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Peter Hall, EDC

Going global: Time to tap into emerging markets

Weekly Commentary June 17, 2021 The rapid transformation of the global customer base

An entrepreneur peeks out from behind her colourful wool inventory.

A fulfilling endeavour: Get your online store ready to fill orders

Blog November 06, 2020 Here’s how to ensure your online business is ready to fulfill orders when they start rolling in.

Sample video of REAL by FAKE’s work

REAL by FAKE: Planting a flag in Hollywood

Success Story This Montreal-based visual effects and post-production outfit got EDC support to acquire a company closer to their customers

Setting up a business abroad

Setting up business in another country: 5 considerations

Article October 04, 2019 Canadian companies need to make some important decisions before setting up business in another country.

There is a world map on a coffee table. Someone is pointing to North America on the map.

Top 3 ranked emerging markets by region

Article March 20, 2019 A positive outlook for the next 6 months

For more than 50 years, IMAX has given us the gift of revolutionary filmmaking.

The Great Human Adventure

Success Story IMAX celebrates half a century of big-screen films, shattering the boundaries of cinematic storytelling

P&P Optica 2018 Cleantech One to watch

P&P Optica: Cleantech’s “One to Watch”

Article November 06, 2018 EDC began working with P&P Optica in early 2018 and invested $1 million in the company to help it develop and launch its Smart Imaging System in Canada and the United States.

Moving Operations to the United States

5 questions to ask before moving operations to the United States

Blog February 04, 2018 Growing international operations by investing in the U.S. gets you closer to clients and helps with logistics.

Export insights Les Grand Ballets

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal on the international stage

Article August 10, 2017 Read how Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal has found success in exporting cultural products through their international tours.

Export insights dTechs

Expanding to Colombia? dTechs has on-the-ground export advice for you

Article May 25, 2017 Learn how Canadian software company dTechs has succesfully exported its electrical management software, epm Suite, to Colombia.

Banking tips insights RBC

RBC gives banking tips for small businesses

Article May 23, 2017 If you want to go beyond Canada's borders, there are experts to help. RBC's Jason Storsley has advice for small businesses considering global expansion.

Canadian financial services exports

Financial services: One of Canada's largest and fastest-growing exports

Blog April 21, 2017 Learn how the financial services is one of the largest and fastest-growing Canadian exports, attributing more than half of Canada's outward foreign direct investment.

Eddyfi EDC Feature

Eddyfi: One of the first Canadian companies to do business in Iran

Article March 16, 2017 Although Eddyfi is a niche market player, being nimble and seizing opportunities helped them export to over 70 countries around the world, including Iran.

Export Insights STEMCELL Technologies

Global long-term vision key to export success: STEMCELL Technologies

Article September 01, 2016 Vancouver's STEMCELLS Technologies exported from day one. Learn how their reputation with community researchers around the world helped validate their product.

STEMCELLS Technologies EDC Feature

Vancouver’s STEMCELL Technologies: An export story that spans 20 years

Article September 01, 2016 STEMCELLS Technologies needed certain tools to do research work in hemotology and oncology, and knew that other researchers around the world needed the same.

6 Ways to Break Into Markets to Win New Customers

6 ways to break into a market to win new customers

Article August 15, 2016 Discover the pros and cons of the six ways to sell overseas.

Investing abroad to find global customers

Investing abroad to find global customers

Article August 15, 2016 A foreign affiliate can help you grow your sales overseas.

Attending to customers needs: Be where they are

Attending to customers needs: Be where they are

Article August 15, 2016 Investing in operations abroad can have key benefits for growth. Acadian Seaplants exports to 80 markets around the world and has employees in 11 countries.


Diversifying your market, one step at a time

Guide Learn how diversifying into multiple markets is key to business success, and learn how to choose the best markets and entry strategies for your company.


Beyond exporting: Building or buying international operations

Guide Learn how you can expand operations outside of Canada to increase sales, improve service, and access supply chains and resources—and how EDC can help.