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Entrepreneurs analyzing global financial data

Global Financial Markets

Guide October 20, 2021 Keep track of the international markets that matter to your business. Get the latest financial and macroeconomic information for both developed and emerging markets.

Young female woodworker sands canoe.

Markets of opportunity for Canadian exporters

Guide July 28, 2021 This Export Development Guide examines future trade potential across 170 markets.

Sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

100 days of Joe Biden: The new outlook for Canadian business

Webinar Discover how the new American administration’s policy agenda will shape the future of Canadian exports to the U.S.

Human hand holds soybeans in field.

Plant-based proteins: A growth industry in Canada’s backyard

Blog May 20, 2021 Canadian plant-based protein industry is in a prime position to dominate the global market.

Exporter works in his vehicle spare parts warehouse.

Canadian exporters need to plan for growth, opportunities in the U.S.

Blog May 17, 2021 As the economy rebounds in the U.S., Canadian exporters need to get ready to expand into the market.

Aerial view of downtown Istanbul

Doing business in Turkey

Article March 08, 2021 Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a strategic market for Canadian companies

Beijing‘s Forbidden City at sunset

Asia-Pacific nations sign massive trade deal

Report December 16, 2020 This EDC Economics overview outlines the implications of the world’s largest free trade agreement and how it affects Canadian companies.

Engineer checks robotic arms in auto factory.

U.S. economy doing well, all things considered

Article December 15, 2020 There are signs of hope for better days ahead for Canada-U.S. trade.

Peter Hall, EDC

RCEP: Significance of massive Asia-Pacific deal

Weekly Commentary December 03, 2020 When does it take effect, and what are its possible implications for global trade?

Organic farmers grow seedlings

Canada’s organic sector just keeps growing

Blog December 01, 2020 The more farmers who convert to organic, the more benefit there'll be for our agricultural landscape.

Beautiful sunset over the Brooklyn bridge in Manhattan

U.S. outlook: What Canadian businesses need to know

Webinar It’s time to look ahead to 2021 and see how the U.S. outlook will impact Canada’s economy—and your company.

A woman works on her computer.

Getting it all together: Your step-by-step e-commerce summary

Blog November 12, 2020 Evolve your digital strategy in the face of COVID-19’s impacts.

Hot air balloons dot the sky.

To market, to market: Find new customers with Market Finder by Google

Blog October 22, 2020 Finding markets just got easier for your company, with EDC resources and Market Finder by Google.

Women wearing masks browse Mexican market

Doing business in Mexico

Guide A key trading partner, Mexico offers many opportunities for Canadian companies. This guide highlights the country’s main business sectors and outlines the risks and benefits of expanding into these markets.

Pamban Bridge in India

Reflections on India: 4 lessons learned from Canadian exporter

Blog March 03, 2020 Despite challenges, CEO Michael Klauck is keeping the door open to “the last big emerging market in the world.”

Historic Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast

3 markets to watch in Latin America: Chile, Colombia and Ecuador

Blog February 28, 2020 Discover the potential opportunities and risks for Canadian exporters in Latin America in the latest Country Risk Quarterly.

Hiker watching the sunset at Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA

Going south of the border: How to gain a global presence in the U.S.

Blog February 14, 2020 Canadian entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand beyond Canada’s borders see the United States as their top export destination.

Sunset behind the official residence of the president of India in New Delhi.

Doing business in India: What Canadian exporters need to know

Blog January 31, 2020 In 2005, EDC established it’s first on-the-ground presence in India.

Sunset view of Jakarta’s National Monument’s gold-layered torch.

Indonesia: A nation of contrasts

Blog January 13, 2020 An emerging economy with a diverse culture and array of traditions, the Indonesian market is worth exploring for Canadian businesses

Saint Peter Basilica in Rome, Italy

Doing business in Italy: What Canadian exporters need to know

Blog January 10, 2020 Canada’s exports to Italy in 2018 reached $2.9 billion, an increase of 34% in one year.

Group of young business professionals talking

Diversify your service exports by expanding to the EU

Blog December 17, 2019 EU is the second-largest market for Canadian service exports.

group of start-up employees looking at a map

11 tips take your startup to new markets

Blog December 11, 2019 Q&A with an Export Help Advisor.

Poker chips stacked high on poker table represent precarious state of global economic, political situation

Global Economic Outlook–Fall 2019

Guide October 31, 2019 In a world of shifting economic and political climates, exporters constantly face new risks and opportunities. EDC’s Global Economic Outlook offers insight on these changes to help you make better business decisions.

global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Top 5 global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Blog October 07, 2019 A look at the five most promising cleantech markets

Peter Hall, EDC

Two-speed global economy

Weekly Commentary September 12, 2019 Will the slow gear stop the car in its tracks?

