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A group of Quadrogen employees stands in front of a biogas clean-up system near a warehouse.

From waste to resource: Quadrogen turns dirty biogas into clean energy

Blog October 22, 2021 Learn how Quadrogen is developing and exporting innovative cleantech, with help from EDC.

Terramera 2021 EDC Cleantech Export Star

Clean food: natural chemistries replace harmful synthetic pesticides

Blog October 22, 2021 Learn about Terramera’s cleantech innovations and how EDC helps the company manage risk.

Two people stand in front of chemical processing machinery at GREENMANTRA.

Specialty chemicals company creates high-value additives from waste plastic

Blog October 22, 2021 GREENMANTRA is an EDC Cleantech Export Star for 2021. Learn more about this innovative company.

Mysa Smart Thermostats

Mysa Smart Thermostats: innovation for electric heating and cooling

Blog October 22, 2021 Learn about Mysa’s innovative products and how EDC helped the company go to market and export.

XpertSea Solutions

From pond to plate: Tech company helps shrimp farmers trade more efficiently

Blog October 22, 2021 Learn about XpertSea’s cleantech innovations and how EDC helps the company manage risk.

Peter Hall, EDC

Employers frustrated by tightening job market

Weekly Commentary October 21, 2021 Are there any quick fixes to the labour logjam?

Woman networking with other business people on an Zoom call.

Women in trade: 3 benefits of strong global networks

Blog October 18, 2021 For women looking to expand their business internationally, strategic networks are vital to success.

a gloved hand places raw burger patties

P&P Optica uses the science of light to keep food out of landfills

Success Story P&P Optica uses the science of light to keep food out of landfills.

A worker looking out from ship to offshore wind farm

Net zero by 2050: What it will mean for your business

Webinar Find out how achieving zero emissions could impact your company’s international growth

Peter Hall, EDC

The post-pandemic spending splurge

Weekly Commentary October 07, 2021 What will consumers do with all that pent-up cash?

Cultural tips for doing business in India

Cultural tips for doing business in India

Report October 01, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Peter Hall, EDC

The fork in the road

Weekly Commentary September 30, 2021 Growth surges while pandemic lingers

A young professional reviewing an international contract

Negotiating international contracts

Article September 27, 2021 Find out what questions you need to ask when

Couple walking through airport with their luggage

Tracking Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19

Report September 24, 2021 EDC’s Canadian Economic Recovery Tracker highlights key trends in Canada’s economic performance.

A confident Business woman is participating in a woman entrepreneurs meeting

Building your network: Strategies for women entrepreneurs

Webinar Learn how to build a strong network to help grow your business in global markets.

Peter Hall, EDC

Business investment steps up

Weekly Commentary September 23, 2021 Companies are adapting to new realities and creating capacity

A  business woman sitting at her desk is talking during a conference call.

Better business practices: Making ESG work for you

Webinar Find out how environmental, social and governance practices can shape the future growth of your business.

Peter Hall, EDC

If supply chains are a mess, why is global trade booming?

Weekly Commentary September 16, 2021 Gloomy economic headlines make for mixed messages

Woman holding tablet in a greenhouse filled with plants.

How three companies used EDC’s solution to improve their FX strategy

Article September 10, 2021 Three case studies show how EDC’s FXG helps companies of all sizes manage currency risk.

Peter Hall, EDC

Fall 2021 hot list

Weekly Commentary September 09, 2021 Key economic issues of focus as summer winds down

An employee is moving boxes in a big warehouse.

Ask the Export Help Team: Moving the goods

Blog September 08, 2021 Canadian entrepreneurs like you learn about trade rules and how to start their due diligence.

Tropical coastline in Vietnam

Cultural tips for doing business in Southeast Asia

Report September 07, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Peter Hall, EDC

High confidence defies general gloom

Weekly Commentary September 02, 2021 Wracked with uncertainty, we’re still upbeat

Peter Hall, EDC

The robots are coming!

Weekly Commentary August 26, 2021 Mechanization is an answer to a lot of the economy’s structural puzzles

A small business advisory board meets in a conference room

How an advisory board can help your business go global

Webinar Find out how an advisory board can play a key role in helping your small business succeed in Canada and abroad

Singapore waterfront with lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum

Cultural tips for doing business in Singapore

Report August 20, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Peter Hall, EDC

A fall cooling for hot summer prices?

Weekly Commentary August 19, 2021 Nothing automatic about slower near-term inflation

Five executives meet to discuss business.

Advisory boards: Effective tool for growing your business

Blog August 16, 2021 Advisory boards are made up of experts, who offer insights and knowledge to help grow your business.

An employee is moving boxes in a big warehouse.

Ask the Export Help Team: Tackling your taxes

Blog August 16, 2021 Canadian entrepreneurs like you find out how they can tackle their international taxes.

Two women engaged in meeting – one with raised hand.

Federal partners work to rally Canada's recovery

Blog August 13, 2021 New initiative focuses on furthering the growth of Canadian companies in high-potential export sectors

Peter Hall, EDC

The only way to go is up

Weekly Commentary August 12, 2021 Despite growing optimism, global recovery uneven

Peter Hall, EDC

Exports as a global recovery gauge

Weekly Commentary August 05, 2021 In the trade Olympics, who gets gold?

Young female bakery owners smile while accessing iPad.

Pandemic pivot: Canada’s resilient food and beverage sector

Blog July 30, 2021 Rowda Mohamud of BDC Advisory Services optimistic about Canada’s food and beverage sector outlook.

Young female woodworker sands canoe.

Markets of opportunity for Canadian exporters

Guide July 28, 2021 This Export Development Guide examines future trade potential across 170 markets.

A man and girl in a field, pointing at the view ahead.

EDC commits to net zero emissions by 2050

Blog July 22, 2021 Joins the growing international effort to dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions

Scientist squeezing a dropper of cannabis oil into a bottle surrounded by marijuana plants

High hopes for medical cannabis market in Canada

Report July 22, 2021 Prospects for future growth are good for Canadian producers willing to expand to global markets.

An employee is moving boxes in a big warehouse.

Ask the Export Help Team

Blog July 21, 2021 Canadian entrepreneurs like you find out how they can grow their businesses.

Sunshine Quem Tenasco of Pow Wow Pitch.

Pow Wow Pitch aims to help Indigenous entrepreneurs

Article July 20, 2021 Sunshine Tenasco of Pow Wow Pitch forms partnership with EDC in support of Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Skyscrapers in Mumbai.

Business in India: A market of opportunity for Canadian exporters

Blog July 16, 2021 Despite COVID-19, India remained our ninth-largest export market, 10th-largest trading partner.

An indigenous mask carver working in his shop.

Building a global brand: Strategies for Indigenous-owned businesses

Webinar Learn how to build a global Indigenous brand identity to help your company thrive internationally.

Indigenous woman working on a laptop

Indigenous entrepreneurs: Checklist to exporting

Blog July 05, 2021 Bree Jamieson-Holloway outlines steps Indigenous entrepreneurs need to take to get ready to export.

A businessman speaks on a web conference with an advisor using a laptop webcam.

Export Help Hub

Tool July 05, 2021 Insights to guide smart export decisions.

Peter Hall, EDC

To immunity and beyond!

Weekly Commentary June 30, 2021 New economic forecast paints rosy picture of global growth

Young female Latin architect smiles on site

EDC’s Trade Confidence Index

Article June 24, 2021 As businesses continue to navigate their way through the pandemic, in our mid-year 2021 TCI, the outlook according to Canadian exporters has rebounded significantly from an all-time low at the same time last year. Discover the highlights of this important survey, including the top markets of interest for exporters.

Peter Hall, EDC

Record rebound in Canadian trade confidence

Weekly Commentary June 24, 2021 Economic momentum building as vaccine rollouts progress, countries reopen

Construction worker oversees the pouring of concrete on a large-scale project.

Land of opportunity: U.S. shortages pave way for Canadian exports

Article June 23, 2021 Former U.S ambassador, Bruce Heyman highlights opportunities in his nation for Canadian exporters

Truck and containers in port facility

Effenco: Cleaning up in the heavy-duty world

Success Story Cleantech company Effenco poised to take growing chunk of $200-billion vocational vehicle market.

Chilled glass of ice wine with vineyard in background.

Canada’s ice wine industry: Grape expectations for global growth

Report June 17, 2021 Thanks to our cold winters, Canada is a top producer and exporter of ice wine

Peter Hall, EDC

Going global: Time to tap into emerging markets

Weekly Commentary June 17, 2021 The rapid transformation of the global customer base

EDC Vice-President and Chief Economist Peter Hall photo

2021 Global Economic Outlook: Road to recovery

Webinar Discover insights and advice on the key economic indicators impacting Canadian companies in 2021.

Flower shop owner ordering supplies on her laptop

Turning inventory into cash: Understanding the payment cycle

Report June 14, 2021 Need credit to grow your business? The quicker you sell your product could make all the difference.

Peter Hall, EDC

Price pressures in a post-pandemic world

Weekly Commentary June 10, 2021 Is inflation getting out of control?

