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Rewards & risks of export payment terms

Blog December 18, 2020 EDC’s Emiliano Introcaso and Ryan Oxley outline the rewards and risks of export payment terms.

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Managing business risk at home and abroad

Guide November 09, 2020 Identify and minimize the risks your company is facing.

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The cost vs. the benefits of insuring your sales

Guide Can you afford not to get paid? This guide will help you weigh your options.

For the canola industry, the international landscape is changing. Export Development Canada is here to help.

EDC steps up to support the canola industry

Article For the canola industry, the international market landscape is changing. Export Development Canada is here to help.

Accessing EDC Select Credit Insurance provided peace of mind for Joy Yap when her natural beauty company started exporting to the U.S.

Wyld Skincare: Put your best face forward

Success Story Accessing EDC Select Credit Insurance provided peace of mind for Joy Yap when her natural beauty company started exporting to the U.S.

Targray Corporation


Success Story EDC’s Export Guarantee Program and Portfolio Credit Insurance allowed this company to go into markets it otherwise would have avoided.

Planning and preparing for business risk can help your business avoid potential damages and make it more flexible, competitive and successful.

Managing risk: A guide for exporters

Guide Learn how to mitigate your business risk.

A piggy bank floats in water, representing that credit insurance requires a cost-benefit analysis as a risk management tool to ensure customers pay

To Insure or Not to Insure?

eBook June 15, 2018 Credit insurance can help you lower your business risk, protect your cash flow and become more competitive outside of Canada.

Marine plant company Acadian Seaplants Limited

Acadian Seaplants Limited

Success Story This marine plant company is finding opportunities across the sea with a Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee.

Quebec tech company Solacom Technologies

Solacom Technologies

Article Choosing EDC’s credit insurance was the right call for this Quebec tech company.

Nova Scotia seafood company Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated

Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated

Video This Nova Scotia seafood company is using credit insurance to reel in success.

EDC Trade Advisors Help Sell Globally

How an EDC trade advisor helps Canadian businesses sell globally

Blog January 18, 2018 Read about a day in the life of an EDC Trade Advisor.

Piping business Fuller Industrial

Fuller Industrial

Video This piping business uses bonding to drill down on riskier markets with confidence.

Hardware company Titan Building Products

Titan Building Products

Article This hardware company is building their business with EDC’s Select Credit Insurance.

Sustainable packaging business Layfield Group

Layfield Group

Article Sustainable packaging business uses EDC’s Portfolio Credit Insurance to think outside the box.

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6 ways to get customers to pay on time

Blog November 20, 2017 An EDC Trade Advisor shares his 6 tips for ensuring your customers pay on time.

Offer flexible payment terms

Offering flexible payment terms? Credit insurance can help

Article November 13, 2017 Knowing the pros and cons of these four common payment terms can help you decide when to offer each one.

Different payment terms

The pros and cons of different payment terms

Article November 13, 2017 Knowing the pros and cons of these four common payment terms can help you decide when to offer each one.

Flexible Payment Terms

Need a competitive edge? Consider flexible payment terms

Article November 06, 2017 Offering credit can make you more competitive to your customers, but you need to make sure you’re not taking on too much risk.



Video Zeroing in on new customers and protecting international shipments with EDC Select Credit Insurance.

Export insights Asham Curling

Hurry Hard! Asham Curling Supplies glides to export success

Article September 01, 2017 Since the entry of curling in the 1998 Olympic games, the sport has seen an evolution. Companies like Asham Curling Supplies are finding success in exporting.

International banking tips

Going abroad: Get sharp on where, how, and with whom you bank

Blog May 19, 2017 Exporters shouldn't attempt to sell in a region prior to consulting their bank. Learn where, how, and with whom you should bank with in foreign jurisdictions.

Flexible Payment Terms

Boost your global competitiveness with flexible payment terms

Guide Learn how you can gain a competitive edge by offering flexible payment terms to overseas buyers, while still keeping your financial risks under control.

Export Insights Western Oiltools

How Western Oiltools' positive track record helped create export success

Article Learn how Western Oiltools' positive track record and listening to the 'pain points' of their customers helped their business thrive and succeed.

Western Oiltools EDC Feature

Western Oiltools: An innovative family business' path to export success

Article Western Oiltools found a way to stop sand from disrupting oil production: they created innovative equipment that improves customer safety and efficiency.

Exporting guide

The basics of exporting: a step-by-step guide

Blog March 20, 2017 Interested in the "basics" of the exporting process? Read a step-by-step guide on getting started, from investigating laws in other countries to getting paid.

Export Insights Eddyfi

Quebec's Eddyfi picks the right targets for export success.

Article March 17, 2017 Eddyfi's President and CEO explains how relationships and partnerships are important, but an international mindset and discovering new cultures is too.

Export Insights AR Mining Parts

Client relationships: Critical for AR Mining Parts' export success

Article March 15, 2017 In a generally male-run industry and with English as a second language, AR Mining Parts' Alejandra Russo overcame barriers and now exports to 11 countries.

AR Mining Parts EDC Feature

Argentina-born entrepreneur mines for export success in South Africa

Article March 14, 2017 With a strong sense of business development, Argentina-born Alejandra Russo thrived in the mining and forestry industry and now exports globally.

iPlayco EDC Feature

Flexible payment options help iPlayco build export success globally

Article January 12, 2017 Flexible payment options help iPlayco build export success globally After the 2008 financial crisis caused a $8 million dip in sales, iPlayco got through tough times by continuously adapting. Now the company continues to grow.

Export Insights Gongshow Gear

"Get boots on the ground first": Gongshow Gear

Article December 26, 2016 Gongshow Gear co-founders discss how their popular hockey lifestyle brand scored big in the global market, especially in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Credit risk management practices

6 credit risk management practices that pay off

Article July 04, 2016 Learn the step-by-step approach to creating a credit management practice to ensure you get paid.

Strong Credit Management Practices

Why your business needs strong credit management practices

Article July 04, 2016 Free Webinar: Learn how strong credit management practices mitigate the risk of not getting paid while still allowing you to offer credit to customers.

Credit Management Strategy in  New Market

Adjust your credit management strategy in a new market

Video July 04, 2016 An insurance expert shows you how to adjust your credit management strategy in a new market to boost cash flow and sales, and help ensure you get paid.

Risk and Cash Flow Management

Risk and cash flow management

Guide Learn successful techniques to deal with the higher operating risks and cash flow requirements of international business in this detailed guide.

Gongshow Gear EDC Feature

Gongshow Gear’s hockey lifestyle brand scores big in the global arena

Article June 16, 2016 Gongshow Gear started with a novel idea at a university pub in 2002. Fifteen years later, they are a global success, selling in stores around the world and online.

Commercial Contract Terms

Commercial contract terms

Guide Strong contracts are even more essential when dealing internationally. Get tips on the key terms and structural elements you need in your next contract.