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P&P Optica uses the science of light to keep food out of landfills

Success Story P&P Optica uses the science of light to keep food out of landfills.

Peter Hall, EDC

The post-pandemic spending splurge

Weekly Commentary October 07, 2021 What will consumers do with all that pent-up cash?

Peter Hall, EDC

Business investment steps up

Weekly Commentary September 23, 2021 Companies are adapting to new realities and creating capacity

Peter Hall, EDC

The robots are coming!

Weekly Commentary August 26, 2021 Mechanization is an answer to a lot of the economy’s structural puzzles

Peter Hall, EDC

A fall cooling for hot summer prices?

Weekly Commentary August 19, 2021 Nothing automatic about slower near-term inflation

Peter Hall, EDC

Exports as a global recovery gauge

Weekly Commentary August 05, 2021 In the trade Olympics, who gets gold?

Young female woodworker sands canoe.

Markets of opportunity for Canadian exporters

Guide July 28, 2021 This Export Development Guide examines future trade potential across 170 markets.

Sunshine Quem Tenasco of Pow Wow Pitch.

Pow Wow Pitch aims to help Indigenous entrepreneurs

Article July 20, 2021 Sunshine Tenasco of Pow Wow Pitch forms partnership with EDC in support of Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Peter Hall, EDC

Record rebound in Canadian trade confidence

Weekly Commentary June 24, 2021 Economic momentum building as vaccine rollouts progress, countries reopen

Construction worker oversees the pouring of concrete on a large-scale project.

Land of opportunity: U.S. shortages pave way for Canadian exports

Article June 23, 2021 Former U.S ambassador, Bruce Heyman highlights opportunities in his nation for Canadian exporters

Truck and containers in port facility

Effenco: Cleaning up in the heavy-duty world

Success Story Cleantech company Effenco poised to take growing chunk of $200-billion vocational vehicle market.

Peter Hall, EDC

Price pressures in a post-pandemic world

Weekly Commentary June 10, 2021 Is inflation getting out of control?

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Sustainable agriculture production key for Canada

Report May 31, 2021 Canada’s exports perform remarkably well as global, domestic food demand increases

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Labour shortage

Weekly Commentary May 27, 2021 Lack of skilled workers in some sectors may constrain growth

Peter Hall, EDC

Capacity crunch

Weekly Commentary May 20, 2021 Economic recovery more challenging than expected

Asian grocery store clerk takes inventory of his stock.

Good & bad of COVID-19: Survey outlines impacts on Canadian businesses

Blog May 18, 2021 EDC research panel survey highlights impacts of the pandemic on Canadian businesses.

Two female Asian entrepreneurs pack boxes intended for customers

Long road to recovery: Key trends in Canada’s goods export trade

Blog May 04, 2021 Top 10 interesting facts by EDC Economics on Canada’s goods export trade over the past 15 years.

Peter Hall, EDC

Soaring wood prices: I’m stumped!

Weekly Commentary April 29, 2021 Building supplies currently hard to come by

Customer tapping credit card to pay for flowers.

Payments on the go–any time, anywhere

Article April 21, 2021 Canadian tech company offers devices and software to make mobile payments any time, anywhere.

Male, female fashion designers work in studio

Protecting your intellectual property

eBook April 19, 2021 Learn the basics about intellectual property and how to protect yours when expanding to new markets.

A woman entrepreneur in her workshop is consulting her mobile phone.

Powered by innovation: the new Canada Business App

Article April 16, 2021 ISED releases their Canada Business App to acclaim.

Peter Hall, EDC

Grounded for now

Weekly Commentary April 15, 2021 Will we ever return to our jet-setting ways?

Peter Hall, EDC

Labour, technology and the post-COVID-19 world

Weekly Commentary April 08, 2021 Pandemic accelerates digital transformation, artificial intelligence

Peter Hall, EDC

Job market begins to heat up

Weekly Commentary March 18, 2021 Pandemic-vulnerable industries still lag behind

Man’s masked face with a facial grid overlaid on top of it

Invixium: The new face (recognition) of health and safety

Article March 02, 2021 Canadian biometric company Invixium makes innovative business pivot to keep growing during pandemic

Businesswoman works on a financial forecast.

Financial forecasting 101

Guide November 13, 2020 Learn how experts are creating financial forecasts for businesses during COVID-19.

Tantalus electric panel

Power up: Smart grid technology

Blog November 02, 2020 Tantalus is powering up with smart grid technology that enhances the safety and efficiency of public.

Busy city intersection

Smarter intersections: Traffic management gets pulled into right lane

Blog November 02, 2020 Building smarter intersections and getting traffic management into the right lane

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Lights and insights: Streetlight company expands into new solutions

Blog November 02, 2020 LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., is an Export Development Canada 2020 Cleantech Export Star.

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Certified biodegradable ground cover boosts yield, reduces waste

Blog November 02, 2020 Since 2014, FilmOrganic, has been making mulch film for fruits, vegetables and hemp.

Electric vehicle

Faster and smaller: Ottawa company delivers major efficiency gains

Blog November 02, 2020 GaN Systems is driving this industry-changing advancement with its new generation of power transistors.

Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber, owners of PRANA Biovegan

PRANA Biovegan: Changing the world with healthy snacks

Article October 27, 2020 PRANA Biovegan was able to focus on growth during COVID-19 with EDC’s Investment Matching Program.

A software engineer sits at her desk.

SaaS companies positioned to thrive with careful measures

Article September 10, 2020 See how COVID-19 impacted the SaaS sector and what indicators show for the future.