Peter Hall, EDC

The return to normal

Weekly Commentary June 03, 2021 What will post-pandemic life be like?

female farmer with tablet in wheat field

Sustainable agriculture production key for Canada

Report May 31, 2021 Canada’s exports perform remarkably well as global, domestic food demand increases

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Labour shortage

Weekly Commentary May 27, 2021 Lack of skilled workers in some sectors may constrain growth

Sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

100 days of Joe Biden: The new outlook for Canadian business

Webinar Discover how the new American administration’s policy agenda will shape the future of Canadian exports to the U.S.

Human hand holds soybeans in field.

Plant-based proteins: A growth industry in Canada’s backyard

Blog May 20, 2021 Canadian plant-based protein industry is in a prime position to dominate the global market.

Peter Hall, EDC

Capacity crunch

Weekly Commentary May 20, 2021 Economic recovery more challenging than expected

Asian grocery store clerk takes inventory of his stock.

Good & bad of COVID-19: Survey outlines impacts on Canadian businesses

Blog May 18, 2021 EDC research panel survey highlights impacts of the pandemic on Canadian businesses.

Exporter works in his vehicle spare parts warehouse.

Canadian exporters need to plan for growth, opportunities in the U.S.

Blog May 17, 2021 As the economy rebounds in the U.S., Canadian exporters need to get ready to expand into the market.

Warehouse foreman wearing face mask doing inventory.

COVID-19: The impacts on Canadian businesses at home and abroad

Report May 10, 2021 The EDC Research Panel’s March survey highlights the challenges imposed by the global pandemic.

 Peter Hall, EDC

U.S. stimulus wave cresting

Weekly Commentary May 06, 2021 Surge in March: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Two female Asian entrepreneurs pack boxes intended for customers

Long road to recovery: Key trends in Canada’s goods export trade

Blog May 04, 2021 Top 10 interesting facts by EDC Economics on Canada’s goods export trade over the past 15 years.

Peter Hall, EDC

Soaring wood prices: I’m stumped!

Weekly Commentary April 29, 2021 Building supplies currently hard to come by

A business woman at work is consulting her mobile phone.

Understanding Incoterms

Guide April 27, 2021 Control your imports and exports with this list of internationally accepted commercial definitions.

Female shopkeeper wearing face mask serves customer

Looking ahead at Canada’s private sector

Report April 26, 2021 Track the challenges, opportunities and future growth patterns of the sector’s predominately small businesses through 2024.

Peter Hall, EDC

Economic restart: A piece of cake?

Weekly Commentary April 22, 2021 Rebooting harder than shutting down

Asian-Canadian engineer checks details on warehouse tablet

Understanding Canada’s goods exporters

Report April 22, 2021 Trace the history of the Canadian goods trade from 2005 to 2020

Customer tapping credit card to pay for flowers.

Payments on the go–any time, anywhere

Article April 21, 2021 Canadian tech company offers devices and software to make mobile payments any time, anywhere.

Male, female fashion designers work in studio

Protecting your intellectual property

eBook April 19, 2021 Learn the basics about intellectual property and how to protect yours when expanding to new markets.

A woman entrepreneur in her workshop is consulting her mobile phone.

Powered by innovation: the new Canada Business App

Article April 16, 2021 ISED releases their Canada Business App to acclaim.

Three engineers working on new software for a car

Understanding your intellectual property

Blog April 16, 2021 Five things Canadian companies need to know about their creative assets

Peter Hall, EDC

Grounded for now

Weekly Commentary April 15, 2021 Will we ever return to our jet-setting ways?

Peter Hall, EDC

Labour, technology and the post-COVID-19 world

Weekly Commentary April 08, 2021 Pandemic accelerates digital transformation, artificial intelligence

A businessman is talking on the his cellular while looking at his laptop for information.

Going global: How to find success in international markets

Webinar Discover the right approach for your company to set up international operations successfully.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global forecast: The economic storm is passing

Weekly Commentary April 01, 2021 Improved U.S. outlook boosting key economies

Peter Hall, EDC

Economic outlook: U.S. in for banner year

Weekly Commentary March 25, 2021 Forecast brighter for Canada, Japan, United Kingdom

Peter Hall, EDC

Job market begins to heat up

Weekly Commentary March 18, 2021 Pandemic-vulnerable industries still lag behind

Mature female exporter prepares to ship goods

Canada’s goods exports and COVID-19

Report March 12, 2021 Despite a decline of $74 billion in 2020, commercial goods exports have recovered at record speed

Peter Hall, EDC

Vehicle demand is hot

Weekly Commentary March 11, 2021 Supply chain disruptions major headache for auto producers

An industrial engineer wearing his hard hat and his security vest is working at the plant.

Selling your services to the world: How to find new markets

Webinar Learn how to identify new markets and seek out new global opportunities.

Silhouette of young family and airplane.

Canada’s services trade hit hard by pandemic

Report March 05, 2021 Our services exports plunged $25 billion in 2020, an unprecedented decline for the sector

Peter Hall, EDC

Canada’s climb out of the COVID-19 chasm

Weekly Commentary March 04, 2021 What do we make of the Canadian economy’s pandemic progress, and are better times ahead?

Man’s masked face with a facial grid overlaid on top of it

Invixium: The new face (recognition) of health and safety

Article March 02, 2021 Canadian biometric company Invixium makes innovative business pivot to keep growing during pandemic

A small business owner is packing her product in boxes, preparing it for delivery.

The future of retail: Exceeding post-COVID-19 customer expectations

Webinar Discover the future of retail and how to use technology to evolve your customers into advocates.

American flag flies at U.S. Capitol

President Biden strengthens ‘Buy American’ plan

Report February 22, 2021 This EDC report offers an overview of the changes to U.S. government procurement and implications for Canadian companies.

Peter Hall, EDC

Plunging infections: Success, or just another wave?

Weekly Commentary February 18, 2021 It seems almost too good to be true

A bowl of chocolate treats made by REB.

Treat company's pivot pays off with RBC, EDC help

Success Story This snack manufacturer was hit hard by COVID-19, but rallied with the help of RBC and EDC.

Woman in greenhouse with tablet

Feeding a world hungry for Canada

Blog February 16, 2021 EDC and FCC are committed to working together to support the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Peter Hall, EDC

U.S. housing market: Sign of global revival?

Weekly Commentary February 04, 2021 As U.S. COVID-19 numbers improve, a key leading indicator is waking up.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global outlook: Hope deferred

Weekly Commentary January 28, 2021 Our latest Global Economic Outlook expects somewhat softer growth in 2021 than initially expected.

Peter Hall, EDC

Risk: Friend or foe?

Weekly Commentary January 21, 2021 The appetite for risk in an ever-changing world

Peter Hall, EDC

Turning the page to 2021

Weekly Commentary January 14, 2021 Do our Happy New Year wishes already have a very hollow ring to them?

A warehouse supervisor checks his inventory on his tablet.

Rewards & risks of export payment terms

Blog December 18, 2020 EDC’s Emiliano Introcaso and Ryan Oxley outline the rewards and risks of export payment terms.

Peter Hall, EDC

Canadian trade confidence rebounds

Weekly Commentary December 17, 2020 Near-term outlook improves after hitting all-time low at start of pandemic.

Engineer checks robotic arms in auto factory.

U.S. economy doing well, all things considered

Article December 15, 2020 There are signs of hope for better days ahead for Canada-U.S. trade.

Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sustainable and responsible business conduct in Brazil

Guide December 14, 2020 Expanding into this market? Read this insightful guide on the importance of operating your business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Jacques Chamberland and family

The Joy of Giving!

Blog December 11, 2020 Jacques shares the importance for individuals to give back to their communities.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: The surprise of the year

Weekly Commentary December 10, 2020 How has this redefined our world, and what are its lasting effects?

Tractor in a field

Export to multiple markets and protect against risk: FCC Trade Report

Article December 09, 2020 FCC Releases their Trade Report outlining export diversification opportunities.

Peter Hall, EDC vice-president and chief economist

Global Economic and Export Forecast with Peter Hall

Webinar Get expert insight on the global economy and opportunities for Canadian exporters in 2021.

Organic farmers grow seedlings

Canada’s organic sector just keeps growing

Blog December 01, 2020 The more farmers who convert to organic, the more benefit there'll be for our agricultural landscape.

Silhouette of farmer in golden wheat field.

The organic food market in Canada and its global influence

Report November 27, 2020 Demand for organic products is growing as people become more health-conscious, incomes rise, and retail distribution expands.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and country risk implications

Weekly Commentary November 26, 2020 The strength of the recovery depends upon containing infections as well as government support.

Beautiful sunset over the Brooklyn bridge in Manhattan

U.S. outlook: What Canadian businesses need to know

Webinar It’s time to look ahead to 2021 and see how the U.S. outlook will impact Canada’s economy—and your company.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Boost your business’ resilience by diversifying your markets

Blog November 23, 2020 Market diversification is the best way to protect your business against risks.

Engineer directs forklift in stockyard

COVID-19: Surveying the damage

Weekly Commentary November 19, 2020 Insights from on-the-ground experiences of Canadian companies.

Businesswoman works on a financial forecast.

Financial forecasting 101

Guide November 13, 2020 Learn how experts are creating financial forecasts for businesses during COVID-19.

Female potter fills online orders from home

Spiking COVID-19 cases threaten Canada’s recovery

Weekly Commentary November 12, 2020 Momentum has clearly slowed, and fourth-quarter growth will be much weaker than the bounce-back enjoyed in the third quarter.

A photo of mountain climbing safety gear.

