Managing Market Risks

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Developing a risk-management plan: 4 response options

Blog January 23, 2020 Where there’s opportunity, there’s risk.

Sunset view of Jakarta’s National Monument’s gold-layered torch.

Indonesia: A nation of contrasts

Blog January 13, 2020 An emerging economy with a diverse culture and array of traditions, the Indonesian market is worth exploring for Canadian businesses

Man walks down middle of road, facing the future

EDC Economics looks back at an eventful year and the road ahead for 2020

Blog January 06, 2020 A look at what opportunities and challenges are on the horizon in 2020

Stressed businesswoman looks upset and holds head in her hand outside of her workplace.

Could you be involved in global financial crime?

Blog December 02, 2019 Take this quiz to find out if you’re on the wrong side of the law.

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Financial crime in international trade

Guide Your company could become involved in financial crime without even knowing it. Learn about the risks and how to manage them in this detailed guide.

trade wars and section 301 tariffs

Trade wars and Section 301 tariffs: Practical mitigation strategies for Canadian companies

Blog November 28, 2019 How will Canadian companies be impacted by new tariffs?

Woman's hand cradles a world globe ornament

Top 10 Global Risks

Article November 25, 2019 Identifying the social, political and economic challenges facing Canadian businesses in the world today.

Businessman surrounded by tall steel buildings looks to the sky

Top 10 global risks facing Canadian companies

eBook November 19, 2019 In this report, EDC explores the main risks facing Canadian exporters and investors, including Brexit, a global recession and U.S. isolationism.

Man wearing Canada’s red Wuxly jacket carries hockey stick and skates.

Global Export Forecast Fall 2019

Guide November 14, 2019 Get expert insights from EDC’s economics team on the current trends influencing global trade and Canadian exporting.

Hoi An Vietnam ancient city

Three emerging markets to watch: Vietnam, Thailand and the UAE

Article November 13, 2019 Vietnam, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates are three emerging markets to look into.