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Building networks to boost business

Boost your international business by building a strategic network

Video August 28, 2018 A great network is essential to grow globally. Get expert advice on who you need in your network, and how to do it.

Building an international network

Building a network: Key considerations

Article August 20, 2018 Developing an international network is essential for global success. But where do you start?

International network essential for business

Connections: Why an international network is essential

Article August 15, 2018 The most successful companies in global trade have strong networks and know how to leverage them.

Export insights dTechs

Expanding to Colombia? dTechs has on-the-ground export advice for you

Article May 25, 2017 Learn how Canadian software company dTechs has succesfully exported its electrical management software, epm Suite, to Colombia.

Export Insights from Robotiq

How Quebec company Robotiq is helping the manufacturing industry

Article Robotiq's CEO Samuel Bouchard explains how their robots are helping the manufacturers in 50 countries through automated efficiency.

Robotiq EDC Feature

Robotiq's technology becomes the industry standard worldwide

Article Robotiq's global expansion happened eight years ago, by chance, on a plane. Now the Quebec-based company exports their robots to over 50 countries world wide.

Export Insights from Schleese Saddlery

Schleese Saddlery works with its partners to find export success

Article Ontario-based company Schleese Saddlery discusses how it's important educate yourself and listening to those who know more than you when it comes to exporting.

Schleese Saddlery EDC Feature

Traditional meets innovative: How Schleese Saddlery transformed saddles

Article Have you ever wondered how saddle technology has evolved while respecting its traditional European roots? Schleese Saddlery saw its potential and pursued it.

Export Insights Canadian Natural Oils

Export insights from Canadian Natural Oils' Juanita Corbett

Article Choosing and trusting your distributor can be critical to your success abroad. Read more about Canadian Natural Oils' export journey from owner Juanita Corbett.

Canadian Natural Oils EDC Feature

Canadian Natural Oils' health and wellness exports are in full bloom

Article Learn how this entrepreneurial couple transformed an unsightly plant into a lucrative natural oils exporting business, with a help of a good agent-distributor.

Riz Global Foods EDC Feature

Riz Global Foods finds success in the Middle East

Article February 28, 2017 Riz Global Foods began exporting beef, but saw an opportunity to expand their products and found export success in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Export Insights from CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems: Lessons from the global supply chain journey

Article January 26, 2017 CoolIT Systems, a Calgary-based tech company, discusses its export strategies and biggest lessons learned from going global.

CoolIT Systems EDC Feature

How high-quality partnerships help CoolIT Systems grow globally

Article January 25, 2017 Founded in 2001 by three gamers, CoolIT's technology now cools more than two million CPUs in various systems around the globe. Learn how partnerships helped.

Phantom Intelligence EDC Feature

Phantom Intelligence's technology leads to auto innovation globally

Article June 22, 2016 Phantom Intelligence developed an innovative collision-warning sensor through laser technology and have a vision that one day, all vehicles will have it.

Finding international agents and distributors

Finding, training and managing international agents and distributors

Guide Learn how international agents and distributors can help you overcome the barriers when dealing in less familiar markets, and how to choose the right ones.