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Peter Hall, EDC

Cold, cold Christmas for consumers?

Weekly Commentary December 12, 2019 Are consumers singing a dirge or a dance this holiday season?

group of start-up employees looking at a map

11 tips take your startup to new markets

Blog December 11, 2019 Q&A with an Export Help Advisor.

Entrepreneurs analyzing global financial data

Global Financial Markets

Guide December 09, 2019 Keep track of the international markets that matter to your business. Get the latest financial and macroeconomic information for both developed and emerging markets.

The Commodity Tracker

The Commodity Tracker

Guide December 09, 2019 Commodity prices can impact exporting, world trade and your business, but you can stay abreast of prices and other indicators with this at-a-glance report.

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Fall 2019 Global Export Forecast

Webinar Doing business internationally begins with knowing where opportunity lies. Our webinar will give you the latest insights into the global economy.

Peter Hall, EDC

Prices: Why so tame?

Weekly Commentary December 06, 2019 Prices may be tame - but will it last?

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Taking on global risks, with Peter Hall

Webinar Doing business internationally brings more rewards—and more risks. Our webinar will help you manage the risks when doing business internationally.

Peter Hall, EDC

Navigating the oil market: Are G-suits still required?

Weekly Commentary November 28, 2019 Is the planet running out of crude oil? Not by any means.

A woman on a farm examines several beets she’s just harvested

Agri-food sector: Cultivating more global opportunities

Webinar Overseas markets have an appetite for Canada’s agriculture sector. Learn how to leverage its opportunities with our French-only webinar.

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Top 10 Global Risks

Article November 25, 2019 Identifying the social, political and economic challenges facing Canadian businesses in the world today.