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EDC Human Rights Policy

Leading with values

Blog May 07, 2019 EDC released its first ever stand-alone Human Rights Policy.

Building an export plan

How to build an export plan: Taking your business to the next level

Blog April 26, 2019 You’ve spoken to your banker, perhaps taken a course on export basics and ticked off all the boxes highlighting that you’re ready to take your business to the next level. It’s time to build an export plan.

Free trade agreements

Get there faster with free trade agreements: What you need to know

Article April 23, 2019 If you’re a Canadian company looking to sell internationally, a trade agreement between Canada and your target market can make it easier for you to do business there.

Why women need to export

The deeper dive: If you’re a canadian woman, here’s why you need to export

Article April 22, 2019 Women are rocking at starting new businesses, but they’re wary of growing outside of Canada. Here’s why that matters to all of us.

Exporters journey

Five signs you’re ready to start exporting

Blog April 17, 2019 Getting started with exporting isn’t always easy. The good news: Even if you’re just considering taking that first step, you may be further along in the exporting journey than you think.

Q&A with Jennifer Cooke

Women going global: Q&A with Jennifer Cooke

Article March 20, 2019 Few Canadian women entrepreneurs are expanding their businesses into international markets.

Cultural planning

How selling international cultural services became a work of art

Blog March 12, 2019 Five tips on exporting success from the world’s largest cultural planning firm

Embracing CSR as a Business

Embracing corporate social responsibility for stronger business relationships

Blog March 11, 2019 As an exporter, the quality of your relationships with your suppliers, your employees, your partners and customers is an essential component of you success.

Jennifer Cooke embraces her mother and two young daughters in a lovely garden.

Dream big, be daring

Blog March 08, 2019 EDC’s Jennifer Cooke embraces new role to help women-led businesses overcome barriers to go global.

Women in Trade: Jennifer Cooke

Export challenges: Women lack connections, confidence and capital to go global

Blog March 04, 2019 Jennifer Cooke, EDC’s new Corporate Lead for Women in Trade shares three challenges women entrepreneurs face when exporting.