Woman doing yoga at the end of a dock.

TAP into your inner researcher

Blog September 03, 2019 Smart, sustainable business growth starts with establishing a solid export plan.

Women laughing

On a mission for trade

Blog August 30, 2019 Two exporters discuss their experience at a LGBTQ2 trade mission to Florida

Peter Hall, EDC

Trade wars and the agriculture outlook

Weekly Commentary August 29, 2019 Is China's ban on U.S. agriculture exports a sign of more to come?

Path through a farm field

Germany: Road to possibilities for Canadians

Article August 28, 2019 For Canadian exporters, doing business in Germany makes good cents.

Peter Hall, EDC

Needed: Big breakthrough (or two!)

Weekly Commentary August 15, 2019 In today’s trade wars, are we in for boundless bouts of brinksmanship, or an abrupt breakthrough?

Man standing on top of a mountain with his arms in the air.

Colombia revisited

Blog August 09, 2019 After decades of unrest, Colombia emerges as a reformed nation of opportunities for Canadians.

Curved glass building in Berlin

Germany at a glance

Article August 08, 2019 11 fun facts about Germany

Peter Hall, EDC

Uncertainty: At an all-time high?

Weekly Commentary August 08, 2019 Are we really more worried than ever about economic policy?

Peter Hall, EDC

Debtrimental development?

Weekly Commentary July 26, 2019 Planet Earth’s love of debt is in full bloom. Should we worry?

Woman wearing virtual reality glasses

Protectionism takes its toll

Article July 22, 2019 Canadian trade confidence is at a seven-year low.

Workers roll out a ground sheet

Diversification is the name of the game: Titan Environmental

Blog July 19, 2019 Diversification is necessary for business success.

Peter Hall, EDC

The confidence paradox

Weekly Commentary July 18, 2019 Consumers are ignoring the summer Scrooge, but he’s giving businesses the blues.

Couple walking down street of colourful buildings

Colombia redefined

Article July 16, 2019 Learn how Colombia is progressing and offering opportunities to Canadians.


Country risk: What’s on our radar?

Weekly Commentary July 11, 2019 Which markets are on our country risk radar as we head into the second half of 2019? Read on to find out more.

A sunset view of the ancient Borobudur temple complex in Central Java

Navigating the opportunities and challenges in Southeast Asia

Blog July 10, 2019 EDC’s country risk analyst John Bitzan travels to Singapore, Indonesia and Japan on market research mission

People waving Argentina’s flags

Celebrating Argentina

Blog July 09, 2019 What you need to know about doing business in Argentina.

Small Indian boy stands with a row of men

Mind your international Cs and Qs

Blog July 05, 2019 Exporters need to adapt to different cultural situations to succeed internationally.

Peter Hall, EDC

Interest rate reversal?

Weekly Commentary July 04, 2019 Flip-flops aren’t the favoured footwear of central bankers

Connie Stacey is the founder of Growing Greener Innovations.

Exporting with Pride: Powered to grow

Article July 03, 2019 LGBTQ2+ exporter faces international challenges

Garden in Singapore

Singapore: Your access to Asia

Blog July 02, 2019 Singapore is such a vibrant and dynamic country in which to live and work. This wealthy island nation is exceptionally progressive. They have an open and diversified economy that rolls out the welcome mat to business.

Peter Hall, EDC

What’s up with global shipping?

Weekly Commentary June 27, 2019 This leading indicator is bucking the current trend. What’s up?

Cobblestone street leading to a domed church

Canada-Mexico: Trade, investment and integration

Blog June 27, 2019 One of the benefits of trade with Mexico is that Canada has a trade agreement in place. Mexico is also one of the world’s largest economies with 132 million consumers and a growing middle class.

EDC Peter Hall

As the world diversifies, will we?

Weekly Commentary June 20, 2019 Canada’s trade with the world ain’t the space it used to be. Can we adapt?

Three people linking arms

Learning links: Boost your company’s CQ

Article June 14, 2019 Resources to help Canadians understand business etiquette around the world

EDC Peter Hall

Trade confidence tumbles

Weekly Commentary June 13, 2019 Is global softening getting to Canada?

Colombian woman in colourful dress with buildings in background

Ties that bind: Colombia remains strong trade partner with Canada

Blog June 11, 2019 What to know about doing business in Colombia

Man stands in courtyard admiring India’s Taj Mahal

Cross-Canada tour puts spotlight on India

Article June 10, 2019 EDC travels across Canada to encourage Canadians to do business in India.

EDC Peter Hall: May the votes be with you

May the votes be with you

Weekly Commentary June 06, 2019 Maybe this will turn the Brexit tide, Maybe not.