Managing business risk at home and abroad

Guide November 09, 2020 Identify and minimize the risks your company is facing.

Male employer wearing a face mask explains corporate goals to his staff.

How to preserve your business integrity amid COVID-19

Blog November 05, 2020 Canadian companies must evaluate their risk culture, adjust to strengthen resiliency during pandemic

Peter Hall, EDC

Top concern: Recovery from COVID-19

Weekly Commentary November 05, 2020 We heard a lot about what’s keeping our key customers up at night.

Tantalus electric panel

Power up: Smart grid technology

Blog November 02, 2020 Tantalus is powering up with smart grid technology that enhances the safety and efficiency of public.

Busy city intersection

Smarter intersections: Traffic management gets pulled into right lane

Blog November 02, 2020 Building smarter intersections and getting traffic management into the right lane

woman looking through magnifier

Lights and insights: Streetlight company expands into new solutions

Blog November 02, 2020 LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., is an Export Development Canada 2020 Cleantech Export Star.

Peppers on black

Certified biodegradable ground cover boosts yield, reduces waste

Blog November 02, 2020 Since 2014, FilmOrganic, has been making mulch film for fruits, vegetables and hemp.

Electric vehicle

Faster and smaller: Ottawa company delivers major efficiency gains

Blog November 02, 2020 GaN Systems is driving this industry-changing advancement with its new generation of power transistors.

Smart cleantech irrigation systems aid cannabis cultivators

Canada’s cleantech future looks bright

Guide October 30, 2020 With a global market projected to exceed $3.3 trillion in 2022, Canada’s innovative cleantech companies must look abroad for opportunities to reach their potential

Industrial plant colleagues wear masks at work in pandemic

Global Export Forecast—Autumn 2020

Guide October 29, 2020 Get expert insights from EDC’s Economics team on the current trends influencing global trade and Canadian exports.

Peter Hall, EDC

Better than feared, but slow and uneven road ahead

Weekly Commentary October 29, 2020 Despite the massive upheaval caused by the pandemic, global trade bounced back faster than expected.

Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber, owners of PRANA Biovegan

PRANA Biovegan: Changing the world with healthy snacks

Article October 27, 2020 PRANA Biovegan was able to focus on growth during COVID-19 with EDC’s Investment Matching Program.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: When do I get my job back?

Weekly Commentary October 22, 2020 Improvement is expected to continue, but the recent rise in second-wave infections is expected to slow the progress.

Variety of foods in takeout boxes

With rising takeout sales, demand for Gallimore food containers spikes

Article October 20, 2020 Maker of compostable takeout containers turns to EDC to help meet demand during COVID-19.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19’s demands on the economy

Weekly Commentary October 15, 2020 As the economy restarts, is it all about demand, or is there more?

Field of wheat against a blue sky

Silver linings in a global pandemic: Canada’s agri-food yields strong growth despite trade disruptions

Blog October 14, 2020 Farm Credit Canada’s Craig Klemmer highlights key opportunities for agriculture during COVID-19

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19, recovery, and inflation

Weekly Commentary October 08, 2020 Are price hikes lurking around the corner, or are these fears unfounded?

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Fast won’t last

Weekly Commentary October 01, 2020 We’re already seeing a growth moderation that will test our mettle, and future containment of infections is far from guaranteed.

An example of a product created by Good Natured.

Packaging company grows, despite COVID-19, with bank and EDC help

Article September 30, 2020 Read how the EDC BCAP Guarantee helped Good Natured Products get financing.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Debt drama

Weekly Commentary September 17, 2020 In 2020, we’ve seen the steepest year-over-year rise in public debt-to-GDP ratios in recent history.

Man in a warehouse with tablet showing the map of the world where the goods will be delivered.

Digital trade: New CUSMA chapter outlines rules of fastest-growing export sector

Article September 14, 2020 New chapter in Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement outlines rules for digital trade.

Man bungee jumping from the top of a cliff over a river

Digital trade: Harnessing technology, data and AI in our post-pandemic economy

Report September 14, 2020 This EDC Global Trade report outlines the digital impacts on the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Fluid Energy already had the capabilities, licenses, as well as supplier and packaging relationships required to producing hand sanitizer.

How a Calgary company used EDC to help it make a COVID-19 pivot

Article September 11, 2020 Traditionally, Fluid mainly specialized in producing environmentally responsible, advanced chemical systems for a variety of uses within the oil and gas sector. Now they are also producing hand sanitizer.

A software engineer sits at her desk.

SaaS companies positioned to thrive with careful measures

Article September 10, 2020 See how COVID-19 impacted the SaaS sector and what indicators show for the future.

Peter Hall, EDC

What is post-COVID-19 growth going to look like?

Weekly Commentary September 10, 2020 Canadian sectors, like retailing and international trade, look positively V-shaped, and give hope that the rest of the economy might soon follow.

An engineer standing in front of an industrial machine with his laptop talks on the phone

The New NAFTA: How to leverage CUSMA to enter new markets

Webinar Explore key changes from NAFTA to CUSMA and learn how to leverage the trade deal to enter into new markets.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: The role of pent-up demand

Weekly Commentary September 03, 2020 When economies falter, what brings them back up again?

Businessmen shaking hands on a deal

Top 10 things to know about the new NAFTA

Article September 01, 2020 Trade expert highlights key changes to new Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement

Two businessmen in hard hats with shipping containers in background

Complying with CUSMA: What Canadian exporters, importers need to know

Blog August 28, 2020 An overview of the new rules of origin and origin certification

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and mechanization

Weekly Commentary August 27, 2020 COVID-19 may boost mechanization of production. Are we ready?

Farmer in soybean field.

COVID-19: Canada’s agri-food sector yields strong results despite pandemic

Report August 20, 2020 Canada’s agriculture exports have been remarkably resilient during the COVID-19 crisis. Read this EDC Economics overview for a snapshot of this vital Canadian sector.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and the demand for food

Weekly Commentary August 20, 2020 Food producers, like all other industries, have been hugely affected.

Sunlight beams through Mexican church

Doing business in Mexico: 12 essential etiquette tips

Blog August 17, 2020 Doing business in Mexico: Learn a little Spanish, embrace the country and opt for face-to-face meetings.

Women wearing masks browse Mexican market

Doing business in Mexico

Guide A key trading partner, Mexico offers many opportunities for Canadian companies. This guide highlights the country’s main business sectors and outlines the risks and benefits of expanding into these markets.

Woman paddling looking out on the water

Nova Craft Canoe: The path of the paddle

Success Story From a backyard start-up to a Canadian export success story, Nova Craft Canoe shares Canadian values and culture with the world.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19 and the gold rally

Weekly Commentary August 13, 2020 The world is abuzz over gold’s recent rally to a record high of US$2,000 and beyond.

Worker moves stack of boxes on a hand dolly

Incoterms 2020: Understanding the Group D and FOB rules

Blog August 13, 2020 EDC trade advisor Emiliano Introcaso explains four rules pertaining to the delivery of exported goods.

Peter Hall, EDC

COVID-19: Reading the GDP data

Weekly Commentary August 06, 2020 Dated numbers are still telling scary stories. As such, it’s best to look at the details for signs of true recovery. Things are moving so quickly and radically that the details are more important than ever.

Ominous skies over a lumber mill

Canada’s forestry industry grapples with impacts of COVID-19

Report August 03, 2020 The forestry sector is an important economic driver and a vital source of employment for Canadians. Read this EDC Economics overview for a pulse check on the industry and how it will need to adapt in the coming years.

Business man wearing surgical mask sends text on his cellphone

COVID-19: Understanding the macroeconomic impacts of the global pandemic

Report July 30, 2020 This EDC Economics report reviews the rapidly-expanding research on the significant revenue losses, weaker commodity prices and volatile financial markets due to COVID-19.

Medical scrubs and other PPE are in high demand.

Apparel maker now one of the country’s major PPE suppliers

Article July 24, 2020 Mondetta has become one of Canada’s major suppliers of medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Male carpenter in his studio.

EDC COVID-19 impact survey suggests the worst is behind us

Blog July 14, 2020 Despite significant challenges, Canadian companies are identifying new opportunities, domestically and internationally, and investing in online capabilities to beef up sales.

Workers are checking orders on a loading dock.

Incoterms® 2020: Understanding the Group C rules

Blog July 14, 2020 EDC trade advisor, Emiliano Introcaso, highlights the exporter’s responsibilities with Incoterms 2020’s Group C rules.

Joella Hogan, owner of The Yukon Soaps Company

Drive to succeed: Indigenous women rely on strong community ties, proud heritage to grow their business

Article July 08, 2020 EDC customers share what it’s like running women-owned Indigenous companies in Canada.

A fishing boat floats near the shore.

Seafood industry slowly recovering from COVID-19

Article July 06, 2020 COVID-19 has forced Atlantic Canada’s seafood industry to rethink how they do business.

Ceremonial feathered headdresses at powwow

Forging closer ties: EDC aims to build lasting partnerships with Canada’s Indigenous community

Article June 30, 2020 EDC keen to build lasting partnerships with robust Indigenous business community

Closeup of hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Understanding the new Canadian Export Reporting System

Blog June 22, 2020 No more filling out paper forms. Exporters can now electronically declare their shipments leaving Canada.

