Managing Supply Chains

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Peter Hall, EDC

Soaring wood prices: I’m stumped!

Weekly Commentary April 29, 2021 Building supplies currently hard to come by

Peter Hall, EDC

Vehicle demand is hot

Weekly Commentary March 11, 2021 Supply chain disruptions major headache for auto producers

Chain fence across a beach

Five tips to help manage global supply chains disrupted by COVID-19

Article April 27, 2020 Technology is key to overcoming COVID-19 disruptions

Jordan Kendel of Ekumenik stands in a Bali factory where his menswear line is made

Employee safety, fair wages top ethical concerns for apparel industry

Article February 11, 2020 EDC’s guidance helps exporters establish international business standards with their supply chain, bolster brand reputation with consumers.

shipping container in open water

China Section 301 Tariffs: 3 supply chain considerations

Blog December 09, 2019 What are your alternative sources of supply?

Worried businessman checks phone while driving in a limo

Financial crime in international trade

Guide Your company could become involved in financial crime without even knowing it. Learn about the risks and how to manage them in this detailed guide.

Stressed businesswoman looks upset and holds head in her hand outside of her workplace.

Could you be involved in global financial crime?

Blog December 02, 2019 Take this quiz to find out if you’re on the wrong side of the law.

trade wars and section 301 tariffs

Trade wars and Section 301 tariffs: Practical mitigation strategies for Canadian companies

Blog November 28, 2019 How will Canadian companies be impacted by new tariffs?

Managing reputational risk

Managing reputational risk in your global supply chain

Blog September 24, 2019 Learn 5 ways to safeguard your reputation while managing your global supply chain.

Supply chains

8 things you need to know to strengthen your supply chain

Article September 17, 2019 How to ensure your company and suppliers are strong, flexible and resilient.

what is blockchain

Unlocking the power of Blockchain technology

Blog August 29, 2018 While cryptocurrency has the spotlight, Blockchain might well offer greater value for a broader range of trade and business uses.

Planning and preparing for business risk can help your business avoid potential damages and make it more flexible, competitive and successful.

Managing risk: A guide for exporters

Guide Learn how to mitigate your business risk.

Us steel and aluminum tariffs

U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs: How did we get here?

Blog June 12, 2018 Find out how recent historical events led to the U.S. calling Canadian imports a threat to national security.

Canadian tariffs on US

How Canadian tariffs on U.S. goods may affect your business

Article June 08, 2018 Discover the impact that Canada’s tariffs counter-measures will have on your business.

Godin Guitars EDC Feature

Simplifying Godin Guitars' supply chain to become a global leader

Article November 21, 2017 Since the 1964 hit "Walk, Don't Run", Montreal-based musician Robert Godin began modifying and customizing guitars, as well as making a new one from scratch.

Abbyshot EDC Feature

Abbyshot finds a competitive edge in the U.S. and U.K.

Article October 25, 2017 Abbyshot started out by running a home-sewing business. Now, they export in over 50 countries and work with companies like ABC/Disney and Sony Pictures.

Floriculture industry exports

Canada’s floriculture industry looks for export growth across the U.S.

Blog October 05, 2017 Every day, thousands of greenhouse-grown plants and cut flowers are shipped to the U.S. as part of Canada’s annual $420-million in floriculture export sales.

Exporting agricultural technology

How agricultural technology will help unleash Canada's export potential

Blog September 25, 2017 By 2050, the typical farm will generate an average of 4.1 million data points every day. What does this mean for Canada’s agricultural export potential?

Port of Montreal exports

A look at trends in maritime transport at the Port of Montreal

Blog September 20, 2017 The Port of Montreal has played a historic role in the commercial development of Montreal and Canada, and the trade between Canada and international markets.

Canadian companies supply chain

Canadian companies look to supply chains for export success

Blog April 18, 2017 New free trade agreements will provide Canadian companies with export opportunities. Learn how successfully mastering the global supply chain will help.

Export Insights MyPakage Apparel

Keys to MyPakage's export success: Customer service and partnerships

Article MyPakage Apparel's CEO discusses the art of customer services, the importance of partnerships, and how to adapt to different markets.

MyPakage Apparel EDC Feature

MyPakage reinforces its supply chain to prepare for new export markets

Article To sell their unique idea in a niche market, MyPakage Apparel strengthened its supply chain. Learn how this helped the company find success in new markets.

EDC Singapore branch

EDC opens a financing branch in Singapore - its first outside of Canada

Article March 24, 2017 EDC opened its financing branch outside of Canada, in Singapore. Learn from Bill Brown, EDC's Regional VP, Asia, on how this can help Canadian companies.

Export Insights Bulat Kitchen Knife

Building a successful crowdfunding recipe: Bulat Kitchen Knife

Article February 13, 2017 A successful crowdfunding campaign can be a great tool for building a community and testing your products. Learn from the founder of Bulat Kitchen Knives.

Export Insights from CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems: Lessons from the global supply chain journey

Article January 26, 2017 CoolIT Systems, a Calgary-based tech company, discusses its export strategies and biggest lessons learned from going global.

CoolIT Systems EDC Feature

How high-quality partnerships help CoolIT Systems grow globally

Article January 25, 2017 Founded in 2001 by three gamers, CoolIT's technology now cools more than two million CPUs in various systems around the globe. Learn how partnerships helped.

Canadian Affiliates Abroad

Canadian affiliates abroad: Impacts and opportunities

Guide More Canadian companies are acquiring affiliates to increase sales and access supply chains. Find out if you should invest abroad, and how EDC can help.

ICT sector exporting

Canada's ICT sector is built for exporting

Blog July 11, 2016 Learn how Canada's information and communications technologies (ICT) sector could lead to the next wave of innovation that will transform many sectors.


Beyond exporting: Building or buying international operations

Guide Learn how you can expand operations outside of Canada to increase sales, improve service, and access supply chains and resources—and how EDC can help.