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Peter Hall, EDC

Global business investment is at a standstill

Weekly Commentary January 16, 2020 The story stretches back over a decade.

The Commodity Tracker

The Commodity Tracker

Guide January 13, 2020 Commodity prices can impact exporting, world trade and your business, but you can stay abreast of prices and other indicators with this at-a-glance report.

Entrepreneurs analyzing global financial data

Global Financial Markets

Guide January 13, 2020 Keep track of the international markets that matter to your business. Get the latest financial and macroeconomic information for both developed and emerging markets.

Sunset view of Jakarta’s National Monument’s gold-layered torch.

Indonesia: A nation of contrasts

Blog January 13, 2020 An emerging economy with a diverse culture and array of traditions, the Indonesian market is worth exploring for Canadian businesses

Peter Hall, EDC

Will 2020 bring an end to the policy pause?

Weekly Commentary January 09, 2020 Is trade policy mayhem here to stay?

Man walks down middle of road, facing the future

EDC Economics looks back at an eventful year and the road ahead for 2020

Blog January 06, 2020 A look at what opportunities and challenges are on the horizon in 2020

A woman in a sari dances in front of an ornate entrance with a view of the Taj Mahal.

Taking your business to India

Webinar India’s fast-growing economy makes it a promising market for Canadian exports. Explore the opportunities and challenges for businesses entering India in our new webinar.

Peter Hall, EDC

Surprise of the decade

Weekly Commentary December 19, 2019 A decade is a long time; did this one have a pivotal eco-political moment?

Peter Hall, EDC

Cold, cold Christmas for consumers?

Weekly Commentary December 12, 2019 Are consumers singing a dirge or a dance this holiday season?

A skier takes an impressive leap on a bright, snowy hilltop.

Fall 2019 Global Export Forecast

Webinar Doing business internationally begins with knowing where opportunity lies. Our webinar will give you the latest insights into the global economy.