Statue in front of Hindu temple in Singapore

Tap into Singapore’s untapped potential

Article June 03, 2019 Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia and trade is a critical driver to their economy.

EDC Peter Hall: Chicago Bound!

Chicago Bound!

Weekly Commentary May 30, 2019 To the Midwest, EDC says, “Mais oui!”

Crowds pass by colourful signs in busy Japanese shopping area.

Japan: Slow, but steady, nets rewards

Blog May 30, 2019 Without a doubt, Canadian companies that have chosen to make the effort in the Land of the Rising Sun have been rewarded.

EDC Peter Hall: What’s logic got to do with it?

What’s logic got to do with it?

Weekly Commentary May 23, 2019 Is there method to the madness of today’s trade policy moves?

Trade opportunities in Australia

Expanding to the Land of Oz

Blog May 21, 2019 Canada enjoys a long-standing economic relationship with Australia. Bilateral trade is close to $7 billion, split almost evenly between goods and services.

EDC Peter Hall: Who’s My Neighbour?

Who’s my neighbour?

Weekly Commentary May 16, 2019 Your new neighbours are increasingly defining the economic future. Get to know them!

British union jack flag and big Ben clock tower

Brexit: It’s down to a coin toss

Blog May 16, 2019 It’s only been a few short weeks since the Mar. 29 hard Brexit deadline, but it feels like months. Since then, there’s been not one, but two extensions.

Exporting to Australia

5 tips from an accidental exporter in Australia

Blog May 13, 2019 An accidental exporter, Neil Schwartz, shares his top five tips for exporting in Australia.

EDC Peter Hall: US Labour: Return of the Lost

U.S. Labour: return of the lost

Weekly Commentary May 09, 2019 The U.S. economy is experiencing a huge influx of disaffected workers

Exporting to Singapore

Small & mighty: Time to set your sights on Singapore

Blog May 07, 2019 Export Development Canada’s, Chief Representative, Klaus Houben discusses the diverse trade and investment opportunities that exist within Southeast Asia for Canadian companies.

Radiant female exporter walks across tarmac to board plane.

Profiting from Canada’s free trade agreements

eBook May 05, 2019 In this guide, we look at each of Canada’s free trade agreements and explain when and how you can use them to do business globally.

EDC Peter Hall: Go for the growth!

Go for the growth!

Weekly Commentary May 02, 2019 Catch-up economies are an increasingly important growth dynamo

EDC Peter Hall: George on my mind

Georgia On My Mind

Weekly Commentary April 25, 2019 Why is EDC opening up a representation in Atlanta? Good question.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta: Latest breakout star for Canadian exports

Blog April 24, 2019 EDC is growing in the United States by opening an office in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve the southeastern part of the country.

EDC Peter Hall: All systems go

All Systems Go?

Weekly Commentary April 18, 2019 Economy poised for liftoff, with a few bumps along the way

Canadian agri-food industry

The support you need to grow global

Article April 17, 2019 Canadian agriculture and agri-food producers have a bounty of information resources and support organizations available to help them capitalize on export opportunities.

EDC Susanna Campagna: The Disease of Dis-ease?

The Disease of dis-ease?

Weekly Commentary April 11, 2019 Today’s global risk environment is not going away anytime soon.

Going to Australia

Australia: What to know before you go

Blog April 11, 2019 Teresa Nizzola, EDC’s chief representative in Australia, shares five facts about doing business Down Under.

EDC Peter Hall: Alberta exports: A way out?

Alberta exports: A way out?

Weekly Commentary April 04, 2019 The dominance of oil and gas in Alberta exports is gripping.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s ASEAN Opportunities

Canada’s ASEAN Opportunities

Weekly Commentary March 28, 2019 The growth record of ASEAN economies is reason enough to deepen ties.

Impact Brexit will have on Canadian exporters

Dispatch from London

Blog March 26, 2019 Stephen Wilhelm, EDC’s regional vice-president of EMEA based in London, shares his insights on Brexit, the United Kingdom’s future and its impact on Canadian exporters.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s Asian Bonanza

Canada’s Asian Bonanza

Weekly Commentary March 21, 2019 One of our key impediments in Canada is that we seem to have a natural aversion to the risks, perceived or real, of dealing in Asian markets.

There is a world map on a coffee table. Someone is pointing to North America on the map.

Top 3 ranked emerging markets by region

Article March 20, 2019 A positive outlook for the next 6 months

Canada’s newest trade agreement

10 tips on how to profit from the CPTPP

Article March 15, 2019 The CPTPP is now in force for six of 11 countries. We offer 11 tips on how best to use it.

EDC Peter Hall: What’s the new model?

What’s the new model?