InkSmith CEO Jeremy Hedges stands on his factory floor.

Reinventing business during COVID-19

Article June 16, 2020 A CEO shares lessons learned while creating a new business during the pandemic.

SnapCab’s modular, enclosed pods being used in an open workspace environment for privacy and noise reduction.

SnapCab works to create a safe place during the COVID-19 pandemic

Article June 15, 2020 Stepping up to support frontline workers

Basilica and cityscape of Mexico City

Connecting Canada with Mexico

Article June 03, 2020 EDC’s Business Connection Program introduces Canadian companies to Mexico retailer, Soriana

Female paddles in canoe on Moraine Lake

COVID-19 leaves tourism industry reeling

Report May 26, 2020 With international travel shut down and consumers struggling with financial hardships, this sector has suffered a severe blow. Read this EDC Economics overview to discover when the industry could bounce back.

Bridge spanning rushing water with U.S. flag flapping in the wind

Staying connected with the U.S. during COVID-19

Article May 26, 2020 EDC representatives in Atlanta and Chicago share COVID-19 impacts on their markets and outlooks for the future

Frustrated man sitting in a booth staring at his laptop

COVID-19: EDC survey finds 10 key impacts on Canadian businesses

Blog May 22, 2020 EDC Research Panel survey outlines how the pandemic is affecting Canadian companies in domestic and international markets.

Kareway Homes owner Wayne Cunnningham and his wife Carol at their job site.

Construction company finds pandemic relief with BCAP

Article May 06, 2020 When COVID-19 made a promising bank loan fall apart, BCAP and EDC helped get it back on track.

Man working in the shadows on his laptop

COVID-19: Planning for today’s survival and tomorrow’s growth

Blog May 01, 2020 Resources of support for Canadian companies impacted by the pandemic

Chain fence across a beach

Five tips to help manage global supply chains disrupted by COVID-19

Article April 27, 2020 Technology is key to overcoming COVID-19 disruptions

Empty airport, parked airplane highlights gloom

COVID-19 grounds aerospace industry

Report April 24, 2020 With air traffic at a standstill, this sector is in for a wild ride. Read this EDC Economics overview to discover how it could take years for this industry to recover.

Different currencies are displayed on a world map.

Currency exchange risk: How to handle the ups and downs during COVID-19

Blog April 24, 2020 Currency exchange fluctuation is an even bigger risk during COVID-19. Here’s how to make sure your company comes out on top.

Oil workers work on oil-patch rig

COVID-19: Navigating the turmoil in Canada’s energy sector

Report April 17, 2020 Read this insightful report by EDC Economics for an overview of the global oil and gas crisis and its ramifications for Canadian producers.

A factory closed due to COVID-19 sits empty behind metal fence

COVID-19: The sectoral and regional economic fallout in Canada

Blog April 14, 2020 Oil, gas and cleantech, transportation, manufacturing and service sectors experiencing severe challenges

Automobiles being built in a factory.

COVID-19 crisis: Challenges mount for many Canadian sectors

Guide April 14, 2020 EDC Economics analyzes the potential sectoral fallout in Canada

Peter Hall, EDC

Mexico’s uncertain future

Weekly Commentary February 20, 2020 Is Mexico on investors’ “Hot List”?

Hiker watching the sunset at Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA

Going south of the border: How to gain a global presence in the U.S.

Blog February 14, 2020 Canadian entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand beyond Canada’s borders see the United States as their top export destination.

Sample video of REAL by FAKE’s work

REAL by FAKE: Planting a flag in Hollywood

Success Story This Montreal-based visual effects and post-production outfit got EDC support to acquire a company closer to their customers

Product photo

Ciele Athletics: Performance, protection and seamless style

Success Story With EDC’s Export Guarantee Program, this hat company hit the ground running in the United States

trade wars and section 301 tariffs

Trade wars and Section 301 tariffs: Practical mitigation strategies for Canadian companies

Blog November 28, 2019 How will Canadian companies be impacted by new tariffs?

TilesInspired owners

TilesInspired hits a wall with trade questions, gets answers from EDC

Success Story Discover EDC Export Help Hub

Aerial view of oil rig

‘Confidence, connections and cash’ helped this energy company succeed internationally

Success Story This family-founded onshore drilling company prospered using EDC’s products throughout its growth.

global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Top 5 global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Blog October 07, 2019 A look at the five most promising cleantech markets

Tornado Spectral Systems manufactures chemical analysis and measurement products. Photo features science test tubes.

Tornado Spectral Systems: Shedding light on chemical measurement around the globe

Success Story With EDC’s support, this chemical analysis and measurement company has taken on international contracts from all over the world.

Field of sunflowers

From the kitchen to the world stage: How Green Beaver’s beauty products have garnered international success

Success Story This natural beauty product company turned to EDC to mitigate its risks and access more money when international opportunities arose

Sampler’s mission to help CPGs distribute their samples in more targeted ways.

Sampler: Going worldwide one sample at a time

Success Story EDC’s Portfolio Credit Insurance gave this technology company the confidence it needed to take on a contract—and watch their exporting journey take off in 11 countries.

Truck moving a whole house

Building homes one relationship at a time

Article July 29, 2019 SK2 in Manitoba builds more than just custom homes. It builds lasting relationships.

Team laughing and working around a desk.

Solving marketing challenges took Perkuto to international markets

Success Story With help from its financial institution and EDC, this marketing consulting company has been able to continue its fast-paced growth and take on international contracts.


A top-shelf approach to selling internationally took HockeyShot to new markets

Success Story Accessing EDC’s Export Guarantee Program allowed this hockey-training company to deliver the world’s largest synthetic ice rink in Mexico

Three farmers discuss planting in a field.

Greener pastures: Canadian agriculture a bright spot for trade

Guide June 04, 2019 Check out this report highlighting Canadian agriculture trade and investment trends

Joy Yap walks between green bushes.

Facing the future headfirst with Joy Yap

Blog June 04, 2019 Eco-beauty entrepreneur on the rewards, challenges of owning your own business

Cloud Gate, also known as the Bean is one of Chicago’s major attractions.

Forging ahead: Canadians need to think long-term when exporting to the U.S.

Blog May 27, 2019 On the heels of EDC opening two American offices, Gregory Trippenbach, EDC’s Regional Vice-President, United States, outlines the opportunities and risks for Canadian businesses exporting to the south.

Accessing EDC Select Credit Insurance provided peace of mind for Joy Yap when her natural beauty company started exporting to the U.S.

Wyld Skincare: Put your best face forward

Success Story Accessing EDC Select Credit Insurance provided peace of mind for Joy Yap when her natural beauty company started exporting to the U.S.

Titan Environmental

Titan Environmental Containment: Minimizing environmental impact while growing globally

Success Story After accessing EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance, the environmental company saw sales grow by 60% and now exports to every continent

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta: Latest breakout star for Canadian exports

Blog April 24, 2019 EDC is growing in the United States by opening an office in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve the southeastern part of the country.

EnergyGeeks provides concierge-style “Solar Energy for Dummies” service.

EnergyGeeks: Shedding light on solar power

Success Story Since the solar power company launched in the United States at the beginning of 2018, revenue has almost doubled.

Handling Specialty

Handling Specialty: From humble beginnings to international contracts

Success Story This material handling company started out in a garage, but used EDC’s credit insurance and Business Connection Program to support its international growth and is now worth $35 million.

Lord Cultural Resources

Lord Cultural Resources, cultural planning firm, lands large international contracts thanks to help from EDC

Success Story Without EDC’s products, the company would not have been able to accept at least six large global contracts.

AMLO First 100 Days

100 days in: How Mexico’s new president has affected trade

Blog March 13, 2019 Mexico’s macroeconomic framework remains strong. But some of the president’s initial moves have investors concerned about policy implementation and contract certainty.


Keeping the world warm: How Wuxly Movement went from Kickstarter campaign to international success

Success Story Additional working capital from EDC and logistics support from eShipper helped this animal-free parka company reach cold climates beyond Canadian borders.

London automotive

London Automotive & Manufacturing Ltd: Tooling Up to be a Strategic Sourcing Partner

Success Story Loan guarantees from EDC helped this auto parts maker purchase the tooling it needed to fill a massive order from General Motors

Tips for breaking into US markets

American bound: Tips for breaking into U.S. markets

Blog February 18, 2019 The U.S. economy is healthy and consumer demand is strong, so prospects for export sales are good.

Nix Sensor, a digital handheld device, makes colour matching easy

Colour my world: Nix Sensor, a digital handheld device, makes colour matching easy

Success Story Additional working capital allows Hamilton-based company to get new product to market faster, gain foothold in Latin America

For more than 50 years, IMAX has given us the gift of revolutionary filmmaking.

The Great Human Adventure

Success Story IMAX celebrates half a century of big-screen films, shattering the boundaries of cinematic storytelling

How EDC’s Connections Program Sparked a Contract with BMW for Solace Power

How the EDC Business Connection Program sparked a contract with BMW for Solace Power

Success Story

Maxy Media

Maxy Media

Success Story After rapid expansion, this digital media buying agency leveraged EDC’s Export Guarantee Program to get access to more working capital from its bank.


“Understand what customers are going through”: Help from EDC took this user experience company to new markets

Success Story EDC’s Export Guarantee Program helped CubeHX secure working capital.


