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shipping container in open water

China Section 301 Tariffs: 3 supply chain considerations

Blog December 09, 2019 What are your alternative sources of supply?

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Fall 2019 Global Export Forecast

Webinar Doing business internationally begins with knowing where opportunity lies. Our webinar will give you the latest insights into the global economy.

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Could you be involved in global financial crime?

Blog December 02, 2019 Take this quiz to find out if you’re on the wrong side of the law.

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Financial crime in international trade

Guide Your company could become involved in financial crime without even knowing it. Learn about the risks and how to manage them in this detailed guide.

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Taking on global risks, with Peter Hall

Webinar Doing business internationally brings more rewards—and more risks. Our webinar will help you manage the risks when doing business internationally.

trade wars and section 301 tariffs

Trade wars and Section 301 tariffs: Practical mitigation strategies for Canadian companies

Blog November 28, 2019 How will Canadian companies be impacted by new tariffs?

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Agri-food sector: Cultivating more global opportunities

Webinar Overseas markets have an appetite for Canada’s agriculture sector. Learn how to leverage its opportunities with our French-only webinar.


Seventy-five years…and still counting

Blog November 21, 2019 EDC President and CEO Mairead Lavery looks ahead to the next 75 years.

Canadian brewers sell outside of Canada

Tap into new markets: 6 tips for Canadian brewers looking to sell outside of Canada

Blog November 15, 2019 6 tips for Canadian brewers looking to sell outside of Canada from a beer blogger and EDC Trade Advisor.

Hoi An Vietnam ancient city

Three emerging markets to watch: Vietnam, Thailand and the UAE

Article November 13, 2019 Vietnam, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates are three emerging markets to look into.