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Asian grocery store clerk takes inventory of his stock.

Good & bad of COVID-19: Survey outlines impacts on Canadian businesses

Blog May 18, 2021 EDC research panel survey highlights impacts of the pandemic on Canadian businesses.

Female shopkeeper wearing face mask serves customer

Looking ahead at Canada’s private sector

Report April 26, 2021 Track the challenges, opportunities and future growth patterns of the sector’s predominately small businesses through 2024.

Variety of foods in takeout boxes

With rising takeout sales, demand for Gallimore food containers spikes

Article October 20, 2020 Maker of compostable takeout containers turns to EDC to help meet demand during COVID-19.

Two businessmen in hard hats with shipping containers in background

Complying with CUSMA: What Canadian exporters, importers need to know

Blog August 28, 2020 An overview of the new rules of origin and origin certification

Worker moves stack of boxes on a hand dolly

Incoterms 2020: Understanding the Group D and FOB rules

Blog August 13, 2020 EDC trade advisor Emiliano Introcaso explains four rules pertaining to the delivery of exported goods.

Closeup of hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Understanding the new Canadian Export Reporting System

Blog June 22, 2020 No more filling out paper forms. Exporters can now electronically declare their shipments leaving Canada.

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Incoterms® 2020: Understanding the FCA rule

Blog May 22, 2020 The key for FCA is to specify the delivery point in the contract of sale.

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How customs brokers can help Canadian exporters

Blog March 06, 2020 Learn how customs brokers can help facilitate trade for Canadian exporters.

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Ciele Athletics: Performance, protection and seamless style

Success Story With EDC’s Export Guarantee Program, this hat company hit the ground running in the United States

Two colleagues consult with each other in a warehouse.

How to find your BFF (best freight forwarder)

Article January 15, 2020 5 things to look for in a freight forwarder.

Canadian brewers sell outside of Canada

Tap into new markets: 6 tips for Canadian brewers looking to sell outside of Canada

Blog November 15, 2019 6 tips for Canadian brewers looking to sell outside of Canada from a beer blogger and EDC Trade Advisor.

woman on laptop surrounded by shipping boxes

The U.S. e-commerce market: Rules, regulations and logistics

Blog November 07, 2019 The U.S. e-commerce market: Rules, regulations and logistics

ecommerce holiday shipping

How to prepare your e-commerce business for holiday shipping

Blog October 21, 2019 Did you know 50% to 60% of retail sales usually come in the last three months?

Truck moving a whole house

Building homes one relationship at a time

Article July 29, 2019 SK2 in Manitoba builds more than just custom homes. It builds lasting relationships.

clearing customs

The art of clearing customs

Blog September 21, 2018 We are living the e-commerce revolution. Add in a dollop of trade wars, and you have the recipe for unprecedented change.

Prince Rupert Port close to Asian Markets

Shortest sailing time to Asian markets gives Prince Rupert Port a major edge in exports

Blog February 20, 2018 Port of Prince Rupert is North America’s closest port to Asia by up to three days sailing.

Port of Montreal exports

A look at trends in maritime transport at the Port of Montreal

Blog September 20, 2017 The Port of Montreal has played a historic role in the commercial development of Montreal and Canada, and the trade between Canada and international markets.

Exporting Canada to China

China’s opening economy: Lots of opportunity for Canadian companies

Blog June 29, 2017 The removal of barriers to capital flow in the Chinese economy will offer Canadian exporters major benefits. Learn how.

Lyte Energy EDC feature

Cleantech company Lyte Energy has its sights on China and India

Article June 14, 2017 Lyte Energy shares how their helping transition the world to a hydrogen economy through education and their products.

Export insights Boutique Step Up

Export insights from eBay Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Article May 30, 2017 Christine Deslaurier, owner of Step Up Boutique, shares lessons learned from her 10 year long export journey as an e-bay and brick & mortar store owner.

Boutique Step Up EDC feature

Step Up Boutique sells to 42 countries worldwide, with help from eBay

Article May 29, 2017 Find out how Step Up Boutique, a micro-multinational, has sold to 42 countries in her 10 years of business.

Export Insights Canadian Natural Oils

Export insights from Canadian Natural Oils' Juanita Corbett

Article Choosing and trusting your distributor can be critical to your success abroad. Read more about Canadian Natural Oils' export journey from owner Juanita Corbett.

Canadian Natural Oils EDC Feature

Canadian Natural Oils' health and wellness exports are in full bloom

Article Learn how this entrepreneurial couple transformed an unsightly plant into a lucrative natural oils exporting business, with a help of a good agent-distributor.

Export Insights Revol Technologies

Revol Technologies: Planning is essential to crowdfunding success

Article February 09, 2017 Planning for crowdfunding is just as critical as the selling phase. Learn more from Revol Technologies, which created custom-fit Bluetooth earphones.

Export Insights from Martin & Vleminckx's

Martin & Vleminckx: Learn about other cultures

Article January 24, 2017 The CEO of roller coaster company Martin & Vleminckx discusses how export success came from face-to-face meetings and learning more about different countries.

Export Insights from Wooki

How e-commerce provided Wooki with a natural transition to exporting

Article January 18, 2017 First through Canada Post, Wooki's CEO starting exporting his products through eBay. Learn how e-commerce can provide a "natural transition" to exporting.

Wooki EDC Feature

Wooki: the export journey of a top Canadian eBay entrepreneur

Article January 17, 2017 Gatineau, Quebec native Adrien Lavoie went from selling merchandise from his parents' basement to regularly shippings his products to 45 countries.

Entering the U.S. Market: Logistics

Entering the U.S. market: Logistics and best practices

Guide A white paper with practical information on how to develop an effective, long-term strategy for exporting to the U.S. and establish a business presence.

Discover New Markets

Discover new markets

Guide Find the best markets for your business with this detailed guide, as well as market entry strategies, investing, steps to export success, and more.

Pioneer Log Homes EDC Feature

Pioneer Log Homes uses marketing to feed global demand for rustic luxury

Article March 10, 2016 Bryan Reid Sr. built his first log home for his family 43 years ago. Learn how word-of-mouth marketing led to exporting to 23 countries for Pioneer Log Homes.