The rising tide of service exports

Blog January 22, 2019 Many companies are already exporting services, an intangible good, without even knowing it.



Success Story This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company accessed more working capital from its bank with help from EDC.

Averna Solutions


Success Story This technology company attributes 85 per cent of its sales to exports, and EDC has been there to support and maintain its international growth.


Keeping fingers on the pulse: How growth in Mexico offers benefits to Canadians

Blog January 08, 2019 Mexico is expected to step into a new chapter of economic growth.

Targray Corporation


Success Story EDC’s Export Guarantee Program and Portfolio Credit Insurance allowed this company to go into markets it otherwise would have avoided.


3-point game plan when exporting to the U.S.

Blog December 11, 2018 Canadian SMEs need a plan in place prior to exporting to the U.S.: identify a region, develop a market-entry strategy and secure a working capital.

escape manor

Entertaining the world: Escape Manor

Success Story Access to working capital from EDC helped this immersive entertainment company expand.

EDC Peter Hall: The CUSMA clock is ticking

The CUSMA clock is ticking

Weekly Commentary December 06, 2018 CUSMA: Bumpy road to ratification?


CUSMA: Deal or no deal for Canadian businesses?

Blog December 04, 2018 One of the real benefits of the new agreement is that it puts in place a new chapter for small and medium-sized businesses.



Success Story Exports make up 100 per cent of Sera4’s sales and EDC was there to help make the first one happen.

Mexico Canada trade

Mexico’s on the move, but stability remains for Canadian business

Article November 28, 2018 With a new president, what’s next for Mexico and Canadian exporters looking to succeed there?

Exporting to the US

Exporting to the U.S.: The whole isn’t always greater than the sum of its parts

Article November 26, 2018 Exporters should look at the U.S. as a series of regional markets with different opportunities and different strategies required for getting started in each one.

Umano Medical

Umano Medical

Success Story With EDC’s support, this specialized medical equipment manufacturer has carved a place for itself in the international market to improve patients’ experience around the world.

Green Power Labs

Green Power Labs Inc.

Success Story This company is now in talks with three multinationals it met through EDC for contracts worth millions.



Success Story Access to working capital from EDC helped this arts and culture services company bring art to the world



Success Story This pet accessory company came to EDC to access working capital when their unique technology helped them garner attention and take on large international contracts right away.

MTL Cool

MTL Cool

Success Story The company was able to take on contracts — some as large as $8 million — thanks to guarantees from EDC that helped to ease cash flow problems.


Canadian companies hungry for growth are still turning to the U.S. market

Article October 25, 2018 The U.S. is still a top choice for many Canadian companies looking to get a foothold internationally. The new USMCA secures this bilateral trade for the future.

Latin america business strategy

3 reasons Latin America should be part of your international business strategy

Article October 25, 2018 Looking for new customers? You may find them going even more south of south.

USMCA stability for auto sector

How USMCA offers stability for Canada’s auto sector

Article October 24, 2018 Like many people in the Canadian auto parts sector, Craig Hodgins and his two partners at London Automotive and Manufacturing Ltd. are breathing a sigh of relief that the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) concluded with a positive resolution.

United States flag representing the regional opportunities for the trade under CUSMA.

Doing business in the United States

eBook October 23, 2018 The United States is a series of regional markets with distinct opportunities depending on your industry.

Aspin Kemp & Associates

Aspin Kemp & Associates

Success Story This company secured contracts worth more than $140 million thanks, in part, to EDC’s Account Performance Security Guarantee.

CUSMA de minimis

Do your duty: Higher de minimis requires more creative sales plans

Blog October 17, 2018 The proposed CUSMA will give exporters access to over 400 million customers in the U.S. and Mexico.

Open Farm

Open Farm

Success Story Direct lending from EDC helped this ethically-sourced pet food company expand into the United States.

USMCA protects copyright

“Canada’s newest trade deal will provide stronger copyright protections for my work”

Blog October 11, 2018 The new USMCA has been heralded as a 21st century agreement. One way the agreement lends itself to the modern age is through its proposed intellectual property (IP) provisions.

AvenEx Coating Technologies Inc.

AvenEx Coating Technologies Inc.

Success Story EDC helped finance this company’s equipment, allowing it to grow from two to 1,000 employees in just four years.

EDC Peter Hall: A New Deal for North America

A New Deal for North America

Weekly Commentary October 04, 2018 With the new North American free trade deal, Canada has a green light for export growth.

What’s next for the new USMCA trade agreement

What’s next for the new USMCA trade agreement?

Blog October 03, 2018 A new United States-Mexico-Canada agreement is good news. What are steps to ratification?

new deal lifts fog

New U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal lifts fog for Canadian business

Blog October 02, 2018 The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal reduces uncertainty for Canadian trade and business investment.


A new deal: stability for the future of North American trade

Article October 01, 2018 Replacing NAFTA, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement stabilizes North American supply chains and trade.

Custom food truck company, Food Trucks International

Food Trucks International

Success Story After accessing additional working capital with help from EDC, this food truck company landed a top customer.

Canada europe trade relationship

How you can take advantage of the Canada-EU trade relationship

Blog September 18, 2018 CETA is one of Canada’s most ambitious trade agreements, and it’s not just about tariffs.

Nafta negiotiations

How NAFTA negotiations have progressed – A timeline of events

Blog September 11, 2018 The U.S. launches a 90-day countdown to a new NAFTA. How have talks progressed and what lies ahead?

Underwater robotics company Kraken Robotics Inc.

Kraken Robotics Inc.

Article This St. John’s, Nfld., company used EDC’s financing to secure advance payments from customers, allowing it to take on new business and expand into new markets.

Manufacturer Charlottetown Metal Products

Charlottetown Metal Products

Success Story This Charlottetown manufacturer went from barely operating to boasting $20-million in sales.

Dartmouth, N.S. company MetOcean Telematics

MetOcean Telematics

Success Story This Dartmouth, N.S., company used two EDC services — the first allowed it to free up operating funds while the second helped facilitate two international acquisitions — one in the U.K. and one in California.

Man touching a transparent digital screen demonstrates how innovative tools and creativity driving global competition

Increase your innovation

Article July 24, 2018 A comprehensive guide to help you innovate your way to global success and stay ahead of the competition. 

Montreal manufacturer WATERAX Inc.


Success Story This Montreal manufacturer secured a long-sought-after Chilean client after EDC intervened with its matchmaking service.

mexicos presidential election

Mexico votes for change in president, but Canadian business opportunities remain

Article July 03, 2018 Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) wins Mexico’s presidential election. What does it mean for Canada-Mexico trade?

Navigating U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs

Navigating U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs, a list of resources

Article June 29, 2018 A list of U.S. resources to help you determine which Canadian metals are subject to U.S. tariffs.

how tariffs work for business

Tariffs 101: How tariffs work and what it means for your business

Article June 28, 2018 Why tariffs exist, who pays them and how to know if they’ll affect your international sales.

Canada champions progressive trade agenda

Canada champions progressive trade agenda at WTO conference

Blog June 18, 2018 Canada’s ambassador to the WTO says gender, small business and e-commerce were high on the agenda of the WTO conference in Buenos Aires.

Winnipeg specialty food company Piccola Cucina

Piccola Cucina

Success Story This Winnipeg specialty food company kept exporting after a bad first foray, thanks to EDC’s insurance.

Top performing businesses

Top performing businesses: who they are and how they play

Blog June 15, 2018 4% of all SMEs are considered high performers. What sets these highly competitive businesses apart?

Multi touch screen technology company Baanto


Success Story This technology company took off so quickly they couldn’t keep up with demand, but with EDC’s financing solutions they could continue to say yes to global opportunities.

Vancouver-based beauty product company Grace and Stella Co.

Grace and Stella Co.

Success Story Vancouver-based Grace and Stella Co. deliver a spa experience to your home using the power of e-commerce.

managing political risks

3 types of political risks and how to manage them

Blog June 13, 2018 Learn about the most common types of political risks including real-world examples.

Us steel and aluminum tariffs

U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs: How did we get here?

Blog June 12, 2018 Find out how recent historical events led to the U.S. calling Canadian imports a threat to national security.

Canadian tariffs on US

How Canadian tariffs on U.S. goods may affect your business

Article June 08, 2018 Discover the impact that Canada’s tariffs counter-measures will have on your business.

Why Atlantic Canada is at the forefront of ocean technology exports

Why Atlantic Canada is at the forefront of ocean technology exports

Blog June 08, 2018 Canada’s East Coast is set to accelerate innovation and economic growth in the ocean technology sector

Sea Star Seafoods: The Atlantic’s Flagship

Sea Star Seafoods: The Atlantic’s Flagship

Success Story A family tradition since 1894, and a growing business since its launch in 1983. The art of selling salt fish.

Vancouver-based sugar-free candy maker Smart Sweets

Smart Sweets

Success Story Vancouver-based Smart Sweets is turning sugar-free candy into a healthy business with financing from EDC.

Montreal-based water park company Vortex Aquatic Structures International

Vortex Aquatic Structures International

Success Story This Montreal-based water park company is using credit insurance to help bring childhood dreams to life — one splash pad at a time.

EDC Peter Hall: Canadian Export Outlook

Export outlook: The provincial perspective

Video May 24, 2018 Check out the provincial export growth standings!

