reputation with community researchers around the world helped validate their product.

STEMCELLS Technologies EDC Feature

Vancouver’s STEMCELL Technologies: An export story that spans 20 years

Article September 01, 2016 STEMCELLS Technologies needed certain tools to do research work in hemotology and oncology, and knew that other researchers around the world needed the same.