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Jacques Chamberland and family

The Joy of Giving!

Blog December 11, 2020 Jacques shares the importance for individuals to give back to their communities.

Team working together

Choosing to Act - EDC’s response to the “original pandemic”

Blog December 02, 2020 EDC is committed to fostering a welcoming and diverse workforce in every area of business.

Three co-workers laughing

Happy days: Flexible work environment gives employees the freedom to thrive

Blog September 04, 2019 Alexandre Pelletier, CEO of marketing automation consulting company, Perkuto, shares why creating a flexible work environment has been key to his company’s success.

Group shot of Sampler staff

Strong leadership brings Sampler success

Blog August 26, 2019 Shonezi Noor, chief of staff for Sampler, shares why having a diverse and inclusive, women-led workplace has helped the company’s growth.

Team laughing and working around a desk.

Solving marketing challenges took Perkuto to international markets

Success Story With help from its financial institution and EDC, this marketing consulting company has been able to continue its fast-paced growth and take on international contracts.


Putting a face to a name: Why employees are key to your marketing strategy

Blog November 22, 2018 If you want your customers to live and love your brand, your employees have to do it first—and an employee advocacy program is a great way to start. Connie Jensen, EDC’s Content Marketing Manager, discusses how employees can be your best brand ambassadors.

scale and go global

Tackling complicated scaling challenges with simple solutions

Blog August 24, 2018 The tech industry is expected to create 182,000 new jobs…now all we need is the talent to fill those positions.

What employees want: finding skilled talent

What employees want: How to compete for talent

Article August 09, 2018 Canadian firms must be competitive employers if they want to recruit and retain employees to go international.

Talent management strategies

5 talent management strategies to help you compete globally

Video August 01, 2018 Find out why accessing people with the right skills to implement your growth strategy is essential to building a global business.

skilled executives give global competitive advantage

4 reasons skilled executives boost global competitive advantage

Article July 24, 2018 Executives with the right skills, talents and abilities are key to being globally competitive.

Employees collaborating at a board room table to be more competitive globally

Securing the human talent to boost your global competitive advantage

eBook July 24, 2018 This guide highlights how you can recruit top talent to help you compete internationally.

Using consultants in talent pool

5 ways to successfully integrate consultants into your talent pool

Blog May 01, 2018 Freelancers and consultants can help you boost your competitive advantage, but you must integrate and manage them efficiently.

Gig workers boost competitive advantage

5 ways gig workers can boost your competitive advantage

Blog April 27, 2018 Adding freelancers and consultants (gig workers) to your talent pool can keep your international business growth strategy on track and keep you ahead of the competition.

Succeed in the export market

How small-medium enterprises can expand and succeed in global markets

Blog April 13, 2018 Four things SMEs can learn from both start-ups and large companies as they expand into new markets.

6 Skills You Need

6 skills you need to grow your business internationally, and how to get them

Blog February 28, 2018 Find out what exporting skills and trade knowledge you need to succeed internationally.

Overcoming Challenges Facing ICT

Overcoming information and communication technology challenges

Article October 25, 2017 Discover how two gaming companies overcame traditional challenges facing ICT companies.

Canadian Tech Companies

Canadian tech companies growing to the next level with talent

Article September 29, 2017 Small Canadian tech companies are facing challenges scaling their company.

Digital skills in the ICT sector

Solving the digital skills puzzle in the ICT sector

Article September 01, 2017 Canada has a decision to make on whether it wants lead or follow in the race for global ICT talent.