Renegotiating NAFTA

Renegotiating NAFTA: The players, the process, and the playbook

Article May 23, 2018 The Trump Administration wants to revisit or withdraw from NAFTA. Here’s what Canadian companies should know about the process and how to be prepared.

Racer Machinery International

Racer Machinery International

Success Story Finding new markets thanks to EDC’s credit insurance.

Tillsonburg manufacturer Marwood Metal Fabrication

Marwood Metal Fabrication

Article This Tillsonburg manufacturer went from a domestic to a global company in five years with EDC’s help.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada Exports

What’s up with Canada’s exports?

Video May 10, 2018 Canada’s exports heat up again

Toronto software company Fiix


Article This Toronto software company fixed its working capital woes with EDC’s financing solutions.

Toronto cleantech company ecobee


Article This Toronto cleantech company has found its home in an up-and-coming market segment with investments from EDC.

Peter Hall EDC: Auto Sector and Vehicle Sales

Vehicle sales: On auto pilot?

Video April 26, 2018 Will sales be up, down or sideways?

All Eyes on NAFTA Negotiations

All eyes on NAFTA negotiations

Blog April 09, 2018 If a new NAFTA deal is going to be reached in 2018, it must happen soon.

canadian maple syrup exports

The future looks sweet for Canadian maple syrup exports

Blog April 05, 2018 Canadian maple syrup: barrel for barrel, it’s more valuable than crude oil, has proven health benefits and, most important of all, it tastes delicious.

EDC Peter Hall: Tighter Times in the Global Economic Outlook

Tighter times

Video April 05, 2018 Tightening sounds frightening; this time, it’s actually good news.

Follow the progress of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) so you’re ready to act the day it comes into force.

CPTPP: Use the agreement to grow your global sales

Article March 29, 2018 Follow the progress of CPTPP so you're ready to act.

What is the CPTPP: Business benefits of Canada's newest trade deal

What is the CPTPP: Business benefits of Canada's newest trade deal

Article March 22, 2018 Grow your business and find new customers with the CPTPP.

Resource extraction business Energold Drilling Corp.

Energold Drilling Corp.

Article EDC’s financing solutions help this resource extraction business drill down into new markets.

Toronto solar energy business UGE International

UGE International

Article This Toronto solar energy business delivers immediate savings to commercial and industrial clients through the low cost of solar energy.

Access Asian markets with Canada's newest trade deal, the CPTPP

Access Asian markets with Canada's newest trade deal, the CPTPP

Article March 13, 2018 The CPTPP gives Canada unparalleled access to Asia's fast-growth markets.

Toronto cleantech company Vive Crop Protection

Vive Crop Protection

Article This Toronto cleantech company is protecting the fruits of its labour with credit insurance.

Gidney Fisheries on Growing Brands Globally

3 tips for growing your brand globally from Gidney Fisheries

Blog February 22, 2018 Robert MacDonald, President of Gidney Fisheries, shares 3 tips for growing your brand and selling internationally.

Prince Rupert Port close to Asian Markets

Shortest sailing time to Asian markets gives Prince Rupert Port a major edge in exports

Blog February 20, 2018 Port of Prince Rupert is North America’s closest port to Asia by up to three days sailing.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Unites States

Market Entry Advisors – United States

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

4 reasons to be trade confident through nafta talks

4 reasons to be trade confident through NAFTA talks

Article February 12, 2018 Three EDC webinar panelists discuss why we can be optimistic following the 6th round of negotiations.

Marine plant company Acadian Seaplants Limited

Acadian Seaplants Limited

Success Story This marine plant company is finding opportunities across the sea with a Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee.

Free Trade Agreements Open Doors Around the World

Free trade agreements open doors around the world

Article February 09, 2018 Discover why Canadians businesses should consider countries where Canada has comprehensive free trade agreements (FTAs) in place.

Peter Hall EDC: Americas Auto Sector

America’s red-hot auto sector

Video February 08, 2018 Red hot US auto sales are not without their problems.

Backcountry ski equipment producer G3

G3: Pushing the Boundaries of the Backcountry

Video This is the story of a young entrepreneur who turned a home-based start-up, G3, into one of the most successful producers of backcountry ski equipment in North America.

Quebec tech company Solacom Technologies

Solacom Technologies

Article Choosing EDC’s credit insurance was the right call for this Quebec tech company.

NAFTA economic growth

3 reasons the economy will grow in spite of NAFTA

Blog February 05, 2018 EDC’s Chief Economist Peter Hall argues that history guides the current optimistic economic outlook.

Moving Operations to the United States

5 questions to ask before moving operations to the United States

Blog February 04, 2018 Growing international operations by investing in the U.S. gets you closer to clients and helps with logistics.

State of the Union Canada trade

U.S. State of the Union address short on trade

Article February 02, 2018 Despite Canada’s fear and trepidation, U.S. President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address hardly mentioned trade at all, let alone trade with Canada.

Peter Hall EDC: A Mexican Moment

A Mexico moment

Video February 01, 2018 NAFTA is key to Mexico’s economic future.

Halifax cleantech company LED Roadway Lighting

LED Roadway Lighting

Article This Halifax cleantech company is guaranteeing brighter export prospects.

NAFTA concerns for Canadian firms

Are Canadian firms concerned about NAFTA? If so, now what?

Blog January 22, 2018 Recent survey of Canadian companies shows many adopting new business strategies

Nova Scotia seafood company Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated

Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated

Video This Nova Scotia seafood company is using credit insurance to reel in success.

Piping business Fuller Industrial

Fuller Industrial

Video This piping business uses bonding to drill down on riskier markets with confidence.

What are the benefits of canada’s trade agreements?

What are the benefits of Canada’s trade agreements?

Article January 03, 2018 Canada relies on two types of trade agreements to help Canadian companies excel globally: FTAs and FIPAs.

Children’s lifestyle brand Pehr Designs

Pehr Designs

Video This children’s lifestyle brand paired business savvy with insurance to find international success.

International Trade Agreements Boost Canadian Prosperity

International trade agreements boost Canadian prosperity

Blog December 27, 2017 International agreements are instrumental to the prosperity of the Canadian economy.

Mobile app company Konrad Group

Konrad Group

Video December 21, 2017 This mobile app company uses insurance to mobilize their financing.

Importance of Canadian Free Trade Agreements

Canadian free trade agreements and why they are important

Blog December 19, 2017 With one in five jobs relying on exports, Canada’s international trade agreements are crucial to growing the nation’s economy now and in the future.

Peter Hall EDC Trade Confidence

Trade confidence holding its ground

Weekly Commentary December 15, 2017 2017 has not been international trade’s best year. Oh, growth is having a good run alright; the problem is political. Just how is trade confidence doing?

Organic frozen treat business DeeBee’s Organics Inc.

DeeBee’s Organics Inc.

Video This organic frozen treat business is melting away their worries with EDC’s working capital financing.

Hardware company Titan Building Products

Titan Building Products

Article This hardware company is building their business with EDC’s Select Credit Insurance.

Sustainable packaging business Layfield Group

Layfield Group

Article Sustainable packaging business uses EDC’s Portfolio Credit Insurance to think outside the box.

NAFTA Negotiations & Resource

NAFTA negotiations & resources: The pulse of trade from experts

Article November 16, 2017 A panel of exporting experts weighs in on NAFTA negotiations and the current challenges SMEs face when they contemplate exporting.

Peter Hall EDC Canada NAFTA


Weekly Commentary November 16, 2017 NAFTA renegotiations has Canadians transfixed, as a majority of exports go to the US. What does this mean for Canada's provinces? How exposed are we?

Fresche Solutions EDC Feature

Fresche Solutions: Integrating new markets requires patience

Article November 07, 2017 Fresche Solutions knows exporting is critical: 98 per cent of its sales coming from exports, with the U.S. representing nearly 40 per cent of its market.

Canadian management consulting company CowaterSogema

CowaterSogema: Driven to Make a Difference

Video The story of Canadian management consulting company CowaterSogema is a story about taking risks, dreaming big and making a positive impact felt around the world.

Toronto Board of Trade Blog

The Toronto Board of Trade helps more companies go international

Blog October 19, 2017 Only 4 per cent of Canadian SMEs export, but the Toronto Board of Trade wants to see that number grow and help more SMEs go international.



Video Zeroing in on new customers and protecting international shipments with EDC Select Credit Insurance.

Montreal touring show Cavalia

Cavalia: From dark horse to crowd favourite

Success Story The story of Montreal touring show Cavalia is a story about inspiration, opportunity and how taking risk by the reins can put you in the spotlight.

Floriculture industry exports

Canada’s floriculture industry looks for export growth across the U.S.

Blog October 05, 2017 Every day, thousands of greenhouse-grown plants and cut flowers are shipped to the U.S. as part of Canada’s annual $420-million in floriculture export sales.

How to demo your products in the u.s

How to demo your products in the U.S. without paying duty

Article September 28, 2017 Learn the four options to help you avoid paying customs duties and taxes.

Export insights Hortau

A cleantech company to watch: Hortau's AI helps California farmers

Article September 27, 2017 CEO and co-founder of Hortau, Jean Caron, shares the importance of understanding the markets you’re exporting to.

Port of Montreal exports

A look at trends in maritime transport at the Port of Montreal

Blog September 20, 2017 The Port of Montreal has played a historic role in the commercial development of Montreal and Canada, and the trade between Canada and international markets.

