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Powered by passion, Quebec firm designs electrical system to reduce emissions

Blog November 04, 2019 Effenco, a 2019 winner of the EDC Cleantech Export Star, achieves global success in the energy sector with revolutionary technology

EnergyGeeks provides concierge-style “Solar Energy for Dummies” service.

EnergyGeeks: Shedding light on solar power

Success Story Since the solar power company launched in the United States at the beginning of 2018, revenue has almost doubled.

How EDC’s Connections Program Sparked a Contract with BMW for Solace Power

How the EDC Business Connection Program sparked a contract with BMW for Solace Power

Success Story

Green Power Labs

Green Power Labs Inc.

Success Story This company is now in talks with three multinationals it met through EDC for contracts worth millions.

Toronto solar energy business UGE International

UGE International

Article This Toronto solar energy business delivers immediate savings to commercial and industrial clients through the low cost of solar energy.

Peter Hall EDC Cleantech

The Market for Clean Technology

Video November 23, 2017 In the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis, the global cleantech industry flourished. What is Canada's share of this rapidly growing global market?

Export insights Hortau

A cleantech company to watch: Hortau's AI helps California farmers

Article September 27, 2017 CEO and co-founder of Hortau, Jean Caron, shares the importance of understanding the markets you’re exporting to.

Export insights Agrisoma

How partnerships helped Agrisoma grow as a cleantech exporter

Article September 08, 2017 CEO of Agrisoma Biosciences explains the importance of strategic partnerships when exporting your product or service to international markets.

Export insights D-Wave systems

B.C.'s D-Wave Systems: Exporting the quantum leap of computers

Article August 04, 2017 Quantum computing has the ability to revolutionize what computer systems can do. Learn how D-Wave systems took advantage of a critical export moment.

Export insights Silfab Solar

Export insights with Silfab Solar’s Geoff Atkins

Article August 01, 2017 Geoff Atkins, Executive Advisor to Silfab Solar shares the number one thing SMEs need to know about exporting and trade.

Silfab Solar EDC feature

The key to Silfab Solar’s impressive growth: targeting the U.S. market

Article July 27, 2017 Successful exporting relies on both company commitment and vision. Read more about Silfab Solar’s exporting journey.

Export insights First Light Technologies

Export insights from First Light’s Sean Borquin

Article July 24, 2017 First Light Technologies shares insights from their export journey as they’ve grown to export to 30 countries.

First Light Technologies EDC feature

The sun is shining on First Light’s global export journey

Article July 20, 2017 Read First Light Technologies’ exporting journey and discover how they started out in 2009 with a solar-powered LED light that is now exported to 30 countries.

Export insights Lyte Energy

Exporting lessons from Lyte Energy’s Nauman Kureshy

Article June 15, 2017 Read to learn about Lyte Energy’s export journey from the company’s CEO.

Lyte Energy EDC feature

Cleantech company Lyte Energy has its sights on China and India

Article June 14, 2017 Lyte Energy shares how their helping transition the world to a hydrogen economy through education and their products.

Clean energy in Colombia

Clean energy: Colombia's untapped potential

Blog May 24, 2017 Colombia is looking to change its image from an unstable country to a partner in foreign investment, specifically in modern infrastructure and clean energy.

Chile Energy Sector EDC Feature

What Canadian companies need to know about Chile's energy sector

Blog February 03, 2017 Learn more about opportunities for Canadian companies in Chile's energy sector, and how the country has been hailed as an "electricity pioneer".

Export Insights from ONEnergy

ONEnergy: Business moves at a faster pace in the U.S.

Article February 02, 2017 Since ONEnergy's beginning they've considered the U.S. a top priority. Learn how this innovative cleantech company adapted to this quickly changing market.

ONEnergy EDC Feature

ONEnergy tackles energy costs and finds success in the U.S.

Article February 01, 2017 Specializing in helping businesses save big on energy costs, ONEnergy is looking to opportunities south of the border to expand their company.

Export Insights from Cogent Power

Cogent Power creates energy efficiency footprint in the U.S.

Article January 31, 2017 Learn how Cogent Power, an electrical steel product manufacturer from Burlington, Ontario, saw opportunity to expand into larger markets.

Cogent Power EDC Feature

Adding value to customers leads to export success for Cogent Power

Article January 30, 2017 Founded over 40 years ago, Cogent Power, an electrical steel supplier, has grown to become one of the globe's best through valued, trusted relationships.

Canadian cleantech opportunities

Exploring the evolving nature of Canada's cleantech opportunity

Blog May 23, 2016 Canada has more than 775 cleantech companies, but continues to fall behind the $1 trillion global sector. EDC's Lynn Côté has advice for the cleantech industry.