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Basilica and cityscape of Mexico City

Connecting Canada with Mexico

Article June 03, 2020 EDC’s Business Connection Program introduces Canadian companies to Mexico retailer, Soriana

Two colleagues consult with each other in a warehouse.

How to find your BFF (best freight forwarder)

Article January 15, 2020 5 things to look for in a freight forwarder.

Professional woman speaking about project

Indirect vs. direct exporting: Doing what’s best to grow your business

Blog January 07, 2020 There is another contender on the international playing field: the indirect exporter.

shipping container in open water

China Section 301 Tariffs: 3 supply chain considerations

Blog December 09, 2019 What are your alternative sources of supply?

Aerial view of oil rig

‘Confidence, connections and cash’ helped this energy company succeed internationally

Success Story This family-founded onshore drilling company prospered using EDC’s products throughout its growth.

ecommerce holiday shipping

How to prepare your e-commerce business for holiday shipping

Blog October 21, 2019 Did you know 50% to 60% of retail sales usually come in the last three months?

Supply chains

8 things you need to know to strengthen your supply chain

Article September 17, 2019 How to ensure your company and suppliers are strong, flexible and resilient.

Group of female designers having meeting in modern office

Coming together: How women entrepreneurs can excel through business collaboration

Blog July 04, 2019 The best way for women-owned or women-led businesses to grow internationally and increase revenues is by working together.


A top-shelf approach to selling internationally took HockeyShot to new markets

Success Story Accessing EDC’s Export Guarantee Program allowed this hockey-training company to deliver the world’s largest synthetic ice rink in Mexico

Women in business

Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs

Blog April 16, 2019 Today, almost half of all small and medium-sized businesses in Canada are either partially or entirely owned by women.

Partnerships key to success

“You’re stronger together”: Why partnerships and acquisitions are the key to this software company’s success

Blog January 02, 2019 CEO of Software-as-a-Service company, Ackroo, explains why partnerships and acquisitions are a great strategy for global growth.

How building our brand set us on a global adventure

How building our brand set us on a global adventure

Blog October 31, 2018 Co-founder of Escape Manor reflects on the foundational steps the company took with its brand before going global.

The power of partnerships

Getting to China: The power of partnerships

Blog October 30, 2018 When selling to China or to other emerging countries going through partners is often essential to doing business.

agribusiness in the EU

Food for thought: bringing agribusiness to the EU

Blog October 12, 2018 The EU is Canada’s fourth largest export market, we only account for 2 % of their agri-food imports. That means there’s a huge opportunity for export growth.

what is ecolabel

Eco-labelling: why going green is good for business in the EU

Blog September 04, 2018 How the EU Ecolabel can educate and guide consumers to choose environmentally conscious products.

Building networks to boost business

Boost your international business by building a strategic network

Video August 28, 2018 A great network is essential to grow globally. Get expert advice on who you need in your network, and how to do it.

Building an international network

Building a network: Key considerations

Article August 20, 2018 Developing an international network is essential for global success. But where do you start?

International network essential for business

Connections: Why an international network is essential

Article August 15, 2018 The most successful companies in global trade have strong networks and know how to leverage them.

guide to expand internationally

How to choose your partners: A guide to expanding internationally

Blog July 16, 2018 Choosing the right partners mitigates financial risk when expanding your operations internationally.

Aldea Solutions 2018 FIFA World Cup

Canada’s Aldea Solutions brings the 2018 FIFA World Cup to the world

Article July 11, 2018 From Rio to Russia 2018, why Canada’s Aldea Solutions is the top choice for global broadcasters.

outsourcing for small business

How outsourcing can help you scale your small business

Blog June 04, 2018 No matter how energized, driven or skilled you are, you can’t be an expert at everything.

e-Commerce Technology

e-Commerce: Leveling the playing field in global markets

Blog May 25, 2018 e-Commerce technology has the power to turn even small businesses into companies with worldwide reach.

Exporting tips from Rebels Refinery

Rebels Refinery: Exporting tips from a globally successful skincare company

Blog May 23, 2018 From Dragon’s Den to a $10 million company, four tips that helped Rebels Refinery become an international success.

Build your international network

5 steps to build your international network

Blog April 24, 2018 You need a strategy when it comes to networking internationally. Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

Advice for women in international trade

9 leaders share advice to help women entrepreneurs take their business global

Blog March 28, 2018 Read this helpful advice from 9 women in the international trade space.

Publish books internationally with a export plan

Publishing Canadian books: Find new markets with an export plan

Blog February 26, 2018 Today’s evolving digital landscape has provided great opportunities and challenges for publishers who are looking to build an export plan and expand into new markets.

Export insights Agrisoma

How partnerships helped Agrisoma grow as a cleantech exporter

Article September 08, 2017 CEO of Agrisoma Biosciences explains the importance of strategic partnerships when exporting your product or service to international markets.

Masitek EDC Feature

Masitek helps global companies minimize product damage with technology

Article New Brunswick's Masitek is helping companies worldwide minimize product damage and losses with their devices that mimic real foods in shape, size and weight.

Export Insights MyPakage Apparel

Keys to MyPakage's export success: Customer service and partnerships

Article MyPakage Apparel's CEO discusses the art of customer services, the importance of partnerships, and how to adapt to different markets.

MyPakage Apparel EDC Feature

MyPakage reinforces its supply chain to prepare for new export markets

Article To sell their unique idea in a niche market, MyPakage Apparel strengthened its supply chain. Learn how this helped the company find success in new markets.

EDC Singapore branch

EDC opens a financing branch in Singapore - its first outside of Canada

Article March 24, 2017 EDC opened its financing branch outside of Canada, in Singapore. Learn from Bill Brown, EDC's Regional VP, Asia, on how this can help Canadian companies.

Export Insights m0851

m0851 on the importance of creative freedom for exporters

Article March 06, 2017 Learn how wholesaling through retailers helped build up m0851's reputation at home and worldwide, while maintaining its creative freedom and brand identity.

Export Insights Riz Global Foods

Riz Global Foods: Understanding cultures is a key to export success

Article March 01, 2017 Riz Global Foods explains how knowing the culture, as well as rules and regulations, of international markets, is critical when facilitating new export business.

Hibernum EDC Feature

Montreal's Hibernum learns to play from its international partners

Article February 14, 2017 Hibernum, a video game developer for mobile platforms and consoles, has worked with world-renowned brands, such as Disney, Fruit Ninja, and Bruce Lee.

Export Insights from Cogent Power

Cogent Power creates energy efficiency footprint in the U.S.

Article January 31, 2017 Learn how Cogent Power, an electrical steel product manufacturer from Burlington, Ontario, saw opportunity to expand into larger markets.

Cogent Power EDC Feature

Adding value to customers leads to export success for Cogent Power

Article January 30, 2017 Founded over 40 years ago, Cogent Power, an electrical steel supplier, has grown to become one of the globe's best through valued, trusted relationships.

Export Insights from Synaptive Medical

Exporting health care innovation: Synaptive Medical

Article August 02, 2016 Learn how Synaptive Medical developed medical equipment and applications for neurosurgery and began successfully exporting with their first sale.