Weekly Commentary March 14, 2019 Is a new model of the economy in the works, and if so, what does it look like?

AMLO First 100 Days

100 days in: How Mexico’s new president has affected trade

Blog March 13, 2019 Mexico’s macroeconomic framework remains strong. But some of the president’s initial moves have investors concerned about policy implementation and contract certainty.

Will the U.S.-China trade tiff end well

Will the U.S.-China trade tiff end well?

Weekly Commentary March 07, 2019 The stakes are high, elevating this to one of the top Canadian – and global – international trade concerns. No one knows this better than both the U.S. and China. So, will it end well?

EDC Peter Hall: Critical need for investment

Critical need for investment

Weekly Commentary February 28, 2019 What if our key growth issue isn’t demand, but capacity?

EDC Peter Hall: The heart of the matter?

The heart of the matter?

Weekly Commentary February 14, 2019 Is this key cause of US populism insurmountable?


The rising tide of service exports

Blog January 22, 2019 Many companies are already exporting services, an intangible good, without even knowing it.


Keeping fingers on the pulse: How growth in Mexico offers benefits to Canadians

Blog January 08, 2019 Mexico is expected to step into a new chapter of economic growth.


Brazil: A giant not to be overlooked

Blog December 14, 2018 One reason to consider Brazil for your exports is that it’s a big, active market.

EDC Peter Hall: Surprise of the year: Stronger pact

Surprise of the year: Stronger pact

Weekly Commentary December 13, 2018 Globalization is under attack…or is it?

EDC Peter Hall: The U.S. consumer boom

The U.S. consumer boom

Weekly Commentary November 29, 2018 Another U.S. consumer bubble? Guess again.


Getting to China: The power of politics in business

Blog November 27, 2018 Incorporating politics into your business strategy is important, whether you’re selling internationally or trading domestically.

Exporting to the US

Exporting to the U.S.: The whole isn’t always greater than the sum of its parts

Article November 26, 2018 Exporters should look at the U.S. as a series of regional markets with different opportunities and different strategies required for getting started in each one.

EDC Peter Hall: China at the crossroads

China at the crossroads

Weekly Commentary November 22, 2018 With the challenges China faces, what’s the prognosis?

Tourism service exports Canada

Bridging Canada and the world: A look at the growing tourism sector

Blog November 19, 2018 Tourism is Canada’s No. 1 service export with international revenues reaching $21.3-billion in 2017.

Green Power Labs

Green Power Labs Inc.

Success Story This company is now in talks with three multinationals it met through EDC for contracts worth millions.

EDC Peter Hall: Is trade diversification worth it?

Is trade diversification worth it?

Weekly Commentary November 15, 2018 Is the US market really Canada’s only long-term trade bet?

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s provincial industrial export outlook

Canada’s provincial-industrial export outlook

Weekly Commentary November 08, 2018 Some surprising export stories at provincial and industrial levels

EDC Peter Hall: The Canada-Australia Connection

The Canada-Australia Connection

Weekly Commentary November 01, 2018 Oz: An Asian hot-spot for Canada?

India land of hidden promise

Incredible India: Land of hidden promise

Blog October 26, 2018 In India, it’s the opposite—the risks are obvious, but the opportunities are somewhat hidden. It’s time to dig deeper.


Canadian companies hungry for growth are still turning to the U.S. market

Article October 25, 2018 The U.S. is still a top choice for many Canadian companies looking to get a foothold internationally. The new USMCA secures this bilateral trade for the future.

Latin america business strategy

3 reasons Latin America should be part of your international business strategy

Article October 25, 2018 Looking for new customers? You may find them going even more south of south.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s next fish crisis

Canada’s next fish crisis

Weekly Commentary October 25, 2018 Can opportunity be a crisis for Canada’s fishing industry?

USMCA stability for auto sector

How USMCA offers stability for Canada’s auto sector

Article October 24, 2018 Like many people in the Canadian auto parts sector, Craig Hodgins and his two partners at London Automotive and Manufacturing Ltd. are breathing a sigh of relief that the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) concluded with a positive resolution.

United States flag representing the regional opportunities for the trade under CUSMA.

Doing business in the United States

eBook October 23, 2018 The United States is a series of regional markets with distinct opportunities depending on your industry.

opportunity in india

How growth in India is opening doors for Canadian businesses

Blog October 22, 2018 Infrastructure investment is an essential driver of this growth and offers considerable potential for Canadian investors.