British Columbia wind and water sports company Ocean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo: From Childhood Dreams to Commercial Success

Success Story The story of British Columbia wind and water sports company Ocean Rodeo is a story about passion, collaboration, risk and opportunity.

Export insights Fusebill

Fusebill finds its niche as a fintech exporter

Article September 07, 2017 Tyler Eyamie, CEO of Fusebill, a leading fintech company, shares their exporting story and insights for small and medium-sized businesses looking to export.

Export insights Pelican International

“Exporting is a transformative journey” for Pelican International

Article August 31, 2017 Pelican International, a Quebec-based company and global leader in manufacturing canoes and kayaks, shares their exporting journey and lessons learned.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Mexico

Market Entry Advisors – Mexico

Guide August 25, 2017 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

Canada Hemp Foods EDC feature

How a small B.C. company took advantage of the “gold rush of hemp seed”

Article August 22, 2017 Canada Hemp Foods was in the right place at the right time when there was a spike in demand for hulled hemp seeds from South Korea. Read their exporting story.

Export insights Bridgit

Export insights from Bridgit’s CEO Mallorie Brodie

Article August 18, 2017 Mallorie Brodie, CEO of Bridget, shares her exporting lessons learned, and the biggest difference between selling in Canada and selling abroad.

US export opportunities

Where in the U.S. should you export?

Article August 17, 2017 Become a smarter exporter to the U.S. by understanding the market’s 11 distinct regions.

Bridgit EDC feature

Kitchener’s Bridgit constructs global success with innovative app

Article August 17, 2017 Construction software company Bridgit set their sights on the U.S., and today they’re app is used in four key American markets. Read their exporting story.

Canada and U.S Trade Relations

Fast facts: Canada and U.S trade relations

Article August 16, 2017 The U.S. has a deeply integrated and mutually beneficial trade relationship with Canada. Here’s the many incentives for them to keep it that way.

NAFTA 2.0: Mexico Trade

NAFTA 2.0: Mexico wants to enhance, not restrict trade

Article August 04, 2017 Despite the U.S. focus on eliminating trade deficits in a new NAFTA, Mexico is in a strong position to achieve its goal of enhancing trilateral trade.

Export insights D-Wave systems

B.C.'s D-Wave Systems: Exporting the quantum leap of computers

Article August 04, 2017 Quantum computing has the ability to revolutionize what computer systems can do. Learn how D-Wave systems took advantage of a critical export moment.

Export insights Silfab Solar

Export insights with Silfab Solar’s Geoff Atkins

Article August 01, 2017 Geoff Atkins, Executive Advisor to Silfab Solar shares the number one thing SMEs need to know about exporting and trade.

NAFTA Trump Wishlist

U.S. Government’s NAFTA Wish List: What it Means for Canadian Exporters

Article July 27, 2017 The U.S. released its wish list for NAFTA’s renegotiations as well as the negotiation start date—Aug. 16. What does it mean for Canadian exporters?

Peter Hall EDC U.S. Export Insights

Shifting stateside? Think about it…

Weekly Commentary July 27, 2017 Political rheotric and NAFTA re-negotiations have Canadian exporters worried about the U.S. These concerns are real, so it's important to do your homework.

Silfab Solar EDC feature

The key to Silfab Solar’s impressive growth: targeting the U.S. market

Article July 27, 2017 Successful exporting relies on both company commitment and vision. Read more about Silfab Solar’s exporting journey.

Celine Dion exporting music

How four women changed the export world for Canadian musicians

Blog July 26, 2017 The four best-selling Canadian musicians of all time, both at home and in export markets, are women. Read how they’ve changed the export world.

Export insights Ably Productions

Export insights from Steve Johnston of Ably Productions

Article July 17, 2017 Steve Johnston of Ably Productions shares his exporting journey and how he’s found success with the subscription business model.

Canada’s Dairy Industry Part of NAFTA Re-negotiation

U.S. beef with Canada’s dairy industry part of NAFTA re-negotiation

Article July 13, 2017 Canada’s dairy supply management system has been under close scrutiny by many countries. We examine how this issue will become part of NAFTA re-negotiation.

Ably Productions EDC feature

Ottawa's Ably Productions exports media packages tailored for SMEs

Article July 13, 2017 Steve Johnston of Ably Productions shares his lessons learned from a challenging exporting experience, and more insights from doing business internationally.

iPolitics event diversification

Why Canadians must diversify and where they should go

Blog July 07, 2017 Canada’s reliance on the U.S. market is high and with uncertainty south of the border, diversification is worth exploring. Here’s how.

Canadian Brand on the Global Stage

Happy 150 Canada! – The Canadian brand on the global stage #Canada150

Blog July 04, 2017 As we celebrate Canada’s 150th year, take time to think about the advantage that the Canadian brand gives to exporters

10 of Canada’s Most Common Exports

10 of Canada’s most common exports, eh!

Blog June 30, 2017 On July 1st, Canada turns 150 years old. Let’s celebrate by looking at 10 of Canada’s most Canadian exports!

Exporting in Canada’s automotive industry

Canada's automotive industry: A history in exporting

Blog June 28, 2017 Today, Canada’s automotive industry represents 16.5 per cent of our total exports. Take a look at it’s history in exporting.

Peter Hall EDC Trade Confidence Index

Surprise rise in trade confidence

Weekly Commentary June 22, 2017 The anti-trade rhetoric and the political turmoil of 2017 are a prescription for lower trade confidence. However, surveys of Canadian exporters say differently.

NAFTA’s 90 Days: A Calendar

NAFTA’s 90 days: A calendar

Article June 20, 2017 A primer on important dates between the launch of NAFTA negotiations on May 18 until they begin, no earlier than August 16.

Canadian softwood lumber

Canadian softwood lumber, Part 5

Article June 06, 2017 It may sound like a blockbuster movie series, but no other issue has dominated Canada-U.S. trade like softwood lumber.

Canadian opportunities forestry sector

Innovation, diversification bud new opportunities for forestry sector

Article June 05, 2017 The federal government has announced the $867-million Softwood Lumber Action Plan, but the future of Canada’s forestry sector relies on innovation and diversification.

Canada’s Forestry Sector

Canada’s forestry sector: Rooted in Canada’s economic history

Article May 31, 2017 Canada is by nature a global forestry leader and the industry has proven it can be resilient in the face of the challenge of change.

Export insights Boutique Step Up

Export insights from eBay Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Article May 30, 2017 Christine Deslaurier, owner of Step Up Boutique, shares lessons learned from her 10 year long export journey as an e-bay and brick & mortar store owner.

Boutique Step Up EDC feature

Step Up Boutique sells to 42 countries worldwide, with help from eBay

Article May 29, 2017 Find out how Step Up Boutique, a micro-multinational, has sold to 42 countries in her 10 years of business.

Canada as global tech hub

What does innovation really mean for Canada? Hear from leading innovators

Blog May 26, 2017 Leaders from Canadian tech companies including Shopify, Workbrain and Real Ventures join an iPolitics panel.

Export Insights from Robotiq

How Quebec company Robotiq is helping the manufacturing industry

Article Robotiq's CEO Samuel Bouchard explains how their robots are helping the manufacturers in 50 countries through automated efficiency.

Robotiq EDC Feature

Robotiq's technology becomes the industry standard worldwide

Article Robotiq's global expansion happened eight years ago, by chance, on a plane. Now the Quebec-based company exports their robots to over 50 countries world wide.

Export Insights from Masitek

New Brunswick's Masitek finds export success in high-potential markets

Article Masitek's CEO Tracy Clinch gives advice on best practices for exporting globally, and what she would have done differently.

Masitek EDC Feature

Masitek helps global companies minimize product damage with technology

Article New Brunswick's Masitek is helping companies worldwide minimize product damage and losses with their devices that mimic real foods in shape, size and weight.

Export Insights from Schleese Saddlery

Schleese Saddlery works with its partners to find export success

Article Ontario-based company Schleese Saddlery discusses how it's important educate yourself and listening to those who know more than you when it comes to exporting.

Schleese Saddlery EDC Feature

Traditional meets innovative: How Schleese Saddlery transformed saddles

Article Have you ever wondered how saddle technology has evolved while respecting its traditional European roots? Schleese Saddlery saw its potential and pursued it.

Quebec export challenges

How Quebec companies can overcome export challenges: FCCQ

Blog May 01, 2017 Stéphane Forget, President and CEO of the FCCQ, gives advice on how Quebec companies can overcome export challenges and excel in international markets.

Export Insights from RentMoola

Successfully exporting in the fintech industry: Insights from RentMoola

Article RentMoola co-founder discusses the differences between selling in Canada vs. the United States, the roadblocks they faced and how you can overcome them.

RentMoola EDC Feature

How RentMoola's fintech is making it easier to pay rent

Article Learn how RentMoola leveraged fintech to disrupt the banking industry by creating an online platform to pay rent with a debit or credit card.

Export Insights from Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products

Little Miss Chief: Knowing the importing rules is essential to success

Article B.C.'s Little Miss Chief discusses the importance of how knowing importing countries' rules and regulations is critical to your company's success.

Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products EDC Feature

B.C. entrepreneur introduces First Nations traditions globally

Article A recipe passed down from generation to generation, Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products introduced traditional First Nations gourmet salmon to the world.