DC Peter Hall: Managing the Mayhem

Managing the Mayhem

Weekly Commentary October 18, 2018 The outlook is bright, but big parts of the global economic puzzle need to come together.

grow sales in emerging markets

The outperformers: Opportunities to grow sales in emerging markets

Article October 16, 2018 Emerging markets like India outpace global growth and new business for Canadian export sales.

export opportunities china

How export opportunities with China are changing and growing

Article October 15, 2018 The Made in China 2025 initiative and a shift away from “quantity” to “quality” growth provide excellent opportunities to Canadian companies.

EDC Stephen Tapp: Are global exports faltering?

Are global exports faltering?

Weekly Commentary October 11, 2018 Are trade fears crippling global export activity?

international business

5 trends affecting your international business

Article October 10, 2018 Preparing to sell internationally? Consider working these five trends into your business strategy.

EDC Peter Hall: A New Deal for North America

A New Deal for North America

Weekly Commentary October 04, 2018 With the new North American free trade deal, Canada has a green light for export growth.

What’s next for the new USMCA trade agreement

What’s next for the new USMCA trade agreement?

Blog October 03, 2018 A new United States-Mexico-Canada agreement is good news. What are steps to ratification?

new deal lifts fog

New U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal lifts fog for Canadian business

Blog October 02, 2018 The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal reduces uncertainty for Canadian trade and business investment.


A new deal: stability for the future of North American trade

Article October 01, 2018 Replacing NAFTA, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement stabilizes North American supply chains and trade.

EDC Peter Hall: Populism: On the way out?

Populism: On the way out?

Weekly Commentary September 27, 2018 Populism is challenging international trade axioms – but is it in decline?

europe business market

4 tips for expanding into the European market

Blog September 27, 2018 Adi Gullia, founder of Canada’s Grace & Stella, offers tips to sell products and services in the EU.

 The flag of the European Union, representing opportunities for Canadian business with CETA

Doing Business in the European Union

eBook September 21, 2018 Get tips on where opportunities lie in the EU and how to do business there.

EDC Susanna Campagna: Currencies tumble as markets reprice risk

Currencies tumble as markets reprice risk

Weekly Commentary September 20, 2018 How do we make sense of the current emerging market sell off? Read on to find out more…

EDC Peter Hall: Running Hot

Running Hot

Weekly Commentary September 13, 2018 Politics isn’t the only thing that’s hot south of the border

Growing sales in emerging markets

Looking to grow sales? Take a look at emerging markets

Blog September 13, 2018 Emerging markets offer significant potential to Canadian companies.

Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

Market Entry Advisors

Guide Bringing your business to a new country? Call these key experts before selling abroad and get helpful tips about each market.

EDC Peter Hall: The End of Easy Money

The End of Easy Money

Video September 06, 2018 Note to exporters: riskier deals are getting more expensive.

EDC Peter Hall: Is Tourism a Trade-War victim?

Is Tourism a Trade-War victim?

Video August 30, 2018 Is the trade tussle causing Canadian tourists to bypass the US?

doing business in china

Getting to China: the steps to building the right strategy

Blog August 27, 2018 The China question is a big one with a lot of media focus on opportunities in China and with China. This naturally leads to the question: is China a ripe market for you?

EDC Peter Hall: Beware of the Luddite Revival

Beware of the Luddite Revival

Video August 23, 2018 Are machines taking over our lives?

Importance of market research

Homing in on Markets With Research

Article August 21, 2018 Research is crucial to international success and two SMEs share their experiences on how this helped them break into new markets.

Identify target market

8 methods to identify your target market

Article August 16, 2018 Developing a strategic research approach is a good starting point to help you pick the right target market.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada diversification in Asia

Canada’s diversification in Asia

Video August 16, 2018 Asia is the world’s hot-growth zone. And it’s likely to heat up more in the near term, as global growth ramps up.

EDC Peter Hall: Feelin’ Groovy

Feelin’ Groovy

Video August 09, 2018 It's summer, and everyone's feeling good; will it last into the autumn?

New export market research

Research key to going international

Article August 06, 2018 Research is key to understanding potential new export market dynamics and ensure that you are creating value for your customers.

EDC Peter Hall: Shipping is bustling again

Shipping is bustling again

Video August 02, 2018 Seaborne shipping costs are soaring; is it crunch-time again?

EDC Peter Hall: Canadian Inflation Experience

Inflation: Is Canada’s experience different?

Video July 26, 2018 In today’s tightly-knit global economy, it’s hard to go rogue.

Man touching a transparent digital screen demonstrates how innovative tools and creativity driving global competition

Increase your innovation

Article July 24, 2018 A comprehensive guide to help you innovate your way to global success and stay ahead of the competition. 

 An ornamental building in Asia: Knowledge about international markets prepares you for the competition.

Know your Iinternational market: Building your competitive advantage abroad

eBook July 24, 2018 Find out how research into new markets will give you an edge over the competition.

EDC Peter Hall: Fears of inflation

Are inflation fears a risk to growth?

Video July 19, 2018 When a little inflation is not a bad thing.

EDC Peter Hall: AMLO Mexico Election Review

Mexico’s populist pivot

Video July 05, 2018 How will AMLO steer the Mexican economy?

mexicos presidential election

Mexico votes for change in president, but Canadian business opportunities remain

Article July 03, 2018 Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) wins Mexico’s presidential election. What does it mean for Canada-Mexico trade?

Navigating U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs

Navigating U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs, a list of resources

Article June 29, 2018 A list of U.S. resources to help you determine which Canadian metals are subject to U.S. tariffs.

how tariffs work for business

Tariffs 101: How tariffs work and what it means for your business

Article June 28, 2018 Why tariffs exist, who pays them and how to know if they’ll affect your international sales.

Weekly Commentary: Elections in Latin America

Latin America: Election jitters grow

Video June 28, 2018 Pivotal elections are unfolding in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Brazil and Argentina: Open for Canadian agribusiness

Brazil and Argentina: Open for Canadian agribusiness

Blog June 25, 2018 Canadian firms in precision agriculture equipment are finding new clients in Brazil and Argentina.

The paradox of shift

The paradox of shift

Video June 21, 2018 What if the popular elixir is actually…poison?

Opportunities in UAE free trade zones

The UAE offers an oasis of opportunity

Blog June 15, 2018 UAE’s free trade zones and tax laws make it a great place for exporters to do business.

EDC Peter Hall: Emerging Market Growth

Who’s winning the emerging market growth race?

Video June 14, 2018 Is the developed-market revival leaving the emerging world behind?

EDC Peter Hall: Next Wave of Jobs

The next wave of jobs

Video June 07, 2018 There is indeed an industrial revolution going on.

EDC Peter Hall: Upsurge of Investment

Upsurge of investment

Video May 31, 2018 The economy’s small but mighty “David” rises again!

risk and reward in business overseas

Weighing the risks and rewards of your next target market

Blog May 31, 2018 Of all the questions we get asked at EDC, the one that invariably tops the list is: which emerging market is best for my company?

e-Commerce Technology

e-Commerce: Leveling the playing field in global markets

Blog May 25, 2018 e-Commerce technology has the power to turn even small businesses into companies with worldwide reach.

Business etiquette in UK

Royal wedding brief: 8 rules of business etiquette in the UK

Blog May 18, 2018 8 etiquette rules when conducting business in the United Kingdom.

find global growth opportunities

6 different ways to find global growth opportunities

Blog May 16, 2018 While global opportunities may be ripening, you need to invest research and time to find these opportunities.

Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement: Putting winning trade opportunities on the podium

Blog February 21, 2018 South Korea is a highly competitive market and a gateway into the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

Canadian Companies Selling in China

3 tips for Canadian companies selling in China

Blog February 16, 2018 There are many opportunities for Canadian businesses to sell in China. A focus on relationship-building and a long-term view can help.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Korea

Market Entry Advisors – Korea

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Nigeria

Market Entry Advisors – Nigeria

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Philippines

Market Entry Advisors – Philippines

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Ghana

Market Entry Advisors – Ghana

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Kazakhstan

Market Entry Advisors – Kazakhstan

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Australia

Market Entry Advisors – Australia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors South Africa

Market Entry Advisors – South Africa

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Indonesia

Market Entry Advisors – Indonesia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Thailand

Market Entry Advisors – Thailand

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Brazil

Market Entry Advisors – Brazil

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the Brazil market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Singapore

Market Entry Advisors – Singapore

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Vietnam

Market Entry Advisors – Vietnam

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors United Arab Emirates

Market Entry Advisors – United Arab Emirates

Guide February 14, 2018 Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the United Arab Emirates market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Peru

Market Entry Advisors – Peru

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Germany

Market Entry Advisors – Germany

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Hungary

Market Entry Advisors – Hungary

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Colombia

Market Entry Advisors – Colombia

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Japan

Market Entry Advisors – Japan

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Unites States

Market Entry Advisors – United States

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

NAFTA economic growth

3 reasons the economy will grow in spite of NAFTA

Blog February 05, 2018 EDC’s Chief Economist Peter Hall argues that history guides the current optimistic economic outlook.

China ecommerce market

China’s e-Commerce market: Where small companies go to think big

Blog February 01, 2018 China’s e-commerce market is the largest in the world and growing fast. Here’s how to get started.

Doing business in vietnam

Doing business in Vietnam: What Canadians need to know

Blog January 25, 2018 With the middle class set to double in size by 2020, the country is bursting with potential for Canadian exporters.