Export Insights Western Oiltools

How Western Oiltools' positive track record helped create export success

Article Learn how Western Oiltools' positive track record and listening to the 'pain points' of their customers helped their business thrive and succeed.

The Mexico Question

The Mexico question: To stay or go; Enter or stay home

Article April 12, 2017 Thoughts from Canadian exporters and experts from EDC about the Mexican market, given the promises being made by the Trump administration.

Western Oiltools EDC Feature

Western Oiltools: An innovative family business' path to export success

Article Western Oiltools found a way to stop sand from disrupting oil production: they created innovative equipment that improves customer safety and efficiency.

Guide to Diversify Your Canadian Business

Step-by-step guide to diversify your Canadian business

Article April 06, 2017 Diversifying markets is a must in today’s global economy. Here’s a five-step roadmap to help you on your export journey.

Market diversification begins with free trade agreements

Market diversification begins with Free Trade Agreements

Article April 03, 2017 Canada has 11 FTAs signed with 15 countries. Learn how these agreements can help you grow your business outside of Canada.

Buy American Free Trade

Buy American: Free trade needs to be fair trade

Article March 30, 2017 Navigating Buy American regulations may be challenging, but can be done. First learn what it means and then how to do your homework to navigate around this complex issue.

Canadian trade notifications

Trade triggers: speculation, NAFTA, WTO, TPP, Mexico and the BAT

Article March 29, 2017 With so much uncertainty today around future business relations with the U.S., how should you plan for the future?

Diversification Exporting Essential

Diversification: An exporting essential

Article March 28, 2017 Diversification is an important trade concept. Find out about the advantages to geographically diversifying your exporting portfolio.

A Look at the Mexico Business Climate

Panic, pause or press on: A look at the Mexico business climate

Blog March 24, 2017 There is uncertainty with doing business in Mexico. Canadians should know the facts point to Mexico being a valuable country for business relationships.

US business opportunities

The infrastructure boom: Harness U.S. business opportunities

Article March 22, 2017 Canada’s SME exporters can harness the opportunities south of the border by partnering with Canada’s bigger PPP players.

Export Insights Bladetech Hockey

Partnerships and face time critical for Bladetech Hockey's exports

Article March 22, 2017 Bladetech Hockey's Anthony Morra explains how having trusted partnerships and face-to-face meetings are essential for successfully exporting products.

Bladetech Hockey EDC Feature

NHL players help Bladetech Hockey establish its export potential

Article March 21, 2017 Instead of using the traditional sales routes, Bladetech Hockey focused on what they call the "Holy Grail" of hockey - NHL players - to sell their products.

Buy America, Buy American, America First

Buy America, Buy American, America First: From an expert’s mouth

Article March 20, 2017 Q&A with a trade expert who works with Canadian companies to help them understand and obey these very rules (Buy America, Buy American and America First.)

Capitalizing on U.S. Infrastructure Needs

Building opportunity: Capitalizing on U.S. infrastructure needs

Blog March 15, 2017 U.S. infrastructure spending is set to skyrocket. Canadian companies can take advantage of experience, proximity, P3s and investment to get in the action.

How Buy America and America First Can Affect You

History lessons: How Buy America and America First can affect you

Blog March 14, 2017 There is confusion around Buy America, Buy American and America First. Canadian companies should know what they mean and how they can impact business.

Export Insights Branko's Beagles

Branko Beagle's knows the challenges of exporting furry friends

Article March 10, 2017 Manitoba-based Branko's Beagles knows the ins and outs - and navigates the regulatory challenges - of the dog breeding business at home and abroad.

Canada - u.s. trade for automotive sector

Canada-U.S. trade still a driver for automotive sector

Article March 09, 2017 See how the heavily integrated supply chain between the Canada-U.S. automotive industries benefit both sides of the border.

Branko's Beagles EDC Feature

How a Manitoba couple built a worldwide beagle exporting empire

Article March 09, 2017 Some companies export materials, others export man's best friend. A Manitoba couple saw a 'pawsitive' opportunity to export quality-bred beagles globally.

Export Insights Moxie Trades

The importance of the U.S. market for Moxie Trades' export success

Article March 08, 2017 Moxie Trades' President and CEO explains how Canada's friends south of the border played a critical role in the export success of the company she built.

U.S. Infrastructure Deficit

U.S. infrastructure deficit creates opportunity for Canadian companies

Article March 06, 2017 American infrastructure is crumbling and Canadian SMEs can capitalize.

Future of Canadian Auto Sector

Technology and innovation, the future of the Canadian auto sector

Article March 01, 2017 From cars that use alternative fuels to cars that drive themselves, find out how Canadian companies are on the forefront of global automotive technology.

Hibernum EDC Feature

Montreal's Hibernum learns to play from its international partners

Article February 14, 2017 Hibernum, a video game developer for mobile platforms and consoles, has worked with world-renowned brands, such as Disney, Fruit Ninja, and Bruce Lee.

Export Insights Bulat Kitchen Knife

Building a successful crowdfunding recipe: Bulat Kitchen Knife

Article February 13, 2017 A successful crowdfunding campaign can be a great tool for building a community and testing your products. Learn from the founder of Bulat Kitchen Knives.

4 Key Questions on Canada-U.S. Trade

Get the answers to 4 key questions on Canada-U.S. trade

Article February 10, 2017 Here is expert advice for Canadians exporters regarding market changes to help you prepare and continue to succeed south of the border.

Bulat EDC Feature

Bulat's crowdfunding campaign gets over 5,000 customers and investors

Article February 10, 2017 A knife aficionado and foodie, Bulat Kitchen Knife's creator beat his goal of raising $25,000 in the first 24 hours of the 30-day campaign through crowdfunding.

Buy America Policy

Worried about ‘Buy America’ policies? Why you shouldn’t be

Article February 06, 2017 From “America first” policies to massive new infrastructure spending, the U.S. market is poised for change.

Export Insights from ONEnergy

ONEnergy: Business moves at a faster pace in the U.S.

Article February 02, 2017 Since ONEnergy's beginning they've considered the U.S. a top priority. Learn how this innovative cleantech company adapted to this quickly changing market.

Export Insights from Cogent Power

Cogent Power creates energy efficiency footprint in the U.S.

Article January 31, 2017 Learn how Cogent Power, an electrical steel product manufacturer from Burlington, Ontario, saw opportunity to expand into larger markets.

Cogent Power EDC Feature

Adding value to customers leads to export success for Cogent Power

Article January 30, 2017 Founded over 40 years ago, Cogent Power, an electrical steel supplier, has grown to become one of the globe's best through valued, trusted relationships.

Export Insights from Blackline Safety

Maximize the American advantage: Blackline Safety

Article January 20, 2017 Blackline Safety gives advice on how to break into new markets, including researching the competition and market readiness level for your product or service.

Blackline Safety EDC Feature

Blackline Safety educates customers in different markets

Article January 19, 2017 With growing opportunities to apply its technology, Blackline Safety is developing and manufacturing world-leading solutions for monitoring lone worker safety

Export Insights from iPlayco

iPlayco: Exporting a lot can help you get through the lows

Article January 13, 2017 iPlayco's Scott Forbes discusses the highs and lows of exporting to different markets around the world, and how to mitigate payment risks to remain successful.

iPlayco EDC Feature

Flexible payment options help iPlayco build export success globally

Article January 12, 2017 Flexible payment options help iPlayco build export success globally After the 2008 financial crisis caused a $8 million dip in sales, iPlayco got through tough times by continuously adapting. Now the company continues to grow.

Entering the U.S. Market: Logistics

Entering the U.S. market: Logistics and best practices

Guide A white paper with practical information on how to develop an effective, long-term strategy for exporting to the U.S. and establish a business presence.

Exporting to OECD Markets

Exporting beyond the U.S.: Expanding into OECD markets

Guide This white paper provides practical, how-to information to help your company look beyond the U.S. and start developing markets in other OECD countries.

Discover New Markets

Discover new markets

Guide Find the best markets for your business with this detailed guide, as well as market entry strategies, investing, steps to export success, and more.

Export Insights from Synaptive Medical

Exporting health care innovation: Synaptive Medical

Article August 02, 2016 Learn how Synaptive Medical developed medical equipment and applications for neurosurgery and began successfully exporting with their first sale.

Synaptive Medical EDC Feature

Synaptive Medical sees a problem and builds a technology solution

Article August 02, 2016 Thanks to Synaptive Medical, neurosurgeons now have imaging and robotic positioning technology software. So far, all of their sales have come from exports.

Resources for Quebec exporters

Ten resources for Quebec exporters

Blog June 29, 2016 With new opportunities on the horizon, EDC highlights some important resources for Quebec companies thinking of exporting.

Saltworks Technologies EDC Feature

Saltworks Technologies uses innovation in the world's murkiest waters

Article April 20, 2016 Saltworks Technologies found global export success by desalting sea water more cleanly and using 80 per cent less energy than conventional methods.

Pioneer Log Homes EDC Feature

Pioneer Log Homes uses marketing to feed global demand for rustic luxury

Article March 10, 2016 Bryan Reid Sr. built his first log home for his family 43 years ago. Learn how word-of-mouth marketing led to exporting to 23 countries for Pioneer Log Homes.