CETA Opportunities for Canadian Food Exporters

CETA opens menu of opportunities for Canadian food exporters

Blog January 08, 2018 CETA offers significant new opportunities for virtually every sector of the Canadian economy.

Doing Business in China

Doing business in China: A land of opportunity for Canada

Blog December 21, 2017 China is Canada’s second-largest trading partner after the U.S. and is becoming an area of focus for Canadian business sales and investment.

Export to Australia

3 reasons why you should export to Australia

Blog November 23, 2017 Learn about Canada’s trade relationship with Australia, and why more Canadian businesses should consider exporting there.

Southeast Asia Blog

Southeast Asia is a land of opportunity for Canadians

Blog November 02, 2017 EDC's chief representative for Southeast Asia, Klaus Houben, discusses opportunities that lie for Canadian companies in various parts of the region.

Common trade-related questions

What’s the most common trade-related question Canadian companies ask? It’s not what you think!

Blog October 10, 2017 When most Canadians think about trade, the U.S. is often the 1st market they think of. But when people call EDC, it’s actually Asia Pacific that they ask about.

Export insights Hortau

A cleantech company to watch: Hortau's AI helps California farmers

Article September 27, 2017 CEO and co-founder of Hortau, Jean Caron, shares the importance of understanding the markets you’re exporting to.

CETA Potential for Canadian Exporters

CETA: Unlocking the potential for Canadian exporters

Blog September 21, 2017 CETA has come into force. Now what? An informative webinar will help exporters navigate next steps. Read about it here.

Doing Business in India webinar

Doing business in India

Webinar Doing Business in India introduces you to the opportunities and risks in the market, provides an overview of what you should know, and highlights how you can find customers and resources.

EDC Market Entry Advisors India

Market Entry Advisors – India

Guide August 25, 2017 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors China

Market Entry Advisors – China

Guide Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Mexico

Market Entry Advisors – Mexico

Guide August 25, 2017 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

EDC Market Entry Advisors UK

Market Entry Advisors – United Kingdom

Guide August 25, 2017 Bringing your business to a new country? Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for the United Kingdom market.

Export insights Bridgit

Export insights from Bridgit’s CEO Mallorie Brodie

Article August 18, 2017 Mallorie Brodie, CEO of Bridget, shares her exporting lessons learned, and the biggest difference between selling in Canada and selling abroad.

CETA Potential

CETA: Unlocking the potential

Webinar Register for our free webinar to learn about the major opportunities that CETA will bring, and how to ensure your company is ready.

Canada-Ukraine trade deal

Canada-Ukraine trade deal: What exporters should know, from EDC experts

Blog August 08, 2017 The Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA) came into force August 1. EDC experts share why it’s important and what it means for Canadian exporters.

Export insights Silfab Solar

Export insights with Silfab Solar’s Geoff Atkins

Article August 01, 2017 Geoff Atkins, Executive Advisor to Silfab Solar shares the number one thing SMEs need to know about exporting and trade.

Silfab Solar EDC feature

The key to Silfab Solar’s impressive growth: targeting the U.S. market

Article July 27, 2017 Successful exporting relies on both company commitment and vision. Read more about Silfab Solar’s exporting journey.

iPolitics event diversification

Why Canadians must diversify and where they should go

Blog July 07, 2017 Canada’s reliance on the U.S. market is high and with uncertainty south of the border, diversification is worth exploring. Here’s how.

Exporting Canada to China

China’s opening economy: Lots of opportunity for Canadian companies

Blog June 29, 2017 The removal of barriers to capital flow in the Chinese economy will offer Canadian exporters major benefits. Learn how.

Clean energy in Colombia

Clean energy: Colombia's untapped potential

Blog May 24, 2017 Colombia is looking to change its image from an unstable country to a partner in foreign investment, specifically in modern infrastructure and clean energy.

Export insights IWT

The first export sale: Insights from Island Water Technologies

Article May 18, 2017 Patrick Kiely, CEO of P.E.I.’s Island Water Technologies (IWT), shares insights on exporting to remote areas around the world.

IWT EDC Feature

P.E.I.’s Island Water Technologies brings cleantech to Algerian desert

Article May 17, 2017 A wastewater technology company from P.E.I. focuses its export markets on military bases, disaster relief operations, mining camps and off-grid communities.

Masitek EDC Feature

Masitek helps global companies minimize product damage with technology

Article New Brunswick's Masitek is helping companies worldwide minimize product damage and losses with their devices that mimic real foods in shape, size and weight.

The Mexico Question

The Mexico question: To stay or go; Enter or stay home

Article April 12, 2017 Thoughts from Canadian exporters and experts from EDC about the Mexican market, given the promises being made by the Trump administration.

Guide to Diversify Your Canadian Business

Step-by-step guide to diversify your Canadian business

Article April 06, 2017 Diversifying markets is a must in today’s global economy. Here’s a five-step roadmap to help you on your export journey.

Market diversification begins with free trade agreements

Market diversification begins with Free Trade Agreements

Article April 03, 2017 Canada has 11 FTAs signed with 15 countries. Learn how these agreements can help you grow your business outside of Canada.

Global progressive trade from EU

EU Trade Commissioner: Open to progressive trade with the world

Blog April 03, 2017 International trade is more than just a race to the bottom line. Learn more about progressive trade policy and exporting values from the EU Trade Commissioner.

Canadian trade notifications

Trade triggers: speculation, NAFTA, WTO, TPP, Mexico and the BAT

Article March 29, 2017 With so much uncertainty today around future business relations with the U.S., how should you plan for the future?

Diversification Exporting Essential

Diversification: An exporting essential

Article March 28, 2017 Diversification is an important trade concept. Find out about the advantages to geographically diversifying your exporting portfolio.

A Look at the Mexico Business Climate

Panic, pause or press on: A look at the Mexico business climate

Blog March 24, 2017 There is uncertainty with doing business in Mexico. Canadians should know the facts point to Mexico being a valuable country for business relationships.

US business opportunities

The infrastructure boom: Harness U.S. business opportunities

Article March 22, 2017 Canada’s SME exporters can harness the opportunities south of the border by partnering with Canada’s bigger PPP players.

Eddyfi EDC Feature

Eddyfi: One of the first Canadian companies to do business in Iran

Article March 16, 2017 Although Eddyfi is a niche market player, being nimble and seizing opportunities helped them export to over 70 countries around the world, including Iran.

Capitalizing on U.S. Infrastructure Needs

Building opportunity: Capitalizing on U.S. infrastructure needs

Blog March 15, 2017 U.S. infrastructure spending is set to skyrocket. Canadian companies can take advantage of experience, proximity, P3s and investment to get in the action.

U.S. Infrastructure Deficit

U.S. infrastructure deficit creates opportunity for Canadian companies

Article March 06, 2017 American infrastructure is crumbling and Canadian SMEs can capitalize.

Export Insights from Blackline Safety

Maximize the American advantage: Blackline Safety

Article January 20, 2017 Blackline Safety gives advice on how to break into new markets, including researching the competition and market readiness level for your product or service.

Export Insights Gongshow Gear

"Get boots on the ground first": Gongshow Gear

Article December 26, 2016 Gongshow Gear co-founders discss how their popular hockey lifestyle brand scored big in the global market, especially in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Entering the U.S. Market: Logistics

Entering the U.S. market: Logistics and best practices

Guide A white paper with practical information on how to develop an effective, long-term strategy for exporting to the U.S. and establish a business presence.

Exporting to OECD Markets

Exporting beyond the U.S.: Expanding into OECD markets

Guide This white paper provides practical, how-to information to help your company look beyond the U.S. and start developing markets in other OECD countries.

Doing Business in Southeast Asia

Doing Business in Southeast Asia

Guide September 12, 2016 This comprehensive guide helps you explore exporting and direct investment opportunities in the ten fast-growing markets of Southeast Asia.

Doing Business in Panama

Doing business in Panama

Guide Learns more about Panama’s export opportunities, risks, trade agreement with Canada and how to break into the market in this detailed market guide.

Exporting to the United States

Exporting to the United States

Guide Hone your exporting strategy with this insightful guide, which shows how the U.S. is divided into 11 markets, each with its own opportunities.

Doing Business in India

Doing Business in India

Guide Learn about India, one of the largest emerging markets, and how your company can navigate the opportunities and risks, including to intellectual property.

Doing Business in China

Doing Business in China

Guide This guide provides practical information and dozens of resources to help you plan and carry out your export strategy to the Chinese market.

Dealing with Country Risk

Dealing with country risk

Guide The OECD ranks some countries as riskier than others, but this practical guide shows you what makes up country risk, how to assess it, and how to manage it.

Gongshow Gear EDC Feature

Gongshow Gear’s hockey lifestyle brand scores big in the global arena

Article June 16, 2016 Gongshow Gear started with a novel idea at a university pub in 2002. Fifteen years later, they are a global success, selling in stores around the world and online.


Diversifying your market, one step at a time

Guide Learn how diversifying into multiple markets is key to business success, and learn how to choose the best markets and entry strategies for your company.

Saltworks Technologies EDC Feature

Saltworks Technologies uses innovation in the world's murkiest waters

Article April 20, 2016 Saltworks Technologies found global export success by desalting sea water more cleanly and using 80 per cent less energy than conventional methods.